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Our BuyLowGreen Review:

BuyLowGreen is not just any other cannabis dispensary in Canada. This dispensary is among the few that we rank as a top-tier budget dispensary, thanks to the seriousness and attention to detail given to everything they do.

At BUYLOWGREEN, their mission is about making quality cannabis products available at the most affordable price, a goal that we very much approve of. 

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BuyLowGreen Offers Quality Cannabis at Affordable Prices

A glance on their website reveals fantastic deals and one more thing. With BUYLOWGREEN, the flowers are priced starting from a quarter of an ounce, then half ounces, and finally one ounce with discounts for the more ounces you buy at one time. Simply put, the dispensary is all about making weed affordable for every Canadian, whether they are medical or recreational users. 

In this article, we shall be looking at what is generating all the buzz around and whether this dispensary is worth your time and money. 

User-Friendly Website Design

BUYLOWGREEN utilizes a clean design that makes navigating through it as simple as ABC. Their website is professionally designed with ease of use in mind, and we love the fact that its intuitive design allows customers to easily look around their store before choosing the products they like with no intrusive advertisements or other distractions.

After choosing what you need or want to try, you can create an account (for newbies) or login to your existing account. This enables you to order your weed discreetly and without any fuss. With an account on the site, you can favourite select products, making it easier to order next time. 

This dispensary allows you to easily track your order from your account management interface on their website. With their easy-to-use interface, the next time you order some edibles, you will know the exact Canada Post delivery date, so you know when to call your buddies to come over.

BUYLOWGREEN products are put under seven categories.

To most accurately determine the general quality of the many products on, we combined these categories and shopped from three of them; two flowers (Indica and Sativa), one concentrate, and an edible.

The ordering process was simple, and we loved the two payment options provided in our shopping cart. You can choose either bank transfer or bitcoin to pay for your mail order cannabis.

Review of BUYLOWGREEN Products:

After our package was delivered, we went straight for the flowers first. That’s pretty much what everyone does, right?

Here is what we discovered about the products at BuyLowGreen:

Review of MK Ultra

While we were looking for the perfect flower to try out from BUYLOWGREEN, the legend of MK Ultra came up in a discussion with a friend, and thus we settled on this aptly named strain. Did you know that the strain is rumoured to be named after the mind-controlling tactics used by the CIA?

But did this flower take care of our minds? Enough of the questions; all the answers you seek about this strain are coming right up.

MK Ultra
MK Ultra

MK Ultra is the daughter of one of the best strains ever to grace the cannabis world. The flower is a breed from the heavily Indica OG Kush and Sativa dominant G13. MK Ultra is an Indica dominant flower, which starts to explain the mind penetrating effects. Even better, the strain has garnered several accolades throughout its time, winning the High Times Cannabis Cup of 2003 before coming second in the year that followed.

After we unwrapped this Indica queen, its diesel aroma was unique and potent. The flavour is, however, one to die for. We enjoyed the sweet piney taste that lingers long enough, ensuring no bad aftertaste. MK Ultra’s effects come rushing at your brain within a couple of puffs. They kick in fast and hard, which helps a lot when you are in a position where you need instant relief. 

For insomniacs, this is your strain. You will enjoy a good couch lock as you unwind and savour the moment. Being a hard hitter, MK Ultra works excellent for the evening (especially before bedtime) or for weekend sessions.

We loved every inch of the BUYLOWGREEN’s MK Ultra nugs.

Review of Trainwreck

Well, this strain’s name might have made us biased in our selection. Think about it… What is so strong that it can cause a train wreck? You guessed right if your answer is this strain from BUYLOWGREEN. It’s created from two potent Sativa strains (Thai and Mexican) and a landrace Indica (Afghani). The result is a powerful flower with 90% Sativa genetics.

We loved the earthy and piney aromas that complement Trainwreck‘s lemon flavour. Being a true Sativa leaning flower, the strain gives out serious cerebral and body energy. It is the kind of strain that awakens imagination in creative people and inspires them to come up with masterpieces. The strain’s also a good fit for smokers looking to kick out depression, pain, fatigue and appetite loss. 


Mota THC Sour Squares

Mota THC Sour Squares are multicoloured gummies that are infused with premium THC. You may be tempted to each all of them at once but .but may regret that decision later as they are quite potent, so our advice is to take them individually and allow yourself sometime for the effects to kick in.

Mota THC Sour Squares
Mota THC Sour Squares

The Mota THC Sour Squares offered by are indeed seriously potent, and they come in packages that carry 150mg of THC in total, with each gummy having 10mg of THC. These gummies make it super easy to dose THC in big or small amounts when compared to other products.

Once you pop one in your mouth, its soft feel melts gracefully on your palate, filling your mouth with rainbow fruit flavours. They were an instant hit with us, and before long, the THC effects could be felt as they produced a sudden cerebral stimulation and whole-body relaxation.

Mota THC Sour Squares are a perfect treat on the go or when you feel so lazy that you can’t roll a joint.

Review of Top Shelf – Glass Vaporizer Kit

Vaporizer Kit
Glass Vaporizer Kit

Our experience with this complete vape kit was top shelf, just like the name dictates. Our Top Shelf Glass Vaporizer Kit came with one battery, and a cartridge of our choosing (there are seven different flavours). The kit wears a sleek and elegant design that will make you want to show it off every time.

All carts are infused with 80% THC, which leaves you with only one option. Taking it slow because these cartridges pack a powerful punch. They are made from glass and embrace a ceramic coil that, as you will notice, ensures smooth vapour and temperature. 

Before you start vaping, we recommend priming your cartridge by taking two to three long puffs with the power button off.

Take Advantage Of BuyLowGreen Deals

Did you know that the more flowers you buy on, the more you save?

They have amazing discounts on buying multiple ounces of 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, and 30% off every 2, 3, 4, 8 and, 16 ounces, respectively. These discounts are automatically added to your shopping cart as you shop.

BuyLowGreen Offers Greats Deals For 2023.

We believe that BUYLOWGREEN is currently one of the top places to purchase mail-order cannabis, whether you’re a medical user or a recreational one.

Our own order was fulfilled in no time and delivered to us within 3 days, it came vacuum sealed in discrete smell-proof and moisture-proof packaging that ensured all the flower we received was in pristine condition.  Finally, we loved the free shipping on all orders over $150.

This dispensary impressed our entire team here with their quality and affordable prices, and we highly recommend that you place an order with them yourself.

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