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Welcome to our review of the online dispensary Top Tier Cannabis. We have completed a detailed assessment of this dispensary and detailed reviews on several of their cannabis products. This exciting, top-quality online cannabis dispensary has many benefits we explain in detail in our review. Overall, we believe that Top Tier Cannabis is an amazing online dispesanry that has repeatedly proven itself a trustworthy, reliable choice for ordering quality weed products year-round.

Read our complete review of Top Tier Cannabis below: 

With this dispensary, black is beautiful, elegant, and very powerful, especially when it comes to its effectiveness across the Top Tier Cannabis website. 

Done right, as it’s been done on their website, an amazing and powerful black colour scheme like theirs easily makes a huge impact. It tells you without any words that you can trust this dispensary to deliver a high-end, quality online cannabis ordering experience.

It’s a bold statement that we have learned is 100% accurate when speaking about Top Tier Cannabis, a customer-focused online dispensary with a knack for good design, easy-to-use layouts, and top-quality cannabis to boot!

This dispensary gladly welcomes all Canadian customers of age to browse and order from the fantastic array of quality cannabis products they have available for purchase.

It was hard to choose just one aspect of their well-thought-out store for ordering cannabis online as our favourite as we loved so many different parts of their platform. The many crazy deals offered at this dispensary certainly give a huge incentive to place your next order with Top Tier Cannabis.

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose just one aspect to be in love with at this dispensary; instead, you can have it all with crazy deals, quality products, fast shipping and a killer black colour scheme. All you need to do is take the plunge and choose to start shopping the many deals at Top Tier Cannabis.

We Review Top Tier Cannabis’s Ordering Experience:

About Top Tier Cannabis

Top Tier Cannabis is what you get when you blend an expert team of weed connoisseurs with a reputable dispensary. The mail-order marijuana service provides top-of-the-range marijuana products that conveniently ship Canada-wide. 

We are thrilled that Top Tier Cannabis collaborates proudly with the creme de la creme of breeders and brands to offer the best quality cannabis products at unbeatable pricing.

They have 20+ years of authoritative experience in providing medical and adult-use cannabis solutions to Canadians. Top Tier Cannabis has carved out a great name online with unmatched product quality and customer service for all its customers.

This dispensary takes its dedication to customers to an unforeseen level for the world of online mail-order marijuana dispensaries. And we highly reccomend you place an order with them to experience it for yourself fully. 

Top Tier Cannabis’s Product Categories Include:

  • Flowers
  • Concentrates
  • Edibles
  • Vapes
  • Mushrooms
  • Accessories

We are lucky to be able to share our awesome Top Tier Cannabis ordering experience with you. Read on below to discover everything we loved about this exceptional online dispensary, along with some great tips to save money:

Using the Top Tier Cannabis Store & Receiving a 20% Discount

The Top Tier Cannabis dispensary website was easy to navigate and presented a clean, easily usable interface for shopping with them.

The sleek black colour scheme made the website firmly stand out in a very appealing way, and our expectations quickly shot through the roof when we further explored the website design and quickly discovered we loved the functional, elegant, black, white and golden theme on every one of the sites sleekly designed pages.

We browsed through the different products on offer, choosing our favourite hybrid flowers alongside other products. The selection of cannabis was diverse and offered something to be found for any taste.

We found that Top Tier Cannabis cannabis prices to be very fair for the level of quality you receive with their products. 

They also had unique and nicely discounted promotions that we took advantage of to lower our total order cost for our first order very effectively.

We quickly received 20% off with our first order by signing up to them with our email address. All you need to do is sign up for your free account today as we did, and you can immediately qualify for this offer for yourself. 

Current Top Tier Cannabis Promotions: 


This offer had the best weed strains in BC at the best prices in Canada. AA, all the way up to AAAA quality. We could get an all-in-one package, “the Top Tier Welcome Pack.” It has 2 grams each of AA, AAA, AAAA strains like Pink Tuna, included. Also included in the pack are free premium rolling papers, a grinder that can conveniently fit in your wallet and a lighter with the very cool Top Tier Cannabis logo. The free shipping was simply the icing on the cake. It’s everything you need to start a tasty sesh out of the box!


Every week, Top Tier Cannabis runs surprise deals on this promotions page. We had the opportunity to grab discounts on the 2oz mix and match ‘$100 ounces’ for just $180. if you want to grab two ounces for under $100 each, check this deal out next!

$100 OUNCES:

Can you imagine an online weed dispensary in Canada where every ounce of your favourite flowers goes for $100? Now stop imagining as we unearthed it already we the deals from Top Tier Cannabis!


If you want another example of an unbeatable discount, you can take a look at the QP Mix & Match Deal that is being offered for only $360!  It is just yet another crazy good offer from the deal masters at Top Tier Cannabis!


The Top Tier Cannabis giveaways give you the chance to win various items for free. The winner of the latest giveaway can take home a Black Fire Rig valued at $1199. That’s one bad-ass rig! How lucky are you?

