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Reviewing Flash420.ca  

They say not all that glitters is gold and everything about Flash420 seems to be golden from the time you have a first glance at their logo and website. So, is it really golden? That is why we are digging into Flash420.ca. We shall be looking at some of its top-rated products and its service delivery before figuring out whether it is a HIT OR MISS. 

First things first… 

What is Flash420.ca? 

Flash420.ca is one of the best cannabis sellers in Canada. The company sells a wide range of products infused from their own grown cannabis. And if you’re wondering, they serve all your medical and recreational cannabis needs. 

Here are the product categories on Flash420.ca  

  • Flowers 
  • Edibles 
  • Extracts and shatter 
  • Vapes and accessories 
  • Pre-rolls (no products listed yet) 
  • Shrooms and microdosage 

Key attributes of the Flash420.ca website 

There is always something about first impressions. You will love the straightforward design that the Flas420 website has. Their website interface makes it easy to navigate through the different products, selecting and comparing them. And lest we forget, the clutter-free layout and warm colors easily get you in the mood. 

About their service delivery, true to its word, everything is in a flash- right from placing your order. Their packaging is discrete and delivered to your front door- just like their website says. Currently, all orders above $150 enjoy free delivery. 

Reviewing Flash420.ca top cannabis products by category 

There are tens and tens of products on Flash420.ca. For a fair taste of their cannabis products, we randomly picked one product from each of their cannabis categories. Note that they also sell psilocybin mushrooms that we will not cover in this review. 

So, what exactly shall we be reviewing about Flash420? 

  • Pink Tom Ford 
  • Valley’s Five Star Starter Vape Kit “Mello” Flavor 
  • Herbivores Package of Assorted THC fruit gummies 
  • Green Tec Extracts Diamonds 
  • Green Tec Extracts Caviar  

How about going through each of these one at a time? 


Pink Tom Ford 

The Pink Tom Ford, as we found out, is not your average cannabis strain. It edges many top-rated stains out of their perches in numerous aspects. Also known as TFPK, which stands for Tom Ford Pink Kush, the cannabis flower by Flash420 is an Indica dominant goddess packed with most of what many look for in a good strain. 

pink tom ford

Pink Tom Ford

TFPK has no known parents; however, from its Indica attributes, there is no doubt that it is a cross between Indica dominant strains. The Indica to Sativa ratio for TFPK is an impressive 80:20. 

The strain has well rounded nugs, forest green in color filled with pink and purple undertones. The bright undertones are also warmed with pink-orange hairs. To complete the killer looks, the frosty white trichomes made me dribble even more. 

The Pink Tuna strain has a sharp, powerful aroma that hits your nostrils immediately  you take the nugs out of the packaging. I loved the honey and citrus aroma coupled with tones of rich woods and earth. 

Looks are deceiving; that is what I used to say about many flowers. But TPFK proved me otherwise. After a good roll, boom! The flavor is a realistic extension of the strain’s mouthwatering aromas. 

How can I describe the effects of a strain that boasts THC levels of 23-25% in just one sentence? Fast acting and long-lasting. The flower offers a good smoke in the evenings after battling a tough day at work. It will help you relax, unwind, and calm a wandering mind while kicking out negative thoughts. 

The effects linger around longer and help you get the best out of your sleep. You will reap a conducive sleep-friendly mental state that translates to deep uninterrupted rest. The Pink Tom Ford Kush flower is a perfect fit for anyone fighting chronic cases of stress, anxiety, fatigue, and pain. 

Vapes and accessories: 

Valley’s Five Star Starter Vape Kit “Mello” Flavor 

Are you a vaping enthusiast? It is no doubt that vaping is fast becoming a household name, so I had to try this fantastic starter kit. You may not know this, but a starter kit holds everything that newbie vaper needs to vape out of the box instantly. 

When I unboxed the Valley’s Five Star Starter Vape Kit’s sleek holding case, here is what greeted my eyes. 

