Canadian Weed Discord 2019

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Join Our Canadian Weed Discord Server

For Discussion of Everything Weed and Mail Order Marijuana Related

We have set up a new discord server for everyone. For those that don’t know; Discord is a free text/voice chat service that is reliable and easy to use.

I know we have a great community here and I’m looking forward to meeting you all in discord.

You will need the discord application:

And the link to join our channel:

We will be looking for moderators for chat so please get in touch with me on discord if you’re interested.

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Bud has a diversified background; combining university, college and her extensive experience in various careers in healthcare fields. This background, along with extensive research into the emerging cannabis market; as well as, extensive and sometimes, intensive personal testing and reviewing of every strain on has allowed Bud to become one of the foremost Canadian reviewers and experts on Canadian cannabis and emerging marketing strategies. Her interests include everything cannabis-related, history, video games, anthropology, travel and she is an avid reader.

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