Review of BC Bud Dispatch

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We review an assortment of items for a very detailed review of this remarkable dispensary 

BC Bud Dispatch is a Canadian MOM dispensary with years of combined experience in the cannabis industry. They have an easy to use, simple and clear website, with an excellent FAQ’s page; that will usually answer any question you have and walk you through the process. Furthermore, they have a friendly and dedicated staff ready to alleviate any concern or answer any additional questions you may have.

BC Bud Dispatch used 2-day Xpresspost for our order (they use this for all orders) and they vacuum-sealed the package, to ensure maximum discretion. This Canadian MOM dispensary also had free shipping after a $100 minimum order; an incredibly low minimum order requirement!

Moreover, this dedicated MOM dispensary has a membership program, rewarding their valuable, loyal clientele with a program that is actually worth it; converting referrals, reviews and purchases into reward points that are actually equal to their dollar value (unlike a lot of other MOM dispensaries reward programs).

Our package from BC Bud Dispatch came in an unmarked, professional and completely sealed box that contained further protections, including: vacuum-sealed, individualized bags and a layer of thick, bubble wrap that encircled the cannabis product like a protective shield. All products were weighed and accurate (always on the plus side of the scale) and the package arrived within 2-3 days of ordering.

Bruce Banner #3 

The beautiful, medium and small flowers of Bruce Banner #3 were covered in a frosty explosion of incredibly tiny, white crystal trichomes that was reminiscent of winter after a newly fallen snow. This sativa dominant hybrid was named “Earth’s Strongest Strain” by High Time’s Magazine and has some of the highest THC concentrations in the world for flower, ranging between 23-29% THC.

Bruce Banner #3 (Sativa)

Bruce Banner #3 (Sativa)

BC Bud Dispatch’s Bruce Banner #3 nugs were a mixture of sage, olive and forest greens, with an incredibly vibrant blue spruce colouration as a muted undertone. There were bright, fiery, ochre-coloured pistils; well-cured, frozen, standing at attention. Bruce Banner #3 also had a potently sweet, earthy and diesel aroma.

When Bruce Banner #3 was consumed:

When combusted, Bruce Banner #3 from BC Bud Dispatch delivered a perfectly smooth hit, on both inhale and exhale. The smoke was medium bodied and aromatic, leaving the air pleasantly fragranced with an earthy woodiness.

In addition, the smoke produced a slight arid environment in my mouth; as well as, a muted sweetness and a deep, rich, deep-forest earthiness, that lingered as a reminder of what I’d just consumed.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, there was a sweet aridness, on first impression, to the Bruce Banner #3 vapour. There was also a vibrant and rich earthiness to the vapour that elevated the flavour profile. Finally, the complex flavour profile offered a soft hint of strawberry, interweaved between the earthiness.

Moreover, the vapour was voluminous, rich and dense; it formed clouds of vapour that resembled smoke in opacity. The vapour produced from Bruce Banner #3 was also somewhat aromatic, producing a deep-woods earthiness that lingered pleasantly.

The High of BC Bud Dispatch’s Bruce Banner #3:

BC Bud Dispatch’s Bruce Banner #3 produced a powerfully uplifting, euphoric, energetic and creative state of mind. The high hit quickly, at first, giving me a jolt of nervous energy; followed suddenly, with a relaxing calm and a cerebral mindfulness and focus that allowed me to power through my day.

This daytime medication would be ideal in treating certain conditions and symptoms, such as: nausea, Glaucoma, fatigue, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, Multiple Sclerosis, muscle pain/strains and other mood disorders(as directed by a physician).

Citrus Skunk 

The small buds of Citrus Skunk were a combination of forest, hunter and olive greens, with sporadic, orange pistils, that peaked out from behind the bud. There was a light dusting of fine, white crystal trichomes littered throughout the nugget that glittered almost imperceptibly, at the reflection of light. Furthermore, there was a rich and delightfully sweet, tropical, musky and citrus aroma that was as potent, as it was enjoyable to inhale.

Citrus Skunk

Citrus Skunk

When Citrus Skunk was consumed:

When combusted, there was a rich, earthiness; as well as, a strong and spicy, citrusy-orange flavour, that blindsided me near the end of the pull; quite unexpectedly. Despite this, this perfectly balanced, sativa-expressive hybrid had a silky smooth, full-bodied smoke; that refreshed and energized.

