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Top BC Cannabis: Quality Products at Affordable Prices.

It’s difficult enough to choose one type of food when you go grocery shopping – let alone with all the different types of weed! But Top BC Cannabis simplifies things with their professionally designed website with crazy fast loading speeds.

The online dispensary Top BC Cannabis is a marijuana mail order service that delivers high-quality cannabis products to your doorstep. They have been around for some time and are continuously growing and expanding their product line.

Let us jump into the finer details of the review of their product and service experience.

Top BC Cannabis is home to a host of products that have been properly categorized on their website so we never had to spend a long time searching for specific products. Here is the list of product categories:

  • Flowers
  • Concentrates
  • CBD
  • Edibles
  • Mushroom
  • Vape Pen

We discovered that they host a wide range of deals as we scrutinized the website’s offerings. Top BC Cannabis has tailor-made offers for specific flowers. For instance, we could buy the customer-recommended BlueFin Tuna flower at just $320/4oz or the Pink Kush at $280/4oz

Top BC Cannabis has a great welcoming offer for new customers. We used it to receive $15 off our initial order. Apart from that, there was the deal of the week (new deals every week). And when we spent over $79, we received a free gram with a mystery box esque presentation. We loved the mix and match deals offered by Top BC Cannabis. They offer amazing savings when compared to many other dispensaries. 

Overall, Top BC Cannabis had some of the best pricing we’ve seen on many of their products. 

Ordering Experience with Top BC Cannabis

We made our way around the website effortlessly and managed to select four products; two flowers, one concentrate and an edible. Their customer service was amazing. And we could not help but notice that their website is in both French and English.

As new buyers on Top BC Cannabis, we created an account that guaranteed us loyalty points on every dollar spent and activated our new buyer coupon. Once you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them at checkout. Every 100 points earned have a redeemable value of $1.

Who doesn’t want a brand new PS5 with a year’s subscription to PlayStation? Our order gave us one entry into this monthly draw.

About their website checkout, we can summarize it in two words, fast and secure. Our payment options were EMT and credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Discovery were all supported).

We loved the last-minute deals on their checkout page plus Top BC Cannabis has this cool feature where you can ask them to deliver to a different location. Which got us thinking about the possibility of gifting a mix and match offer to a lucky friend.

Top BC Cannabis delivers to every corner in Canada. You can see all the cities included here.

After checking out, we received our order confirmation in a day together with the tracking number. Since our order was for more than $125, we enjoyed free shipping. Orders below $125 are shipped for a flat-rate fee of just $25. 

Our order arrived via Xpresspost with Canada Post secretly and discreetly. Every package was vacuum-sealed to preserve the delicate quality and for privacy. Their customer representatives were impeccable, helping us all the way when we had any questions. Top BC Cannabis has customer services representatives available to answer any questions from Monday-Friday.

Our Review of the Products from Top BC Cannabis:

BlueFin Tuna Kush

We started with the strain Bluefin Tuna Kush which quickly put us in a relaxed mood and made everything seem better. It is professionally bred to have 25% Sativa and 75% Indica dominant flower, with an average THC concentration of 30% and 2% CBD.

bluefin tuna
BlueFin Tuna Kush

The Indica punch in this one was enhanced to a level just perfect for winding down after a stressful long day. This particular strain has a slight fishy smell as it is known for but it quickly faded once we lit our joint. The musky wood flavours blended in nicely to give it a subtle hint of the sea- refreshing yet delicious.

We felt the pressure lifted from our chest as we took in this pure Indica-dominant flower, providing a deep anti-anxiety effect.  

Bluefin Tuna Kush delivered on all fronts: it acted quickly to relieve pain as well as tension and stress while simultaneously smoothing us down into a state of increased relaxation for sleep even though we normally face trouble with insomnia. 

It was a great strain to use for muscle pains too and worked well as an appetite stimulant. We experienced munchies on a whole new level.

Jet Fuel OG

review of Jet Fuel OG top tier cannabis
Jet Fuel OG

Jet Fuel OG is a sativa dominant hybrid that stands at 15-20% THC concentration, and it has received great feedback from customers on their site, which is why we had to sample it for ourselves.

The aroma was earthy with a smell of diesel wafting through the air. The taste had a slight diesel smell and flavour. We noticed that this strain gave an energy high burst without being scattered or erratic. It does creep up on you. Initially, it just gave us a very slight tingle, maybe a slight head buzz but as we further indulged the effects became much more evident.

It provided an effortless relief for depression, chronic fatigue, pain, and stress, making it ideal for daytime use without going down the path of couch lock. We believe it would be the perfect strain for busy people needing to be on their A-game while not feeling lethargic or having their senses overly dulled.

With Jet Fuel OG you just sit back with some good tunes and let it help you chase your dreams!

Egyptian Chamomile Temple Tea

review of Egyptian Chamomile Temple Tea
Egyptian Chamomile Temple Tea

Floral chamomile? We simply couldn’t resist trying the Egyptian Chamomile Temple Tea. The preparation was easy and fast with the tea being sufficient for 12 servings per the single 30g bag that contained the perfect combination of 120mg of THC and 20mg of CBD.

We loved the sensory experience from the aromas of all the herbs that were in the bag when we took a sip. Chamomile is a great healer and worked to soothe our nerves as the CBD soothed us like magic. It also contains Lemon Myrtle, an essential oil that helped to clear our head and body of inflammation. The THC infusion brought life to the room with its deep earthy sweetness while licorice root turned on some happy hormones. 

All the organic ingredients worked synergistically to boost each other’s effects for an awesome holistic healing benefit.

MOTA – 1000mg CBD Tincture

review of mota CBD tincures
CBD Tincture

MOTA is definitely a cannabis concentrate brand to reckon with. We ordered their naturally-crafted MOTA – 1000mg CBD Tincture that featured a refreshing flavour, and fast-acting effects.

With the accurate dropper, it did not take rocket science to get to the bottom of our dosing. And to maximize the effects, we took 2-3 drops within meals and waited for about an hour before its full effects slapped us on the face.

Whether it was relief from anxiety, insomnia, or chronic inflammation; MOTA’s 1000mg CBD tincture got us feeling great! With zero THC,  we took advantage of the healing benefits without any psychoactive side effects. 

Final Thoughts on Top BC Cannabis

Top BC Cannabis is a top online dispensary that truly cares about offering quality products at affordable prices. They offer many different strains and a wide variety of cannabis products to choose from.

The store is known for being one of the most trusted retailers in Canada. They also have a robust customer service team that gets back to customers quickly and efficiently, making them a favourite among cannabis consumers.

The online dispensary Top BC Cannabis offers products that meet a wide variety of needs such as hash, oils, edibles, and vape cartridges all at affordable prices.

With such great deals, BC Cannabis has become one of the best dispensaries in Canada while maintaining their high standard of quality with everything that they do.

top bc cannabis

We hope you enjoyed our review of Top BC Cannabis. Remember to bookmark our site and check back frequently for the latest reviews and recommendations on top online dispensaries. 

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