Top Tier Cannabis Order Process & Shipping

The checkout process was easy and fast, with Interac e-transfer used as the sole payment method for this dispensary. We quickly took advantage of the free shipping offered on orders as our order with them came to over $300+ after ordering several of their deals to try out for ourselves. Suppose your order happens to be less than $300. In that case, Top Tier Cannabis has an affordable shipping plan that offers you shipping based on the total value of the order after discounts. 

For instance, orders less than $150 use a flat $20 fee, while those between $150 and $300 were shipped out for only $9.99. 

We were happy to receive our order confirmation email by 9 AM after ordering at 8 AM, and our order shipped promptly the same day.  Three days later, Top Tier Cannabis’s package had been delivered to our door via Xpress Post without issues. Notably, Top Tier Cannabis provided a useful cannabis shipping fee calculator for every order so you can check easily for yourself.

The package was clearly very well put together, with great use of a vacuum seal and no apparent signs about what was inside until we fully opened it up ourselves! We received our order confirmation email by 9 AM after ordering at 8 AM, and our order shipped the same day. Delivery was flawless and simple. We highly appreciated the delivery of our cannabis to us by the unsuspecting Canada Post delivery man who had no idea what was inside the package. We got excited because we knew that our smoke sesh was only minutes away, receiving the package! The delivery man thankfully pushed it into our mailbox nonchalantly for us.

We appreciate the great packaging that offered no immediate clues about the contents inside by this on-point online dispensary that cares about your privacy at every stage of the ordering and delivery process. 

With nothing left to do, let’s tear into the package of cannabis products we just received and start our detailed review of the products from Top Tier Cannabis:

Review of Products from Top Tier Cannabis:


This strain is a top-shelf Indica strain that the best breeders in the world have developed as a knockout punch for your daytime sesh. It has been very well named, named Mike Tyson, after you guessed it, the massively famous boxer.

The strain got this name for an excellent reason; the strain makes you feel like you are about to be knocked into walls by Mike Tyson after a productive sesh with it.

Overall, Mke Tyson was a terrific strain for day and evening smoking, especially as a more experienced cannabis consumer. All the buds we looked at were nicely trimmed, offering an exceptionally clean, smooth, thick and very dense smoke with the clouds created. The buds had beautiful colours that shone beautifully like crystals under the light. 

mike tyson

The flavours with the Mike Tyson strain were intense and robust like the person its name after. The strain had a strong taste that reminded us of the buds having sweet honey-coating on them. It was a reminder of the days when we were still young enough to be able to shamelessly drizzle some honey on our cereal in the morning when we needed a sugar fix.

The high with this strain was very strong, as you might expect – which we loved! It relaxed us without making us feel overly lethargic. We definitely felt more focused and creative with this strain; we felt like we could take on anything with just a few puffs of Mike Tyson. It was amazing for pain relief and helping boost our creativity with our work as we sampled this strain. 

We believe this to be among the top Indica’s offered by Top Tier Cannabis in our team’s opinion and definitely worth a try for your next order. At this point, we were wishing that we had not smoked most of the buds we purchased to ascertain the effects on this strain as we were feeling the knockout punch coming along.

 At this point, our best is probably to kick back in a nice sunny spot for few hours. Well, we finish off the very last of this bud before start another review for you below.

See you at the next review! After a quick nap…


After waking up from our nap caused by the last knockout strain from Top Tier Cannabis, we moved on to this potent sativa, Red Congolese, a hugely popular option and, we believe, one of the world’s best sativas and a great choice for daily smoking. 

Red Congolese is popular for a lot of excellent reasons, and we hope that if you consider yourself a frequent smoker that you’ve experienced this strain’s wonderful effects at least once before if not, you have to try it at your first chance, it’s that good!

The strain is a cross between some of the best African and South American strains and was first widely popularized in California.

We closely analyzed the appearance of the buds for this strain. We discovered they have a massive amount of shiny trichomes. We found that each bud smelled like an expensive perfume – kind of like a mixture of lavender orchid with roses and jasmine.

The trichomes made the buds appear as if they were covered in an impressive snowy layer of stunning sugar crystals that were there to stay.

red Congolese

We loved the bright red hues visible across each bud, with little hints of purple visible up close.

As we lit the strain up for the first time, it burnt clean to ash with no hints of black ash or residue leftover in our bong. 

The flavours and aromas were sweet, compounding the nice and balanced energy boost it provided us. Our entire house quickly started to smell like the excellent signature scent of Red Congolese once we started smoking these buds. Something to look forward to if you are planning to light this strain up for yourself soon. 

We experienced the awesome smell, taking it in for a while as it lingered for several minutes before starting to dissipate slowly from the air. 

The strain provided us with a deep, relaxing body high almost immediately. We also enjoyed increased feelings of creativity, focus, and energy. Overall, we still felt a general sense of relaxation as we continued smoking this great sativa strain from Top Tier Cannabis

Red Congolese was not mind-altering or couched locking – instead, it inspired our creative mind and helped alleviate pain in the joints and muscles that we had.

Definitely, a great strain to sample for yourself if you want to relax after a hard day of work!


The sugar wax in this premium quality concentrate appeared very crystally and shiny with a wonderful texture that made it simple to dab with our favourite rig.