Moreover, BC Bud Dispatch’s Citrus Skunk produced thick, rich and dense clouds of delightfully aromatic vapour (forget the incense when you have this aromatic delight!) that was pleasantly reminiscent of incense containing orange and sandalwood.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, the vapour felt light and refreshing; making it easy to go back, again and again. Citrus Skunk quickly became one of my absolute favourite sativa’s (ever!) to vape, due to its unique and zesty citrusy-orange flavour profile that astonished me in its complexity. The vapour, maddeningly, fleeted too quickly and did not leave the pleasant potpourri of fragrances to enjoy; unlike combustion.

The High of BC Bud Dispatch’s Citrus Skunk:

BC Bud Dispatch’s Citrus Skunk quickly took hold with a cerebral mindfulness and introspective focus that left me feeling uplifted, happy, relaxed, euphoric and calm. The cerebral awareness, calm, and creative focus hugely aided productivity throughout my busy workday.

This perfect, daytime medication is ideal in treating conditions and symptoms, such as(but not limited to): depression, anxiety, Fibromyalgia, moderate pain, Multiple Sclerosis, migraines, Glaucoma, stress, appetite loss, nausea and mild to moderate pain relief. Citrus Skunk has quickly risen through the ranks into one of our top 5 sativas of all time due to its pleasant, aromatic vapour; as well as, its beautifully unique and complex flavour profile.

Blue Dream

BC Bud Dispatch’s Blue Dream had medium sized buds that well cured and aromatic. The nuggets were an amalgamation of forest, sage and laurel greens; with vibrant, fiery-orange pistils; that burst forth from the flower in a beautiful juxtaposition of colour. There was a thick and dense layer of beautiful, delicate and frosty white crystal trichomes that glittered in the light. This sativa dominant hybrid also had a pungent, earthy sweetness that was quickly apparent from the moment I opened the ziplock.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream

When Blue Dream was consumed:

When combusted, Blue Dream produced a smooth, dense, rich and full-bodied smoke that left a pungently sweet and musky aroma wafting around the room. There was a sharp spiciness on inhale; quickly followed by an arid earthiness, that balanced the different flavours in the bud. Have water or another healthy beverage on hand, as this potent strain had a cumulative effect in regards to dry mouth.

Then vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, BC Bud Dispatch’s Blue Dream produced massive clouds of dense and thick vapour that dissipated quickly. The vapour was also aromatic, leaving a soft and subtle musky earthiness in the air that faded far too quickly. In addition, this strain provided a sharp and invigorating spice; as well as, a woodsy, musky earthiness that complimented the aridity.

The High of BC Bud Dispatch’s Blue Dream:

Blue Dream from BC Bud Dispatch produced a euphoric, relaxed and uplifted state of mind. There was also a creative drive or focus that enabled bursts of valuable, daytime productivity. This strain provided also provided a powerful cerebral mindfulness that encouraged introspection.

Blue Dream is best utilized as a strong daytime medication. This sativa strain can be particularly useful when treating symptoms and conditions, such as: fatigue, nausea, depression, appetite loss, ADHD, Multiple Sclerosis, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, anxiety and/or other mood disorders.

Island Pink  

BC Bud Dispatch’s Island Pink had large, densely compressed nuggets that were a mixture of laurel, sage and olive greens. The bud was covered in a generous layer of delicate, white crystal trichomes that clung to the bud resembling powdered sugar. There were also bright, fiery orange pistils spread throughout the flower; as well as, a sweet, slightly skunky and spicy herbal fragrance that emanated from the beautifully cured flower.  

Island Pink

Dream Strains Budder

When combusted, Island Pink produced dense clouds of rich and aromatic smoke that left a lingering, earthy and herbaceous fragrance in the air. In addition, this indica dominant hybrid produced a smooth smoke; both on inhale and exhale. The smoke had an incredibly sweet and rich earthiness; as well as, a spicy, citrus flavour that felt energizing and invigorating. The smoke from Island Pick from BC Bud Dispatch also caused a feeling of aridity, be sure to have a healthy drink on hand!Then vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, the vapour produced was medium bodied, smooth and had a delightful aroma of earthy spiciness that lingered in the air as a pleasant remembrance. Moreover, the flavour of BC Bud Dispatch’s Island PInk was an amalgamation of sweet, spicy earthiness and a strong undercurrent of refreshing citrus. The aridity I experienced intensified during my vape session, so having water or another drink with this strain is essential!

