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Dank is an online weed dispensary based in Canada, that is determined to redefine the mail order marijuana experience in the country. You will find the freshest hybrid, Sativa and Indica cannabis flowers; as well as, an exciting selection of cannabis edibles and a plethora of concentrates.

The Dank team of specialists carefully selects each cannabis edible, concentrate and strain; based on fragrance, appearance, burn strength and taste. This ensures all the products at every rating and price range, are certified dank.

Dank is a members-only site; which means that you have to be a member to shop with them. Classy, right? It is free to sign up for membership. Our membership registration came with some interesting perks, right from the word go. An automatic $10 off our first order, welcomed us to the Dank club. The free 1.5 grams pre-roll per successful referral is also a nice perk. We were referred by a friend, who confirmed to have received his win. 

After making the order, the package was shipped on the same day. And YES! We did enjoy the free shipping on all orders above $125.  The package arrived in a timely fashion, a few days later and was neatly and professionally packed with a vacuum seal to maintain the potency and quality of the contents.  Every product was also clearly labelled. 

Below are some of the products we sampled from Dank with details on what we loved about them. Will Dank pass our test?

Review of Dank’s Products:

Limoncello Shatter

Like its name, Limoncello Shatter is crafted from the flowers of the cannabis strain Limoncello. Limoncello, also known as Lemoncello, is a hybrid cannabis strain created by crossing Cherry pie and the Original Lemonade. 

Limoncello Shatter

Limoncello Shatter

The shatter was translucent, glasslike and brittle. The dab was indeed very smooth, with the effects kicking in almost immediately. The shatter was highly concentrated, it only took a couple perfect puffs to have the relaxing and body numbing sensations of the concentrate take effect.

I also sprinkled the shatter onto dried cannabis flowers and smoked it in a joint. The effects were immediate and melted all the stresses of the day away! The shatter enhanced the flavour of the flowers trifold; while also adding a distinct spiciness, that could never be replicated with flower alone. I felt as if my body was wrapped in a sweet mellow relaxation that transitioned into a heavier sedation and muchie session.

Cola Medi-Bottles

cola medi bottles

Cola Medi-Bottles

Cola Medi-Bottles each come infused with 30mg of THC and a single package has ten Cola Medi-Bottles. These potent cannabis-infused edible tasted like a favourite childhood treat. 

45 minutes after consuming the edibles, I could feel a slight body buzz; as well as an overall feeling of relaxation. It took about 1 hour and 45 minutes before I could feel the full effects of the candy edibles. If you are new to edibles, it is not recommended to take all of the candies at once. Take one at a time and allow the edible to digest a bit before adding more. 

Gasolina Kush

Gasolina Kush is an indica strain, with a powerful combination of strong flavours, which include: woody, herbal spiciness and potent diesel. It offered a relaxed, slightly uplifting and euphoric effect that helped relieve pain, anxiety, and stress.

Out of the packaging, Dank’s Gasolina Kush looked and tasted exactly like its name: a fuel-packed flavour profile, accompanied by lingering woodiness and hints of sweet florals. The combination created a smooth, savoury smoking experience that was highly enjoyable. It had a great aroma profile, but careful smoking if you have people with smell sensitivities in the house; as this weed has a potent aroma! 

Gasolina Kush

Gasolina Kush

The Gasolina high gave pain relief, as well as a relaxing body high and a slight euphoria that really helped with the stresses of the day. Novice cannabis consumers should use Gasolina in small doses because of its potency. Even for experienced stoners, consuming large amounts of Gasolina Kush is likely to leave you couch-locked for some time.

This is The Shit (TITS)

This Is The Shit (TITS) is a sativa dominant cannabis strain created by crossing OG Kush Breath with Sour Diesel. TITS helps relieve stress, mood swings, anxiety, ADHD and can make you feel more functional, focused and productive.  

Immediately after opening the bag containing This is The Shit (TITS), the entire room and our nostrils were inundated by the fragrances of pine, diesel and citrus. The first hit had a sour flavour with sweet spiciness on exhale; a complex taste that was stimulating and exciting to the tastebuds. 

TITS (This Is The Shit)

This Is The Shit (TITS)

From the experience and the effects exhibited by TITS; like many other sativa strains, this Dank bud is perfect for a day-time sesh. The high came fast and hard, kicking me into overdrive and giving me an awesome focus, perfect for getting stuff done. After some time, the focus shifted into a sense of ease and relaxation.  Whether you want to work, play, or get relaxed, This Is The Shit for you.


Do-Si-Dos is an indica dominant cannabis strain with a considerable following of stoners who adore its magical taste and powerful effects. It was created by crossing Face Off OG, an Indica strain known for body melting and Girl Scout Cookies, a strain famous for its incredible aroma.



Do-Si-Dos’ smoke tasted skunky and fruity on exhale. The aroma was earthy, savoury and slightly sweet, with some floral undertones. Almost as soon as I took the first hit, the effects kicked in quickly, also bringing with them a slight tingle in my face. I became more talkative, as well as reflective, as my mind was soothed and relaxed, but also sparking with creative thoughts.  

The tail-end of the high brought a light lazy feeling and feeling of overall contentment. I can understand the appeal and slight cult following of the Do-Si-Dos strain. You can use it to brainstorm, socialize, or conduct solo introspection. It was a versatile high and Do-Si-Dos should be on everyone’s list if you haven’t already tried it!

Our Verdict on Dank

Dank online dispensary offers authentic, high-quality cannabis products. Our experience was smooth from placing the order to delivery. Shipping is done on the same day for all orders confirmed before 10 am PST, Monday to Saturday. Any order made after 10 am PST, gets shipped the following business day.

Dank currently has some amazing limited-time offers:

  • 20% off storewide
  • Sign-up as a new member and receive $10 off your first order
  • Special VIP code for an additional $5 off exclusively for DispensaryGTA readers: “DVIP-5”

With a limited time 20% off storewide discount and multiple sign-up bonuses, you are going to want to act fast to order from this newly opened online dispensary. 

For top-notch services and top quality products delivered on time, precisely as you ordered them, Dank is our new British Columbia online dispensary of choice

Trusting the dedicated team at Dank with your next order is an easy decision, with quality cannabis products, an amazing selection, and an easy to use website, Dank is setting the bar higher for online dispensaries, we highly recommend you take the time to check them out for your next order. 

Dank Logo BlackWe hope you enjoyed our review of Dank. Remember to bookmark our site in order to check back frequently for updates on the latest deals to the best online dispensaries in Canada!

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