Buying Cannabis in Bulk within Canada

Buying Bulk Marijuana

Buying Cannabis in Bulk: The SAVINGS ARE REAL!

Why is it that Costco is so popular these days? The easy answer is because you save money when buying in bulk. Buying weed is no different! The more you buy, the more you save, unlike government-run dispensaries. Not only that, if you’re ordering from reputable Canadian online cannabis dispensaries, you’ll save on shipping fees too.

However, not all online marijuana mail-order dispensaries are equal. Some have better deals than others, so it pays big to know where to go. Luckily, here at, we’ve got you covered. Below is our list of the best bulk ‘deals-n-steals’ from our favourite online cannabis dispensaries. “Bulk” means something different for everyone; however, these online dispensaries all have bulk savings when ordering two ounces or more.

Buy Bulk Cannabis from Green Society

Jack herer green society bulk
Jack Herer

Consistently one of the best online dispensaries around, Green Society is known for an excellent selection, high-quality products and reliable customer service. If you’re going to be ordering in larger quantities, your best bet is the Two Ounce Mix and Match.

Normally when you see “mix and match”, it limits your selection to a few lower-quality products. That’s not the case with Green Society’s deal. You can pick two different ounces from a selection of more than 25 strains!

Our Picks: Nothing wrong with the classics! Go for an ounce of Jack Herer and an ounce of Pineapple Express. Both these renowned strains have held up against the test of time and won’t disappoint.

Buy Bulk Cannabis from GetKush

wedding cake bulk get kush
Wedding Cake features a discount scale that offers more savings, the more you buy. If you purchase 2 ounces, you’ll receive a modest 15% off. However, raise the quantity up to 6 ounces and you’ll receive 40% off! Now that’s a deal.

Additionally, you can mix and match any strain, to your heart’s desire. After all, variety is the spice of life! At, it also pays to connect your friends. If you refer a friend, this company will gift a $25 welcome credit to your friend and you will also receive a $25 credit, as a thank you for your trust and loyalty.

Our Picks: Grab an ounce of each of these strains, grab some friends and have yourself a strain sampler shin-dig: Alien OG, King Louis XIII, Mango Haze, Master Bubba, Orange Juice, and Wedding Cake.

Buy Bulk Cannabis from 

Gorilla Glue #4 TheHighClub Bulk Weed
Gorilla Glue #4 has a deal that is very similar to GetKush’s deal; except, it seems geared towards folks interested in ordering higher quantities. You get the best deal on their discount scale if you order 8 ounces or more.

Thankfully, at 8 ounces, gives a whopping 45% off! In addition to the discounts; you can opt-in, to buy entire pounds of some strains and with the discount, the prices are pretty incredible.

Moreover, all’s strains are locally sourced from across BC, so you know you’re getting a high-quality product and quick and optional next day delivery if you’re in a pinch.

Our Pick: If you’re ordering an ounce of the popular and famous, Gorilla Glue #4, you’ll pay $200. But if you order an entire pound, the price is only $1770; which equates to only $110 per ounce! If you’re not smoking enough to work your way through a pound, just grab a couple of friends and split it. The savings are well worth the larger order!

Buy Bulk Cannabis from

There is a reason that this company is called CannaWholesalers! If you’re buying quarter-pounds or more at a time, these guys have your back. Looking for slightly smaller quantities? have a low bar to get a big discount: only 3 ounces will get you 35% off! 

alaskan thunderfuck from CannaWholesalers Bulk Weed
Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Or alternatively, if you’re looking to go big, buy 3 quarter-pounds and you’ll get a further 15% off. will also let you order single-strain quantities of up to a pound. So, if big orders are your thing, you should visit and see for yourself the many deals and deep discounts.

Our pick: Go all-in on a full-pound of Alaskan Thunder Fuck. That will run you $2050, which is a bargain for this quad strain. If you were to purchase single grams at a time, like how certain government-run dispensaries operate, the total price for a pound would be $4480. The massive, bulk discount is quite evident if you go all-in on a full pound. At $2050 you’re well over a 55% savings!

Why Order in Bulk?

It’s pretty simple really, it saves you money. (That’s why you bought enough toilet paper at Costco to last until Christmas, obviously!) If you regularly order in quantities of an ounce or more, you’ll benefit from going bigger. The list above is a detailed go-to of our favourite online cannabis dispensaries, that all have excellent bulk deals with loads of savings.

How much you save is up to you, but in the world of cannabis, bigger orders save you tons of your hard-earned money. Store the weed in a cool and dark place, sealed and throw in some Boveda packs for good measure.

Have any questions or comments about Canadian online bulk weed dispensaries? Please leave us a detailed message down below in the comments!

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