Island Pink from BC Bud Dispatch produced a deep euphoria; as well as, an uplifted, focused and slightly energizing high. This indica dominant hybrid produced a well balanced and sativa-like high that kept me efficiently productive and pain free; however, be warned, smoking Island Pink in large quantities will produce seemingly never-ending hunger pangs and heavy couch lock. This medication can be used both daytime and at night and can be effective in treating symptoms and conditions, such as: chronic pain, appetite loss, nausea, Glaucoma, migraines, Fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, insomnia, Multiple Sclerosis and/or other mood disorders.   

Cannaisseur Shatter – Durban Poison

BC Bud Dispatch’s Durban Poison Shatter by Cannaisseur was an exquisite honey-golden, light amber colouration, giving the perfectly translucent concentrate the appearance of delicate pieces of finely made, broken glass. This pure sativa strain also had a pull and snap texture; guaranteeing ease of use. As I opened the reusable snap-plastic container, there was a sweet earthy aroma that emanated faintly from glass-like shatter.

Cannaisseur Shatter - Durban Poison

Cannaisseur Shatter – Durban Poison

When vaped with the Zeus Thunder 2, BC Bud Dispatch’s Cannaisseur Durban Poison Shatter produced voluminous clouds of thick, rich and aromatic vapour; leaving a sweet, woody earthiness lingering in the air. The vapour was also incredibly smooth, easy to smoke and had a unique flavour profile. Durban Poison combined an earthy woodiness with a sultry sweet flavouring that truly made this concentrate taste distinctive and refined.

BC Bud Dispatch’s Cannaisseur Durban Poison Shatter quickly delivered potent uplifted feelings; as well as, a happy and creative cerebral mindfulness. In addition, this delicate and beautiful concentrate increased focus and gifted me with a nervous energy, that aided in busy, daytime tasks. Users should be aware that Durban Poison can cause anxiety and paranoia in certain individuals and should exercise caution. This medication can be used to treat a variety of symptoms and conditions, such as: depression, fatigue, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, migraines, Glaucoma, Multiple Sclerosis and/or nausea.        

Cannaisseur Phoenix Tears – Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil(RSO) is a potent, decarboxylated and concentrated cannabis oil extract produced from strong, highly sedating indica marijuana plants. This oil is said to have THC concentrations of 60% and can be used topically, orally, or by suppository. In addition, RSO has powerful anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties that have long been anecdotally reported; however, more research into this non-addictive medication is desperately needed.
Cannaisseur Phoenix Tears
Cannaisseur Phoenix Tears from BC Bud Dispatch came in a no mess, easy to operate syringe, that made both the application and dosing of the oil, simple and hassle free. We used this oil sublingually(under the tongue) and we cooked the oil into some delicious, home baked, soft and gooey brownies.

When taken sublingually, Cannaisseur Phoenix Tears did not have an appealing or appetizing flavour; however, this can be expected with any RSO. On the other hand, BC Bud Dispatch’s Phoenix Tears fared much better when disguised in baked goods. The RSO delivered a powerful full body buzz that eased away pain, stress and anxiety; useful both for daytime and at night.    

Moreover, this miracle medication can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions, including (but not limited to): cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, pain, diabetes, opiate addiction recovery, arthritis, inflammatory diseases, inflammation, blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders.     

Dream Strains Budder 

Dream Strains BudderAs I twisted off the delightfully cute lid on BC Bud Dispatch’s Dream Strains Budder, I inhaled a deep and vibrant, woody earthiness that woke my senses and hastened my anticipation for the powerful concentrate. Furthermore, this beautiful budder resembled crumble in texture; however, the creamy texture of the budder was apparent as soon as I stirred it with a dab tool. BC Bud Dispatch’s Dream Strain Budder was also a gorgeous sepia brown intermingled with shades of beige and fawn.

When vaped with the Zeus Thunder 2, the vapour produced was dense and rich; filling the room with a highly pleasant and aromatic fragrance of woody spice. The vapour was also silky smooth; in addition to, having an incredibly bold and rich, distinctive flavour, consisting of a smorgasbord of flavours, seductively intermingled and intertwined harmoniously.

Dream Strains Budder from BC Bud Dispatch quickly delivered a powerful, cerebral mindfulness felt first immediately in the centre of my forehead; spreading rapidly in all directions. Moreover, this alluring budder invoked an inner calm, a full body relaxation, a happy euphoria and finally, a deep sedative state; in which, couch or bed lock was the only viable option.   

