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death bubba

Easy, Quality, Selection and a Great Loyalty Program.

SimplyBudz website was simple and easy to navigate. This MOM dispensary offers a loyalty program on all their products, spend $2; get 1 bud point. After every 15 bud points, you will earn $1 off any future order. They also do not charge tax, which helps with the overall total.

Furthermore, SimplyBudz has free shipping on all orders over $99; an incredibly low minimum order requirement! If that wasn’t enough, this MOM also offers their loyal customers a referral discount for anyone that wants to refer a friend.

These types of extras are what attract and retain customers. We have seen one or two of these services offered at other MOM dispensaries; however, SimplyBudz prioritize their customers with all the add-in features they offer for loyal clients.

The package was small, professionally packed, discrete and disguised as tea. The parcel would fit in a standard size mailbox, so no lining up at the post office! Weights were measured and accurate.

Death Bubba 

Death Bubba is an indica dominant hybrid strain. This strain was created and bred in Vancouver, British Columbia by Matteo Suleyman. As we opened the ziplock, the pungent, earthy and grassy aroma from the medium and small nuggets was powerful. The nugs had a subtle, purple undertone, a light green, olive complexion and fiery, orange hairs that were speckled throughout.

Death Bubba
Death Bubba (Indica Dominant Hybrid)

When combusted, Death Bubba produced a strong, hearty, rich and bold smoke. The flavour retained its grassy profile; while adding a musky, earthy taste that lingered pleasantly after the hit. The smoke also produced a drying sensation in our mouth with tannic overtones; have a glass of water handy.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, the vapor produced was medium bodied and incredibly smooth; it left a sublime earthy aftertaste with a hint of the drying sensation mentioned above.

Death Bubba’s high will melt your tired muscles into a semi-conscious state of complete relaxation. This powerful strain can boast THC levels in the range of 25-27%. Death Bubba was sedating and introspective; do not expect to be a social butterfly with this cannabis flower.

Its strong and powerful indica effects were felt almost immediately upon consuming. The high was spacey and lasted until we fell into a dreamless, restorative sleep that completely revitalized us upon awakening.

SimplyBudz provides a premiere option for selecting high-quality flower at reasonable prices that can be shipped right to your door. With top notch customer service and an easy to navigate website, this MOM dispensary has everything you need to make to easily make an order.  A low minimum order requirement for free shipping, coupled with SimplyBud’s customer incentives, make this MOM dispensary a great choice if you are in need of top tier, Canadian grown bud.


Please visit SimplyBudz for yourself and let us know what you think of them in the comments below.

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