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Exclusive deals, top-of-the-line products, fast shipping, and delivery.

We are always on the lookout for the creme de la creme of MOM dispensaries in Canada and we are happy to introduce you to The Smoking Monkeys, a dispensary we found with all the bells and whistles to be the best in Canada.

Continue reading to find out how the store fared in terms of quality, efficiency, customer service, and delivery.

About The Smoking Monkeys 

The Smoking Monkeys features top-grade flowers and a wide range of cannabis-infused products. We found a diverse collection of cannabis products that cater to both novice and experienced consumers’ needs on their site. They sell;

Cannabis (AAAA, AAA+, AAA, AA+, and AA)



This dispensary has years of experience in the industry that has allowed the store to foster beneficial partnerships with top suppliers, allowing them to access a quality-proven wide range of products.

Anyone can enjoy free shipping via express post across Canada for orders above $200. Besides offering competitive prices, The Smoking Monkeys gave us discounts that ranged from 11% to 37%, depending on the type of product. After subscribing to their newsletter, you also get a 15% discount on your first purchase with an additional 5% and 10% off with different purchase tiers that sweeten the experience.

Website Experience 

The store has a unique website interface that enabled us to find our products with ease. It was seamless for us to switch from page to page, thanks to the impeccable loading speed and a sticky menu bar. 

The sticky menu bar contains different sections featuring TSM deals, Flowers, Edibles, Concentrates, About Us Page, And My Account. The TSM deals page caught our attention, so we explored it to find out what it’s all about.

TSM deals page

The deals page contains various products including flowers, concentrates, and edibles currently being sold at a limited-time discount. The sales range from 11% to a whopping 37%. Here, we found Indicas like King Louis XIII AAAA: indica hybrids such as Gas Mask AAA, Pink Rockstar AAA: Sativa hybrids like Purple Diesel AAA+, OG Kush AAA: and Sativa 50- Indica 50 hybrids like Lemon Kush AA+.

We took advantage of the discounts and ordered two products on this page (you can find their review below as you read along. 

Ordering Process

Their ordering and shipping process was seamless and simplified. After browsing for products of interest and filling our cart, we confirmed our order, after which we made the payment. Notably, we received our order ID in our order confirmation email that we used to track the order through the website’s dedicated tracking page.

We ordered on Tuesday and we received our parcel on Friday.

The store offers email and live chat as their primary channels of communication. We contacted them regarding our order and enjoyed the timely and comprehensive responses. We loved the customer service representatives who provided efficient and professional help. Through them, we made our order without a hitch.

The box contained was shipped discreetly and inside, they packaged the products in vacuum-sealed and odour-proof bags to maintain the freshness. 

Testing The Products

Our order comprised products from the three categories available on the site. We ordered two top-grade cannabis flowers, one concentrate (shatter), and gummy edibles. 

We will let you know more about the products we received from them with our detailed reviews below:

Tom Ford AAAA

Tom Ford is an Indica Hybrid strain with THC levels of 22% to 24% and CBD levels of 1%. 

For aesthetic buds, Tom Ford might as well make it to the top of the list. The medium-large buds had pistils coloured a beautiful deep orange and a thick layer of crystalline trichomes that cover the whole nugget. 

Tom Ford The Smoking Monkeys

Tom Ford AAAA

The aroma drew us near from the moment we removed it from its package box. It has sweet honey-like and sour citrus scents that are complemented by woody and earthy hints. 

When lit, the flavour took us straight to cloud nine as we relaxed and tried to unwind after a long and stressful day. The effects kicked in immediately and are pretty strong, almost psychedelic-like. 

We experienced a warm feeling engulfing us, almost like a warm, cozy blanket covering us. Our muscles melted, and all the tension, physical and mental, disappeared. The cerebral high kept negative thoughts at bay, and we were floating in a cloud of happiness and euphoria. Eventually, sleep took over.

Maui Waui AAAA

This old-school Sativa classic is quite famous for offering tropical magic and an intense cerebral high, so we were quite excited when we received our order. Since we couldn’t go to Hawaii, we brought it to us.

Maui Waui AAAA

Maui Waui AAAA

This strain packs a powerful punch with up to 26% THC content, so we knew we were in for a thrill even before the first puff. As we smoked the Maui Waui strain from The Smoking Monkeys in our joint, fruity, pineapple and sweet scents filled the room. 

This is the perfect strain to take on a lazy day since it kept us motivated, euphoric, and active. We did experience a serious case of the munchies! Keep some snacks on hand with this strain. 

Exclusive Extracts Shatter Purple Diesel – 1.0

purple diesel

Purple Diesel Shatter

This concentrate was on an 11% discount offer, so we took advantage of the price reduction. The Purple Diesel Shatter from Exclusive Extracts is slightly Sativa dominant at 60% and makes an excellent product to take if you want to stay active throughout the day without the anxiety caused by certain strains. 

Within minutes of dabbing it, we experienced a wave of euphoria and happiness with some involuntary giggles from time to time. It is the ideal concentrate to consume for productivity during the day or early in the morning to wake up and relax before a long day. 

Spacebomb Gummies | Blue Raspberry 200mg | Boost Edibles

Another product on the TSM deals page was the Blue Rasberry SpaceBomb Gummies by Boost. We received an 11% discount on this item, allowing us to save some dollars for future purchases. 

blue raspberry space bombs

Spacebomb Gummies

The 200mg THC package came with 20 edibles, each 10mg. The packaging was very pleasing with rocketships flying into space, and the contents were shaped like round blue raspberries with a great sweet flavour, reminding us of the blue freezies we had when we were a kid. 

These edibles make microdosing on cannabis much easier since the doses are low and equal on each gummy. When we took them, they smelled and tasted like the actual raspberry. Though the THC content is low, we experienced euphoria and elevated moods for several hours. This product would make an excellent natural alternative to dealing with depression and anxiety.

Our Verdict

We enjoyed our order with The Smoking Monkeys. From start to finish, we experienced professionalism, efficiency, and high-quality products from this dispensary. 

With a $200 minimum order for free shipping and amazing products at unmatched discounts, this store has a lot to offer when compared to the competition. 

Our team here recommends The Smoking Monkeys store for all your flower, concentrates, and edibles needs. 

Currently, TSM is offering some great deals on their website: 

Free Shatter & Discounts:

  • Free gram of shatter @ $200+ purchase  
  • Additional 15% off lowest price (WELCOME15OFF)
  • Additional 5% @ 300+  purchase (TSM5MORE)
  • Additional 10% @ 500+ purchase (TSM10MORE)

Cannabis Variety Pack: (Valued at $258. Buy today for $200)

  • 20 Strain Variety Pack (AA to AAA+)
  • Buyers will receive 3.5g each of 20 amazing strains from AA to AAA+ quality and a free gram of shatter!


Thanks for reading our review of The Smoking Monkeys, remember to bookmark our site to take advantage of the latest deals to your favourite mail order dispensaries.

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