Dream Strains Budder can be used to treat a number of symptoms and conditions, such as: depression, anxiety, Multiple Sclerosis, insomnia, migraines, appetite loss, Fibromyalgia, Glaucoma and/or stress.

Cannaisseur THC Distillate – Indica & Sativa Cartridges

The Cannaisseur THC Distillate Indica Vape Cartridge from BC Bud Dispatch provided an amazing way to consume THC on the go. The cartridge is 99% activated THC and is created using short path distillation; which utilizes heat and pressure to produce a clean and clear concentrate.

Cannaisseur THC Distillate - Indica & Sativa Cartridges

Cannaisseur THC Distillate – Indica & Sativa Cartridges

Furthermore, the vapour produced by the cartridge was spicy and refreshing; including a potent clove flavouring; as well as, earthy and herbaceous notes. One thing was for sure, I wanted to keep vaping it. Moreover, the Cannaisseur branding was also impeccable and the packaging was attractive and well thought out; from both attractiveness standpoint and for customer utility.

Moreover, the high from the THC distillate pen provided a deep cerebral mindfulness, that washed over me after only a few tokes off the pen. It also provided a calm and relaxed euphora and a seductively slow sedation. The Cannaisseur indica distillate pen from BC Bud Dispatch can be used to treat symptoms and conditions, such as; nausea, appetite loss, Fibromyalgia, insomnia, migraines, depression, stress, anxiety, Glaucoma and/or Multiple Sclerosis.

In addition, I found that the pen lasted for many sessions and it was very convenient. Due to it’s small size, you can take this portable 510 battery pen anywhere; discreetly, with little to no worry that you will be detected.

Moreover, I found it was incredibly easy to dose and maintain the perfect amount of medication, with little to no hassle or frustrating experimentation. It was also incredibly easy to reach the perfect level of high quickly and efficiently.

I must confess; I started keeping these pens on my nightstand and would smoke them( just a few quick puffs) if I woke up in the middle of the night.

In contrast, the high from the sativa variety of the Cannaisseur distillate pen provided an uplifting high that promoted my creativity and provided a focused and uplifted mood for an extended period of time.

In addition, this daytime medication can be used to treat symptoms and conditions, such as, but not limited to: Glaucoma, ADHD, anxiety, depression, fatigue, Fibromyalgia, migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, appetite loss and/or nausea.

The ease of intake, the portable and discrete nature of the pen; as well as, the impeccably high quality vapour make BC Bud Dispatch’s Cannaisseur Distillate pens the go-to MOM dispensary for these convenient, pre-filled, vape cartridges.

Cannaisseur THC Distillate – Blueberry Flavour

The THC Distillate by Cannaisseur was a sticky, golden and gooey substance that was completely translucent. The distillate came in syringe form; which we prefer here at DispensaryGTA, due to the ability to accurately dose and ease of application.  We found applying the distillate into the chamber of our Zeus Thunder 2 was extremely simple and was performed flawlessly by yours truly.

Cannaisseur THC Distillate - Blueberry Flavour

Cannaisseur THC Distillate – Blueberry Flavour

I found the flavour of sweet blueberries to be very potent throughout the distillate. BC Bud Dispatch’s Cannaisseur Blueberry THC distillate smelled and tasted of blueberries. The aroma in the air waifed gently in the air; while similarly, my mouth was experiencing the same pure and delightful blueberry extravaganza.

The high from Cannaisseur’s THC distillate pen was powerful and left you with no doubt that this was a heavy hitting distillate with sedative properties. I felt the cerebral high zap my consciousness into oblivion.

Furthermore, this strong distillate should not be used for novice or inexperienced users and should only needed if the user has a medical condition or tolerance. This blueberry distillate comes highly recommended and I found myself going back, over and over, for that sweet, blueberry goodness.  

Cannaisseur Afghan Hash

Hashish has been consumed for many centuries; first in Egypt, spreading outwards throughout the old world. The first consumers of hashish ate it as an edible because smoking wasn’t popularized until the 16th century with the introduction of tobacco.

Cannaisseur Afghan Hash

Cannaisseur Afghan Hash

BC Bud Dispatch’s Cannaisseur Afghan Hash came in a tiny glass canister, rolled in a perfectly round sphere. As soon as the lid was unscrewed, a rich, silky soft, earthy spiciness waifed into my nostrils.