 Upon close examination, this delicate concentrate also had some orange hues when looking at it in bright light, giving it an overall fairly attractive complexion. 

top tier sugar wax

Thanks to the way the Top Tier Sugar Wax extract is made through repeated purging and vacuuming. As you’d expect with this involved process, its appearance is much different than is typical of shatters, budders, or crumbles; we could tell we’d reached another level of quality and purity with this Top Tier Sugar Wax.

We definitely loved how easy it was to work with using a dab tool. This THC concentrate by Top Tier Cannabis was completely stable with a grainy texture and had an out-of-this-world sweet sugar flavour from its well-settled, carefully extracted terpene profile that provided it with an amazing favour as well as delightful effects that get you where you need to go with little to no anxiety and associated paranoia. 

The flavour of this great quality concentrate reminded us overall of Canadian maple syrup.

The high of the Top Tier Sugar Wax was pleasantly intense but not too overpowering in the head, which was perfect for us! We look forward to buying this over and over again, it was that good, and you can’t beat the price! Without any double, this is an absolutely exceptional value at only $30 per gram.

You should keep in mind that a little goes a long way with this baby. Try and scoop small portions if you’re starting with THC concentrates!


The So High Extracts Vape Kit by Top Tier Cannabis was very convenient and easy to use. It’s one of the better electric vaporizers we’ve seen lately in terms of performance.

This particular vape kit should satisfy beginners and expert vapers of prefilled THC cartridges as it uses standard 510 threaded batteries.  It worked well in every area.  We loved everything from its great design to the quality parts used for the chamber and battery components.  

So High Extracts Vape Kit

The design of the vape was very sleek and modern. We especially loved the two-part kit: coming with both a replaceable 5ml oil cartridge with atomizer and the battery. What’s really nice about this kit is that it seemed compatible with most other cartridges out there. If you have another favourite cartridge, you’ll be able to easily use it with this unit assuming it attaches to a 510 threaded battery as the majority of cartridges do. 

The So High Extracts Vape Kit is also super easy to clean. We didn’t face any challenges and found it needed little upkeep to keep providing perfect puffs each time.

The battery life with this unit was around 4 hours – the perfect amount of time for us to be able to use this unit throughout busy days at work without worrying about recharging it until we get home.

The included oil cartridge twisted into place easily, and it never came loose during vaping. Regardless of the thickness of the oil, it handled the heating perfectly every time.

The vape juice tasted as if it was soaked with fruity, fragrant terpenes all day long. Making our taste buds happier with each puff!

And the THC infused into it was more than enough to give us a pleasant head and body buzz that lasted hours after each vape sesh.


The 150MG Laughing Monkey Edibles were one of the newest brands offered at Top Tier Cannabis, and we are thrilled that we shared in the fun with these delicious treats.

The 150mg THC infused gummies came in 6 flavours you can choose between at the Top Tier Cannabis store:

  • Cola Bottles
  • Grape
  • Gummy Bears
  • Peach
  • Sour Keys
  • Watermelon

The edibles impressed us with their professional look and packaging as well as their delicious flavour.

We found that the 150mg THC infused gummies were fairly fast-acting and lasted for a solid 5-6 hours, even with just 1/4 of an edible.

The natural fruit flavours in each type of gummies made these a distinct and refreshing treat. We found they offered a super pleasant indica high that we deeply enjoyed, and your dose can be easily increased by simply popping another gummy in your mouth!

Verdict: A High-Quality Online Dispensary that Delivers!

We strongly recommend Top Tier Cannabis as one of the best online dispensaries for several reasons.

First, we loved the hugely impressive quality cannabis products they offer. Secondly, the customer service representatives were all awesome and beyond helpful with anything we asked.  Lastly, the fast shipping speeds and unbeatable honest pricing on their products make this dispensary an undeniable top choice for ordering cannabis products online

Their selection of cannabis products is massive compared to other sites that offer weed delivery in Canada but with a much smaller selection. Top Tier Cannabis even have options ranging from high THC sativas to high CBD indicas and hybrids and everything else under the spectrum. We especially love their wide array of edibles; they truly have everything that you could imagine you might want to consume cannabis-wise.

Their website was pleasantly straightforward, with intuitive menus that help you easily choose from cannabis strains or types of concentrate from any page on the site.

Another great feature is that their weed and extracts are lab-tested, which guarantees you quality with the products offered at this dispensary. When ordering from Top Tier Cannabis, you have peace of mind knowing the products are tested to ensure they are free of contaminants like mould and bacteria that might be harmful to our smoking buddies and us! We definitely love the fact that this testing guaranteed us quality flowers/extracts.

You should definitely always check out the weekly special offers at Top Tier Cannabis that are updated each week. We recommend grabbing their heavily discounted cannabis packs before they run out as well.

This trusted dispensary has made a name for itself by providing quality products and a reliable order process that works every time. They have fast become one of our top online destinations for ordering cannabis and concentrates in Canada for ourselves. 

We deeply enjoyed their consistency with the quality offered on all their products and the great cannabis deals and amazing pricing on all their items.

We hope you enjoyed our detailed review of Top Tier Cannabis; we certainly believe that this dispensary is worth trusting with your next cannabis order!

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