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Recently, CBD companies have taken Canada by storm. With new laws in place regarding hemp production and the overall legalization of cannabis, CBD products are on the rise. The popularity of CBD is twofold. On the one hand, it benefits users by granting them access to countless CBD products. On the other, it allows brands with poor practices, to enter the stream of commerce relatively undetected. Let’s take a look at the top CBD brands that operate in Canada.

BuyMellow is an online, Canadian CBD company that’s quickly gaining widespread attention for its CBD products. They offer CBD oil, CBD isolates, topical CBD, transdermal CBD patches, CBD oil for pets, CBD bath bombs (these are wonderful, I highly recommend), CBD capsules, and CBD-infused beauty products.

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Furthermore, Buy Mellow is changing the way CBD brands create CBD oils, by implementing MCT oil into their products. Whether you purchase its Pure CBD oil tincture or its full-spectrum blend, you’re sure to find the base oil as MCT.

MCT has rapidly become known in health-focused and diet communities, due to its beneficial properties. These fatty acids are known to reduce weight and increase overall energy. In today’s society, there’s nothing more appealing than a beneficial product, that can also bring efficiencies to energy production in the body.

Additionally, BuyMellow guarantees that its products are made from organic, non-GMO-based hemp. This is a growing concern for the hemp industry, as agricultural giants enter the market. BuyMellow’s decision to use non-GMO hemp is a critical aspect to consider when choosing CBD products that are derived from hemp.

Lastly, BuyMellow’s prices are incredibly fair. Their 30mL bottle filled with 1,000mg of pure CBD retails for $40, which is significantly cheaper than many competitors. It’s difficult to pass up a brand that offers lab testing, organic clean ingredients, and environmentally-friendly base materials for its products; all at an affordable price.

Speaking of agricultural giants, if you live in Canada, then you’ve likely heard of Aphria. This Canadian, publically-traded company is a competitor to the likes of Canopy Growth and Tilray, making it one of the most well-known brands to date.

Currently, Aphria hosts several CBD products, such as capsules and tinctures. The reason why this brand is listed as a top choice for Canadians is that it’s incredibly regulated.

It should also be mentioned that even with Health Canada’s strict regulations; there are no current requirements for companies in Canada to disclose if they have used GMO products.

However, due to Aphria’s strict adherence to Health Canada regulations, their popularity has remained consistent. Additionally, many regulators have zeroed in on their practices, which amplifies the level of scrutiny that they receive. Aphria’s brand is associated with safe, Health Canada regulated, CBD products and its success is the proof in the pudding.

WildflowerBrands is another Canadian CBD company that’s become relatively popular in Canada. Their vast list of CBD products, along with a clean website aesthetic, has fueled their rise.

This Vancouver-based company offers CBD capsules, CBD tinctures, CBD vaporizers, CBD topicals and CBD-infused soap. Each of their products is guaranteed not to contain any THC and is backed by lab reports.

Moreover, the ingredient list for their base product, the CBD tincture, is listed to contain coconut oil, milk thistle, CBD oil and hemp seed oil. Each of these products is beneficial and when combined, creates a lasting experience, that is well worth a try.

Their price point is the only negative, when compared to other brands, such as BuyMellow. Their 30mL tincture, for example, contains 500mg of CBD and retails for a jaw-dropping and steep, $80 price point.

Although the price point is disappointing, the high level of quality and attention to detail is what makes WildflowerBrands one of the top choices, when searching for CBD products in Canada.

Vitality Health is another CBD brand, that’s made a big splash in the Canadian cannabis industry. They offer a host of products, from CBD blends, tinctures, topical creams and e-juice for vaporizers.

What sets Vitality Health apart from their other Canadian competitors is its use of BioPrime. BioPrime is marketed as the next-generation of CBD delivery into the body and it’s done through the use of nanotechnology.  Vitality Health claims that this new technology reduces the overall amount of CBD needed, thereby increasing efficiency and cost.

The issue with many CBD companies in Canada is the costs associated with producing healthy and regulated, CBD products. For example, the price of a 30mL bottle of CBD isolates oil retails for an incredibly steep $120.

Although the price isn’t right, the products speak for themselves, by offering users with efficient delivery methods and high-quality ingredients.

The Overall Picture of CBD Products in Canada

Many companies are trying to break into the burgeoning CBD industry in Canada. So far, the companies listed here are the only safe choices for CBD in Canada. These companies offer strict adherence to regulations and continue to strive for excellence, in a health-focused manner.

Moreover, these companies have also left a mark on the CBD Brands in Canada as a whole; leading the way and advocating for a health-focused, regulated product. Large corporations, such as Aphria can produce a large amount of CBD, but their practices are questionable and their prices are beyond the reach of the Canadian’s that need it most.

Explore Top CBD Products Before Buy

You must thoroughly research these brands, along with any other; to make an informed decision when purchasing CBD products. The companies listed today are providing a CBD product that is regulated and safe for their Canadian consumer.

Smaller Canadian companies, such as BuyMellow and WildflowerBrands, have done an excellent job in providing customers with an incredible product, that’s healthy and non-GMO based.

In contrast, Vitality Health offers cutting-edge technology, that is at the forefront of research in everything CBD-related. Their nanotechnology may increase efficiency; however, their prices are still too out of reach for many Canadians today.

This is a CBD brand to watch, especially when their prices fall to a point where more Canadian’s will be able to access their incredible nano-technology.

There are thousands of CBD brands available to Canadians today; seemingly, in every corner store across Canada at this point. However, as a dire warning, these products are not sourced or produced in Canada; mostly, they are from Chinese manufacturers, who are not regulated to provide any health guarantee as to what you are actually consuming.

On a final note, the small Canadian company BuyMellow seems to have everything right. Their competitive and reasonable price point, their ingredients, and their overall commitment to excellence have paved the way in this budding, new industry.

Have any questions or comments about the CBD Brands in Canada or have you tried any of these CBD Brands in Canada? We want to hear from you! Please leave your detailed comment below.

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