  • scrnli 11 9 2020 4 51 58 PM

    Valley’s Five Star Starter Vape Kit

    Mello flavored cartridge 

  • A 510 Thread Battery with STARS design calibrated at 3.7V 
  • A 350 MAH capacity 
  • A universal 510 thread USB charger 

From the package contents, I could quickly tell that the starter kit was made for new vapers or those in need of the simplest way to vape. The universal components are easy to replace as they are readily available at an affordable price. 

Here is the part that you may have wanted to read about first: how did I find its taste and effects? Note that the Valley’s Five Star Starter Vape Kit comes in three cartridge options. I am talking about Mello, Deep Sleep, and Activate. In my case, I went for the Mello flavor- We love Mello. 

The vape kit was as easy as ABC to use. Its main highlight was a lovely mix of lemon and light eucalyptus taste that excites your taste buds with every puff. The effects were calming and relaxing, which is perfect for weekends and sunset evenings. 

Our verdict? The Valley’s Five Star Starter Vape Kit “Mello” Flavor is one of the few well thought out THC vaporizers in the market. And for just $50, it is a steal if not a bargain. 


Herbivores Package of Assorted THC Fruit Gummies

THC gummies are discrete and offer an exciting effortless way to dose cannabis edibles. The Herbivores Package of Assorted THC fruit gummies did not disappoint either. Before I opened these taste bud arousing THC infused edibles, I asked myself, what is the tastiest way to medicate? I had to change my answers after our review was done.

scrnli 11 9 2020 4 54 13 PM

Herbivores Assorted THC Fruit Gummies

 Herbivores Edibles are known for the magnificent work on cannabis edibles for both humans and our lovely pets. They always find a way to innovate a whole new experience with every product they create. 

For the Herbivores Package of Assorted THC fruit gummies, we loved the wide range of natural fruity aromas that welcome you to every candy. The vibrant colors are a real revelation of the over eleven flavors that fill the pack. 

The candies are coated in acidic sugar, which gives you a sour kick before the real flavors settle in. Notably, I loved combining different flavors, and with eleven assorted in the package, I did produce unique combos for every occasion. 

With 25g of THC per candy, you will not chew many of these before the effects kick in. And yes, we found them long-lasting. You should beware of taking one at a time as you build your THC tolerance up. I did find it hard to restrict myself with the natural fruity flavors and appealing hues. 

Extracts and shatter: 

Green Tec Extracts Diamonds

IMG 0183 1

Green Tec Extracts Diamonds

The Green Tec Extracts Diamonds are hard-hitting and no child’s play. You can expect this from any THC concentrate, but the experience I had with these diamonds was unique. 

With over 98% pure THC, the concentrate is made from one of the finest weed strains ever created- the Blackberry OG, known for its incredibly high THC strength and tangible effects. The Blackberry OG concentrate gives a heady aroma welcoming you to its rock-solid Kush flavor.  

I loved the Green Tec Extracts Diamonds berryish taste; of course, that is what we all expect from a blackberry strain. Thanks to the strain’s over 20% THC concentrated into 98%, these precious diamonds don’t take long to start warming you up. A few puffs are enough to clear your head and instill a whole-body buzz smoothly. 

The Green Tec Extracts Diamonds are great for medicating for anyone with high THC tolerance. 

Green Tec Extracts Caviar 

green tea diamonds

Green Tec Extracts Caviar

Once again, we had to have a taste of another Green Tec extract. This time around, we went for lower THCa concentration but with an extra ingredient- Terp Sauce. If you wonder what weed caviar is, it is a product of dipping weed in hash oil coated with resin. Feels like a THC blast cooking, right? 

Green Tec extract caviar offered smooth consistency in its qualities. It has a delectable color and gives a pleasant aroma. The high from this Green Tec product is amazingly potent, and just like the Green Tec Extract Diamonds, it creeps in nice and slow. 

Our honest verdict on Flash420.ca 

Few can match what Flash420.ca offers recreational and medical cannabis users. Unlike most cannabis brands who overpromise and underdeliver, our experience with them was quite the opposite. It is fair to say that they overdeliver on most fronts. We highly recommend Flas420.ca for our cannabis tastes, differences, and needs.flash420

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