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Looking to Buy $99oz of Weed in Canada?

When you hear $99 per ounce of weed for sale, what’s your initial reaction? Most would look on in disbelief, while others would claim that these prices are an impossibility. We’re here to tell you that these prices still exist in Canada – even though the average price of an ounce has risen astronomically since cannabis legalization. Join us as we seek the seemingly elusive $99 ounce – and where to buy them.

 Why You Should Buy a $99 Oz of Cannabis

The main reason why you should strive to find an ounce at a price point of $99 or less, is that this is the best bang for your buck. At this price, each gram of cannabis is roughly $3.50. Most grams at recreational cannabis dispensaries are between $10-16, which is about 200-400% more expensive.

Another qualm you may have with a $99 oz of cannabis is that it may be of questionable quality. With such stiff competition, the quality of $99 oz cannabis has never been higher. With these two aspects (price and quality); a $99 oz of marijuana represents an incredible value and is well worth your money.

When you think about it, you’ll save a significant amount of money when you purchase these discounted ounces because they’re being offered to you at the wholesale price. If you’re like most people, saving a large portion of your paycheck sounds like the right thing to do.

Furthermore, cannabis prices have risen significantly in the last year and a half since legalization and no one understands why they’re suddenly paying triple the price, of what they used to. Taxes, operational costs and imported products all play a role in the rise in cannabis prices. To offset this, few unsung heroes are beginning to unleash a wave of discounted marijuana, at wholesale prices.

The all-important and burning question becomes – where can you buy these ounces for roughly $99?

What Cannabis Products Can Be Found For $99 Per Ounce?

If you’re wondering what can be offered for such an incredible price, then look no further.

  • Flowers
  • Hash

These two varieties are commonly what can be found of $99 per ounce. Flowers are the most common material that’s smoked, and they are also the one product that has steadily increased in cost over the last few years.

Hash is another variety of typically indica, cannabis concentrates and is far more potent than flowers. Hash is composed of pure trichomes mashed together, pulverized and made in slightly different ways, depending on the type. This means that you’re consuming pure cannabinoids, which can be upwards of 30% THC. It’s highly uncommon to find hash at such a discounted rate – but that’s about to change.

Why Mail-Order Marijuana Services Have The Lowest Prices

The rise of mail-order marijuana services is the primary reason for reduced prices for cannabis products. Online cannabis services are able to sell marijuana at wholesale prices because they don’t have the operational costs that have plagued traditional, storefront marijuana shops.

Rather than spending income on costly rent, security and other compliance-oriented services; online cannabis services can operate at highly reduced levels. This means that they can drop prices significantly, while still remaining profitable.

Let’s take a look at some of the best deals that our favourite online, mail-order marijuana dispensaries and what they have to offer.

Get Kush’s GreenHouse Select

Get Kush is a popular online cannabis service and for very good reasons. They carry every cannabis product that you can imagine; all at an affordable price. Their delivery times are unrivaled and you’ll have your $99 ounce at your door within a few days. It’s the one-stop, marijuana superstore, that Canada has always needed.

Get Kush’s GreenHouse Select cannabis strain is perfect for those that are on a budget, but still want a quality marijuana strain. This in-house, sativa dominant hybrid was grown organically, under the natural Sun. You can rest assured that it’s packing a hefty dose of THC and terpenes. Once you receive your package, you’ll never run out of joints to roll, or bowls to pack. 

CannaWholesalers Vancouver Island Hash

Vancouver Island Hash
Vancouver Island Hash

Are you a hash enthusiast? Are you looking to spice up your sessions by sprinkling this pure trichome, delicious and yummy, weed concentrate product atop your marijuana flowers? Then this is the deal of a lifetime and shouldn’t be missed.

Furthermore, CannaWholesalers are dedicated to their craft and they offer the most mind-blowing prices, for equally incredible products. You can find their Vancouver Island Hash priced at an unbelievable $99 per ounce. Recreational storefront dispensaries will sell you this same product at over $300, which is beyond unaffordable. A $99 ounce of hash isn’t going to last long – so it’s best to take your pick while supplies last.

WeedSmart Nuken Flower

Although this ounce isn’t $99 – it’s close. Weedsmart is known throughout Canada as one of the finest online cannabis services. Their customer service is hands down one of the best, and their dedication to their products shows in the amazing quality. By giving you the best prices imaginable, they hope to make you a loyal customer.

This shows in their ability to offer high-quality cannabis strains for as low as $120 per ounce. Nuken flower was covered in trichomes and has a pungent smell that’s sure to daze your senses. The potency outshines the rest and is liable to leave you decimated while you wonder how you got it for so cheap.

Other deals that are slightly above $99 are:

For those that are genuinely seeking an economical ounce, then look no further than cannabis that’s less than $99 per ounce. We’ve dug up the very cheapest cannabis that online marijuana services have to offer.

CannaWholesalers’ Shake

low grade trim

If you’re looking to spend as little money as possible on a large quantity of marijuana, then you’ve just found it. CannaWholesalers offers a shake/trim deal that’s set to blow your socks off. Coming in at $35 per ounce, you won’t find it cheaper anywhere else.

If you’re looking for a higher grade of trim/shake that’s filled with small buds, you can choose CannaWholesaler’s High-Grade Trim/Shake for $25/oz.

Why You Should Buy $99 Ounces Of Cannabis In Canada

The primary reason why you should focus on purchasing ounces of marijuana for $99 is that these deals represent an incredible price and opportunity. Most of us don’t have money to spend away on expensive marijuana products continuously, so it makes sense to seek something that is far more economical.

Sadly, recreational cannabis dispensaries aren’t helping you do this by keeping their prices high and unaffordable. Paying $15 per gram is outrageous, let alone $280 per ounce. These prices reflect the overwhelming greed that’s entering the cannabis industry in Canada.

As large corporations are entering the market, many reasonably priced marijuana stores are being priced out. Many can’t compete with the sheer capacity that larger shops offer, and these smaller locations simply disappear.

Now, mail-order marijuana services are fighting back by offering you cannabis products at or near wholesale pricing. Even before marijuana legalization in 2018, prices were never this cheap. If you’re ready to save money and always have an abundance of weed, then look no further than these online cannabis services that are here for you.

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