Bulk Edibles – 50 x 30mg

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Review of OnlyGas.co Bulk Edibles

Bulk cannabis edibles from OnlyGas.co are a great way to make sure you always have product on hand for any occasion. They are also a great deal and cheaper than many pre-packaged edibles from big brands.

The upside of bulk pre-packaged edibles is that it provides convenience; with the bulk edibles from OnlyGas, you know you are getting quality items with no variation or surprises, which may be preferred by some people. These bulk edibles are made in-house with quality ingredients. OnlyGas.co has found that offering bulk edibles in packages of 50 x 30 mg helps to reduce the packaging and transportation costs, while providing their customers with more flexibility.

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Bulk Edibles – 50 x 30mg
Bulk Edibles – 50 x 30mg
$40.00 $50.00

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