A Letter to Our Loyal Readership About the Starting of DispensaryGTA.com and Our Mission Statement

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I’m Bud and my wife’s online persona is Belinne. My wife and I had a small vision when we heard Canada was legalizing cannabis. We lived in the Greater Toronto Area at the time and we thought it might be cool to create a website, that reviews dispensaries across the GTA. Since we lived in Toronto, DispensaryGTA.com was born, 2 years before legalization.

As legalization approached, we moved to a smaller town in Ontario and when the conservative government took over, and as the rollout across the country became botched; we finally got introduced to the world of Quebec mail order marijuana dispensaries (I know, we were late to the party).

We rethought our approach and after sampling many MOM packages; my wife started furiously writing, while I furiously created the backend of the website. Without realizing it, we became overzealous and passionate ‘ganja’preneurs of the Canadian cannabis industry.

We started off small; however, we were dedicated and very passionate about our lovechild. We worked constantly. My wife was a trouper. I’ve never seen someone write that much about cannabis, but she is an experienced writer with years of education and a health care background, which I am sure helped (as well as her love of cannabis!).

I am more specialized and have years of experience creating, designing, and managing websites; with custom graphic design, ad creation and complete mobile functionality, with the latest Google updates and adjustments. I also have extensive SEO knowledge and can apply it to this very specialized and blooming, cannabis niche on the internet.

Our passion and love of this industry drive us and we want to promote the Canadian growers and distributors; who have years of experience and clearly superior products and who the government, is trying to shut out.

We also want to legitimize the MOM industry and promote good Canadian growers, that actually know what they are doing. We are attempting to take the stigma away and convince and introduce to the new consumer; that their best bet is to order with the Canadian MOM cannabis industry; instead of that overpriced garbage, the government is attempting to pass off as a premium product.

Now that we are established and have recognizable and significant branding power, we’ve expanded our team and slowly, we’ve been able to diversify and acquire other successful websites and partnerships; to be able to expand our network of passionate cannabis enthusiasts.

After some incidents that left a tarnish on the Canadian MOM industry, we implemented a customer service package and guarantee, that all of our partners agree to follow.

All DispensaryGTA recommended dispensaries (the dispensaries on our homepage and top dispensaries page) will abide by the following guidelines:

  • The product will arrive vacuum-sealed, so there is no detectable smell


  • The product will arrive with clear labelling, distinguishing individual strain names


  • The product will arrive with the agreed-upon weight


  • The product will arrive and will not be mouldy or otherwise unsafe to consume. If that unfortunate event does occur, a full refund or full replacement of the product shall be offered

We will further intercede (if needed) in the event of customer dissatisfaction and attempt to mediate a resolution, to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the parties.

DispensaryGTA.com, WeedList.ca, WeedLoving.ca and CanaSeeds.ca are all a family-run organization, who are incredibly passionate about the budding cannabis industry. We are introducing, un-stigmatizing, educating and promoting (mostly through reviews) our passion and commitment, to our loyal readers and audience.

We proudly provide a commitment to excellence, that is in effect for all of our partners and ultimately builds trust between our partnered MOM’s and the conscientious and possibly hesitant and untrusting customer.

Our network of trusted websites attempts to remove the ‘drug dealer’ mentality and stigma, that has been traditionally associated with the illegal cannabis industry.

We review online dispensaries like Herb Approach in a way that we hope educated and professional audiences will appreciate. We love describing strains like fine wines or cigars, instead of the traditional one-word descriptions from shills and consumers alike, such as “fire” or “dank”. We like to, “equate cannabis smoking and vaping; to a fine wine tasting, or a cigar connoisseur”, as my wife likes to explain to curious and open-minded individuals.

Now that the cannabis industry is partially legalized (and botched), we must present a professional and customer service oriented market-front; to gain the respect of legitimate consumers and other industries. We must also be pioneers and forge the way ahead; even though the government has incredibly restrictive laws, that must be eventually challenged.

It will also take being proactive, in fighting the governments advertising laws; in which, are laser-focused on the cannabis industry; unfairly. We all know the alcohol and gambling industries promote addiction and have been allowed to market and to promote their ‘sin’ as acceptable.

These “sin’ industries have become normalized in most cultures around the world. These lax laws on certain favoured Canadian industries and lobbyists have had over-reaching, generational and sometimes catastrophic, damaging effects on society and Canadian culture, as a whole.

We have become activists of sorts; as we have learned more about the cannabis industry and attempt to promote the health and safety of the cannabis plant, as both a recreational drug and an incredibly potent medication.

We have researched significantly, witnessed first-hand and have experienced the effects of cannabis; as a way to relieve many health ailments. We will also continue to fight the government’s attempted monopoly of cannabis production and distribution.

We are excited to see the cannabis market emerge and evolve. Being involved, at the beginning of the end of the prohibition of cannabis, has felt somewhat like the wild, wild west at times; but we’ve loved every minute of it and look forward to meeting old and new people in the industry; as well as, forging an alliance of branded ideals and a commitment to excellence and reliability.

Think of us as the better bureau of Canadian cannabis. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Bud and Belinne

Last Updated on January 25, 2022 by Bud

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