Best Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) Forum in Canada for January 2022

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A Community Dedicated to ‘Higher’ Pursuits

Dispensary GTA is an up and coming online cannabis magazine with a growing forum community that is welcoming and inclusive to all Canadian smokers looking to discuss anything and everything marijuana. With so many online MOM dispensaries in Canada; the latest news, customer reviews, current coupons and promotions are just a few of the ways DispensaryGTA’s weed and mail order marijuana forums can help in choosing from the huge and sometimes, intimidating list of online cannabis dispensaries.

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Moreover, the community forums on DispensaryGTA’s are steadily rising and include collections of varying strains, recipes, real-life stories, artistic creations, cannabis news, and then lastly, online mail-order-marijuana dispensary (MOM) product reviews, opinions, promotions and coupons. With a community like this, DispensaryGTA is trying to make it simpler for smokers to share their experiences with online dispensaries and to have an inclusive community filled with like-minded stoners.

Active Community Members are Rewarded: Win $200! win $200

Currently, DispensaryGTA  is offering an awesome forum promotional offer, where you can either leave a comment or start a new topic and be entered into a monthly draw to win $200! The draw is chosen at random and picked once a month between all of the DispensaryGTA community members who participated within the forums for that month. One can discuss a large variety of topics, be it MOM reviews, weird stories, or really anything weed related.

Find the Best Online Cannabis Dispensaries mailorder weed small

While a large number of the top MOM dispensaries service all across Canada, there are also weed dispensaries out there that aim themselves towards specific provinces. Knowing which ones are the best can be very important, especially to your wallet. It isn’t like we can drive around, checking out each location, to see which ones are the busiest, or which ones have the highest quality weed or even worse, by taking their word for it.

By having an inclusive community geared towards both novice and cannabis enthusiasts alike, DispesaryGTA hopes to take the guesswork out of who has the best quality, price and customer service required in Canada’s competitive, online cannabis sales market.

With the help of a DispensaryGTA community of tokers; finding the best MOM dispensary no longer has to be a huge-gambling, guessing game. If you are looking for an online dispensary in British Columbia with bongs, pipes, or papers available, Dispensary has a forum for that! Or maybe you are looking for a list of strains that help users become more energetic and creative, they have a forum for that too! And because these discussions are community forums, the lists that are populated will be ever-changing and evolving, to keep pace with the exploding legal cannabis industry that has just begun to blossom here in Canada.

latest cannabis reviews Find Rare Strains or Read the Latest Reviews

The MOMs that DispensaryGTA currently feature for reviews include dispensaries, such as Green Society, Get Kush and WeedSmart; with the list rapidly growing as membership and quality posts grow among the community. For those interested in DispensaryGTA’s $200 monthly draw promotion, reviewing online MOMs and strains that you are currently sampling is a great place to start!

Understanding the Community Forum Layout

Under each online cannabis dispensary’s name, there is a basic, ‘what there is’ list of the dispensary’s available products, minimums for free shipping and a link to the dispensary itself. After this, there is a thread with various item reviews and their ‘high-time’ results.

With this information, you are armed with real-time feedback from other customers, such as strain quality, customer service provided and you can see where each individual dispensary shines. For instance, Pacific Greens is the only MOM with an insane amount of pet care products and edible treats. While, on the other hand, Buy My Weed Online has the most abundant assortment of topicals and smoking accessories.

This forum organizational method is really helpful for keeping reviews straight between all the online weed dispensaries; I would hate to read about a strain from one dispensary, order it from another and then not have what I wanted in the first place. DispensaryGT;s virtual community layout solves this potential problem by giving each MOM their very own section for store information and reviews.

Embracing Canadian Stoners’ and the Cannabis Lifestyle

The first place to go on the Canadian weed forum, other than the introductions page, has to be the lifestyle section. With areas aimed towards every kind of smoker, there is a place to share any weed-related content that people are interested in. For instance, the “Inspired by Cannabis” thread that welcomes audio, visual and written pieces of artwork, or even interesting philosophies, spurred on from smoking.

cannabis outdoors

For many, legalization of cannabis in Canada has allowed a somewhat secret and not talked about subject, unless among friends; to rapidly becoming socially acceptable and apart of everyday life, in very short order. However, many have no such friends to ask questions of and some may still face judgement and stigma.

DispensaryGTA’s forums hope to promote a sense of community; while also showing no two stoners’ are alike. People from every background, smoke or vape cannabis and many include cannabis as part of a healthy lifestyle. The era of what was considered, ‘the typical stoner’ is at an end!

Let’s Talk About All the Weedy Topics: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Moreover, DispensaryGTA’s section “Living The High Road” is a place to share what community members like to do while stoned, including watching movies, listening to music, and/or eating/ making food. This section also includes a place to talk about how cannabis can affect relationships, be it positively or negatively. DispensaryGTA’s has a community of, ‘nothing but open ears’ and interested fellow stoners. Let’s Talk about all the weedy topics: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Forums are designed to spark conversations and to create a sense of togetherness for a specific group of people. Two things that bring all of the contributors of DispensaryGTA’s forum page together is A) it is made to benefit Canadians, and B) specifically Canadians who smoke marijuana. With these two broad requirements, the only next step is to find one of their many threads, to participate and expand on.

Furthermore, if there are any topics that you want to see and DispensaryGTA’ is missing them, there is a Q&A section, that is also open to forum suggestions; as well as, everyday cannabis questions. This space to open to any kind of inquiry and is made so that other community members can attempt to answer one another. This helps build a larger communal place for the Canadian cannabis enthusiast who wants to ask or learn more about what other people are doing.

DispensaryGTA com: The All-Inclusive, Cannabis Exclusive Community Discussion Forum

With a generous $200 monthly draw promotion and loads of varied topics to participate in; or alternatively, create, DispensaryGTA’s forums are becoming a fantastic place to join a cannabis community and talk about anything and everything weed-related. Overall, they do a very nice job at trying to touch on both the business side of the cannabis industry; as well as, the consumer side and the latest news and Canadian trends that will surely set the cannabis lifestyle on fire!

In total, we can expect to see more fun and social topics, online MOM and walk-in dispensary reviews and other marijuana-based conversations on the DispensaryGTA’s forums as it continues to grow. Be sure to join WeedLoving’s community and participate monthly for your chance to win big!

Have you checked out DispensaryGTA’s community discord yet yet? Please leave a detailed message in the space provided below and tell us what you think!

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