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This week we are hoisting the flag at half-mast to say goodbye to our friend, and the longest-running cannabis bakery in Canada, Baked Edibles Inc. A company that has filled MOMs across the provinces with sweet and decadent treats for years. Baked Edibles has announced that Pasha Brands will be taking over their line of success, but that they will change the products after the switch.

The email that Baked Edibles sent to their customers explained that “at midnight on December 28th, our team will take the final order from our full menu of Baked Edibles products.” Meaning that there is still a small amount of time for those who still want to make purchase orders through their site.

The company taking over Baked Edibles, Pasha Brands, is a group that is currently working to make more and more cannabis-related products legal rather than grey-area illegal and harder to maintain as a business, according to co-founder Patrick Brauckmann in an interview during Lift Vancouver in December.

The sweet treats we all grew to love from the Baked Edibles Inc. bakery included items like their fudge brownie, their organic honey tincture, all of their chewy cookies, bars, bites, and squares, and then my favourite, their whole chocolate bars. This is just to name a few; to say the least, Baked Edibles stocked nearly every MOM in town with lab-tested, cannabis-infused treats that were/ are the highest quality and range for every taste and diet type.

With hopes that many MOMs got this message and are reordering now, we should be able to expect to see Baked Edible products available for a good while after the final switch. But not knowing if MOMs are currently making large orders, if they will jack up the prices on the stock they have, (or both), or if the new Pasha Brands products will appear to be the same – then at least we can have hope and keep our faith that Pasha will try to stay true to the original recipes.

It is not unusual to see smaller businesses get bought by larger ones, some start with that end in mind. In the best of circumstances, it leads to the smaller business getting the seed money they need for their next idea or the owners are set to go into early retirement. In which case, this may appear to be a good sign for our beloved Baked Edibles Inc.

Below is the letter sent to the customers of Baked Edibles. With it, we can see that the owner(s) and staff are bittersweet towards the situation and it highlights how much love and care they put into the business. The same affection that we could all taste in their each and every one of their products.

“The End of an Era” Goodbye Letter From Baked Edibles

Greetings Beloved Customers,

We hope you’ve had a wonderful summer thus far. Please fasten your seatbelts as we have some important news to share.   It is with a heavy heart and some salty tears that we announce the end of Baked Edibles Inc – in its current form.

At midnight on December 28th, our team will take the final order from our full menu of Baked Edibles products.

We will continue production until we fulfill these orders, at which point our production team will cease operations at our facility. It was our intention to give you more of a heads up than this, but circumstances have dictated that we make an abrupt pivot in our operations. If you are interested in what we’re pivoting to, please feel free to reach out and inquire! We at Baked Edibles have been privileged to work with you over the last four years, and wish you all great success in your continued campaigns! Please think of us as a resource to help you navigate this transition and ensure your customers are taken care of.

You and your teams are responsible for affordably and efficiently medicating the Canadian market. You have brought enhancing and enlightening medicine to patients with wide ranging ailments. The products you provide are reliable and delicious, and your staff are supportive bastions of Cannabis knowledge.

While Pasha Brands, the purchaser of “Baked Edibles Inc.” will be carrying on our legacy into the legal market, the products will be quite different – as most of you are aware. We are hopeful that over time the true medicinal and recreational markets will be addressed with edible cannabis and we know Pasha will do their best to continue to provide craft quality cannabis and derivatives to Canadians in a caring and reliable way.

Again, from our 32 member team here at Baked: Thank each and every one of you for your patronage and service! It has truly been our pleasure.

Godspeed you altruistic pirates you!


Your buds at Baked


Looking for an Alternative?

While Baked Edibles is one of the most popular producers of delicious THC or CBD infused baked edibles, they are not the only ones. The online mail-order-marijuana dispensary SpeedGreens has a very large assortment of goods, that are made by other manufacturers.

As if a convenience store was soaked with cannabis, SpeedGreens carried infused twinkies, little debbies, any name-brand candy bar, any flavour gummy, as well as delightfully baked cookies. One item that always turns my eye is their “Budtella” hazelnut spread, but nearly every one of SpeedGreens’ off-brand edible treats have a hilariously punny name.

Luckily, the end of the Baked Edibles Inc. era will not be the end of edibles altogether. Have no fear! There are alternatives out there; in addition to, there being already high standards set for Pasha’s future with the Baked Edibles Inc. brand.

The only thing to do now is to wait and see, but don’t forget, there is still time before December 28th, for those of you who are especially loyal to the Baked Edibles label.

Have any questions or comments about Baked Edibles Inc. and their buyover? Please leave us a detailed message below and we will get back to you!

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