Moreover, the texture of this alluring Afghan Hash was creamy and slightly sticky; perfect for rolling, crumbling on top of a bong or dabbing. This indica dominant concentrate was also tested on average to be 52% THC, powerful enough to satisfy veteran and novices users alike!  

When combusted, Cannaisseur Afghan Hash burned clean through to white ash. The smoke was rich, satisfying, smooth and both, highly aromatic and flavourful. An alluring, opulent  woodsy fragrance erupted in the air the moment I exhaled that was highly reminiscent of a rich campfire and deep woods aroma. The flavour of the smoke was woodsy as well; in addition to, a silky soft and subtle spiciness, that made my mouth tingle in a very pleasant way.

Cannaisseur Afghan Hash from BC Bud Dispatch quickly delivered a powerful, full body sedation that embraced me like a warm, soft blanket. My muscles relaxed, my pain eased and my mind softly and gently calmed and stilled; reducing anxiety and melting away stress.

Hashish is the most popular way to consume cannabis on the African, Asian and European continent; North America is behind the curve on this measure. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect when this afghan style hash arrived; I had heard afghan hash was either pretty terrible, or in contrast; it was considered to be some of the best in the world.

I quickly discovered that Cannaisseur Afghan Hash from BC Bud Dispatch will become a new regular purchase for me. The high was soft and fuzzy; it did not overly sedate and tasted and smelled beautiful. I was blown away by how pleasurable the body high was and I couldn’t stop until the Hash was done (and I didn’t even share, shhhh).

Cannaisseur Kief

Cannaisseur Kief

Cannaisseur Kief

I thoroughly enjoyed Cannaisseur’s Kief from BC Bud Dispatch. The kief was heavier than any kief I’ve sampled before; it had almost a creamy texture, but it was still kief. This trichome rich, dry sift added complex flavour and terpene profiles that enriched many a bong. I did not need much of the rich and heavy kief; a little went a long way.

Furthermore, this kief added a complex, spicy earthiness to my flower and a powerful musky earthiness exploded in the air the moment I expelled my lungs. BC Bud Dispatch’s Cannaisseur Kief added a rich and luxurious, full body stone that melted away tired muscles, anxiety and stress. This Kief would be indicated to use if you just want a little boost to your joint, blunt or bong.    

Cannaisseur CBD Oil – 200mg CBD per 1ml Syringe

BC Bud Dispatch’s CBD Oil made by Cannaisseur was beautiful and self-contained in the handy, no mess syringe. The oil was straw coloured and fully translucent; ready at a moments notice to ease pain, inflammation and even seizures.

Cannaisseur CBD Oil

Cannaisseur CBD Oil

CBD is beginning to receive a lot more attention in the mainstream media and there are a number of important reasons why: Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive. This means that the CBD you consume will not change your state of mind or judgment. This opens up the market to a wide variety of people that need the medicinal qualities of cannabis without the stigma associated with being a ‘stoner’.

Cannaisseur’s CBD oil had 200 mg of pure CBD per a 1ml syringe. CBD has been found to work and influence how a number of receptors in the brain work, helping to treat a number of conditions, such as: chronic pain management, smoking cessation aid, opiate withdrawal and recovery, relief of stress, anxiety, insomnia, neuropsychiatric disorders, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, inflammatory diseases (including Diabetes type 1, Crohn’s Disease and Acne!) and finally, CBD oil has even shown promise in studies as an anti-cancer agent! What can’t this magical, non-narcotic oil do?

I thoroughly enjoyed BC Bud Dispatch’s Cannaisseur CBD Oil; although it didn’t get me high, it was a nice addition to my normal routine. This miracle oil is severely undervalued; Cannaisseur’s CBD Oil provided long-lasting pain relief, helped ease stiff joints and really helped with my anxiety and depression. We here at DispensaryGTA urge you to try BC Bud DIspatch’s CBD Oil if you haven’t tried it already.   

Cannaisseur Solvent Free Rosin

Rosin uses solventless techniques using heat and pressure to almost instantaneously squeeze out the resinous plant material from cannabis. BC Bud Dispatch’s Cannaisseur Rosin appeared sandy brown; giving the sticky, gooey rosin, a toffee-like appearance. Cannaisseur’s Rosin had a deep, vibrant and pungent; musky, woody earthiness, that beckoned me to vape.

