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You know the dispensaries good when it has a 5-star rating on its Facebook page with over 250 reviews. Are you ready? Our own review of Low Price Bud starts now!

First things first! What is Low Price Bud? Well, Low Price Bud is a premier online dispensary that has offered exemplary marijuana delivery services to the cannabis community in Canada for over 15 years. This online dispensary blew our minds with its wide range of products, from craft cannabis to world-renowned flowers and extracts.

Here is the full list of all categories offered at Low Price Bud:

True to its name, this is one of those dispensaries where you can finally start saving on your weed right from your first order.

We recommend taking advantage of the promotional deals sections where you can find massive discounts:

Low Price Bud Ordering Process:

Shopping at the Low Price Bud store was a fun, effortless affair. Their website was clean, spam-free and professionally set up. With product categories dropping down in the sticky menu at the top, we could quickly shift between pages as we compared different products. The yellow-themed website is one of the most vibrant that we’ve experienced so far.

We found the website’s guide on how to buy weed online in Canada with Low Price Bud very helpful.

After sifting through the many products, we went for two flowers, one concentrate and an edible. We then clicked the checkout icon and signed up for a free account by providing just an email and catering a password. This automatically qualified us for the 20% off coupon and a free 3.5 grams of flower.

We paid for our order using E-transfer. The experience was smooth and fast. We were required to follow a few steps to assure payment security and confirm our order. Overall, it didn’t take more than a couple of hours before we received a confirmation email that our order was successful. 

Low Price Bud processes and ships all orders within 24 hours. We waited for about 12 hours and received our Xpresspost tracking number through email. The entire process of ordering weed with Low Priced Bud worked flawlessly for us, if you have any questions about the process, you can always check out their helpful page on how to order weed online that explains all the steps.

Luckily, our order arrived in three days, and it was time to get baked!

Review of the products from Low Priced Bud:

Grease Monkey 

grease monkey weed strain

Grease Monkey

It has been a long time since we ordered Grease Monkey– an Indica dominant marijuana flower created from Gorilla Glue #4 with the delicious Cookies & Cream strain. When our order arrived, it was a no-brainer to start with these sticky nugs.

The flower teased our noses with its pungent earthy aroma that is was complimented by tones of skunk and gas. True to its name, the nugs were greasy thanks to the sugary trichomes clearly visible on the outside.

The Grease Monkey strain packed quite a heavy punch with a near-immediate blend of euphoria and sedation, culminating in a calm sleep. With a THC range of between 25% and 27%, this flower calms a wandering mind and soothes aching muscles like no other. We especially loved the sweet vanilla flavour.

Jet Fuel/G6

jet fuel

Jet Fuel/G6

You know what Jet Fuel does, powering jets up into the skies. That is what this Sativa dominant hybrid marijuana strain gave us- A JET-POWERED FLIGHT! Born from Aspen OG and High Country Diesel strains, Low Priced Bud describes it as the cocaine of marijuana.

We had to tread carefully in these uncharted waters (we’d never experienced G6 before). Even with our careful microdosing efforts, this juggernaut rolled us into a cage and confined us with intense whole-body energy locked with seemingly infinite euphoria. We laughed, laughed and laughed again, 

In the end, the strain worked up our mood, leaving us free from any negative vibes and energy. 

Diamond Afghan Hash


Diamond Afghan Hash

It felt like we were tasting the clouds. This hand-pressed Diamond Afghan Hash came rich in aroma and flavour. What really made it stand out is how easy it was to work with. The malleable texture added to the hash’s effortless and smooth burn as we smoked it in a pipe.

The effects attacked us quicker than we expected, and in no time, we were floating in a warm blanket of relaxation. This Diamond Afghan Hash was truly like a diamond in the rough in a market full of hash that doesn’t live up to expectations. 

MOTA – Dried Fruits

MOTA - Dried Fruits edible

MOTA – Dried Fruits

Now, this just got more interesting! If you’re looking to buy edibles online then you are going to love this one.

We’d never thought of buying a dried fruit infused with an accurately determined amount of THC. We chose the dried kiwi fruit but you can also go for the dried mango flavour.

The smooth THC delivery offered by this delicious Mota – Dried Fruit edible is exceptional. Since the THC content is accurately calculated with each piece, we could easily tell how much to take in line with our tolerance levels. This is truly the perfect way to discreetly manage your THC consumption throughout the day and enjoy convenient THC microdosing when on the move.

We recommend snacking on these treats as needed all day long for a euphoric and stress-free day. 

Verdict on Low Price Bud 

Low Price Bud provided an online weed ordering experience like no other. On their website, they boast of being the best-rated online marijuana dispensary in Canada; we experienced all the reasons why that is true for ourselves through their easy ordering process and top-quality products.

Their well-trained customer representatives offered timely and valuable help when we contacted them. Between live chat and email support, contacting support has never been easier.

We enjoyed their exceptionally affordable pricing on a wide range of products. This, coupled with free shipping for orders above $150 allow you to save money with every order you place. Low Price Bud even has a section for wholesale shoppers who buy bulk weed online to receive increased discounts on multiple ounces.

The ordering process was easy peasy, and the delivery was fast and professional. Overall, we loved the customer service and product quality that we received from Low Price Bud. If your looking to buy weed online we would highly recommend choosing this dispensary for your next order. 

low price budCheck out Low Price Bud for your next order today!

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