Cannaisseur Solvent Free Rosin

Cannaisseur Solvent Free Rosin

When vaped with the Zeus Thunder 2  in, the vapour was thick and full bodied; the vapour also produced a opulent, spicy earthiness that was full of flavour and highly pleasurable to vape. Moreover, the vapour produced a splendid, woodsy fragrance in the air; that lingered as a pleasant reminder of what was just consumed.

The vapour from Cannaisseur’s Rosin quickly relaxed and calmed me; in addition to, a strong cerebral mindfulness that allowed focus and creative thought. The sticky concentrate also quickly elevated my mood and delivered a powerful euphoria.

This Rosin would also be ideal in helping to treat symptoms and conditions, such as: Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic pain, insomnia, ADHD, migraines, inflammatory diseases, depression, anxiety, appetite loss, nausea and/or generalized stress.    

Cannaisseur 150mg THC Distillate Disposable Cannabis Vapourizer (approx. 150 puffs)

Cannaisseur 150mg THC Distillate Disposable Cannabis Vapourizer (approx. 150 puffs)

Cannaisseur 150mg THC Distillate Disposable Cannabis Vapourizer

As I opened the beautiful canister; a tiny, cigarette sized, disposable vapourizer appeared before me. This disposable vapourizer was a sleek and black, with a one piece design; leaving the user to puff away, right side up (the end with the hole in it should be in your mouth), with no further hassle or fuss. The little unit is discreet, it did not leak and it left a tropical, toasted coconut fragrance in the air, that pleasantly lingered.

Cannaisseur’s Mango Flavour 150mg THC Distillate from BC Bud Dispatch produced rich and voluminous clouds of powerful vapour, that had a strong and pleasant flavour of toasted mangoes. The rich flavour encircled my taste buds and then attacked; producing a bold and lingering aftertaste that me hunger for more.

BC Buc Dispatch snagged a winner when it comes to Cannaisseur’s 150mg THC Distillate Disposable Cannabis Vapourizer. The pen was tiny, discreet and could easily be disguised as an e-cigarette in public. The pen was easy to draw on, producing thick and rich clouds of vapour(which honestly surprised me tbh) and tasted of musky, sweet, with a potent side of toasted mangoes.

Miss Munchies

Mike’s Munchies

Mike’s Munchies

Please check out our edibles page for a comprehensive guide on how to consume edibles.

Upon opening the Mike’s Munchies package; I stared at the square, lime green, delectable hard candies. These lime flavoured lozenges were a delightful way to consume 10mgs of THC each. The lozenges were strongly flavoured of lime and very sweet. There was no taste of cannabis and we greatly enjoyed these tasty treats!

The high from these treats gave a nice body buzz that was incredibly pleasant and lent instead to getting things done around the house – while snacking on delicious candies! These tasty treats are good anytime, after meals, after you’ve done up your shoes, or even when you’re getting out of the bath. One thing is for sure, you can consume them whenever you want. They reminded me of a margarita that I might consume on a hot summers day, while half naked on a beach; somewhere halfway across the world.

Dark Side Rosin 

The dark, gooey substance stared back at me after I opened the container. The rosin was dark brown; almost a taupe colouration; with an opaque and muddy colouration to it. It had a pungent aroma that awakened my senses. The rosin was easy to manipulate with a dab tool; which made for easy dabbing into my Zeus Thunder 2.
Dark Side Rosin
This is a great option for health-conscious consumers as this is a solventless extract that uses low heat and pressure to press the hash and BOOM! Darkside Rosin is made.

Upon inhaling, I was immediately struck by this rosin’s potency and it had a strong earthy aroma; as well as, a deep musky, smokey and herbaceous flavour that lingered in my mouth pleasantly.

Furthermore, I found Darkside Rosin from BC Bud Direct to be just as strong, if not stronger then past rosins we have consumed. The high was incredibly cerebral and creative; however, it had a calming effects as well. We greatly enjoyed this rosin and would definitely recommend it to anyone reading this, yes you!

BC Bud Dispatch has years of experience in the cannabis industry and they use that knowledge and experience to help you, the buyer. They have an easy to navigate website, and great info pages that are helpful and concise. The order arrived quickly and we could not ask for faster delivery time, although ultimately this is a bit out of their control using Canada Post.

This MOM dispensary’s products were well cured, fresh and very high quality. We were impressed with the stunning packaging from BC Bud Dispatch and we can’t wait to make our next order, won’t you join us?

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We hope you will check out BC Bud Dispatch for yourself and tell us what you think in the comments below.

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