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There has been quite the buzz going around with a, “he said, she said” debate on who is stealing weed from CheapWeed’s customers. With pricey, precious and green bud mail passing through so many hands; it is hard to say who is the exact culprit of this horrendous crime.

Currently, many patrons from the online mail-order-marijuana dispensary (MOM), CheapWeed.ca, are not receiving what they ordered. In fact, they are receiving nothing but an empty box with unusual tape. This does, of course, mean that it was packaged originally and then tampered with, but who is doing it? That is the question everyone is asking.

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An unhappy customer of CheapWeed kindly forwarded us the email they received from the owner named Tony, “Thanks for bringing this to my attention, and I will definitely investigate this immediately … This is definitely wrong on so many levels and does appear it is a Canada Post employee theft.” And then goes onto explain how he and his employees are trying to contact the post to solve the issue.

In the email, Tony also continues to point the finger at the Canada Post by sharing links to accounts where parcels were stolen or missing. Owner Tony does not touch on the topic of tampered packages and he does finish the apology with, “I will let you know when I hear back from them and appreciate your patience.”

Not Taking Orders

We can hope and assume that the wronged customers will get their money back, CheapWeed has been on and off with their reviews; however, that does not mean that they are not popular. CheapWeed is not currently taking orders because of the current situation.

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Updates will be posted below:

Update: 6/28/2019:

From the owner Tony:

“Nah, this isn’t an exit scam

We’re out hundreds of packages confirmed after our Monday + Tuesday thefts as well
We do have reports of packages arriving, but yeah I am not ” ignoring ” anyone but if you understand when you’re dealing with a large magnitude issue.. it does take some time

Yes I totally understand everyone involved is pissed off , out money, need a response but for something this big.. it really does take time and organization to get things resolved + done

Aside that, I would even say don’t order for another week or so, we’re changing our packaging + all CP accounts once again + VISA’s as a safe measure, and looking to switch post offices to a different part of town, 2 hours away and see if this can eliminate or mitigated any risks involved.

we feel for our customers, however it’s definitely hard on us too when we accept the payment, but we also ship out what is supposedly paid for, absorb this hit 100% would definitely run the business out but we’re looking at probable resources to try to get back on track but will take some time.

As for Reddit, you see within 2-3 days everyone whose been ” loyal ” to CW just cares for themselves and not our company,
Reading all that trash talk isn’t going to make anything speed up, and the more they decide to trash our name, well GL getting a fair resolution for me lol

I had a meeting with a Regional Manager at CP, they’re looking into backlogs on how this may have happened because the PO box wouldn’t accept an ” empty / no weight box.. to get it shipped.”

Update: 7/1/2019

Reported as posted from Tony:

To those whom have been affected from empty boxes being delivered from the June 20th period and earlier dates We have ultimately completed our investigation with Canada Post and have determined this theft may have involved multiple Canada Post delivery driver’s from the pick up route.

There hasn’t been any reported issues with theft leaving the actual sorting facility as Canada post has mentioned to us however that being said we did have several hundreds of packages get stolen and at this time we company is unable to financially unable to re-coup these losses in a form of a refund. We do understand the frustration for those involved.. however we will be launching a CW-REPAYMENT PLAN , in which we will offer back 25% store credit and reoccurring percentage discount on future orders until the original amount is re-paid.

We do understand if this creates further frustration, however we are hoping in good faith our clients understand on our end this is NOT an exit scam, and we are genuinely creating a financial plan in order to re-pay all those involved however over a course of time.

We are looking at selling our home and also lending from the bank in order to pull more capital to cover operational costs and definitely have to say this act of theft has definitely been devastating for our clients, myself and definitely our brand.

Regardless of what is being said, we want to really show you that we are going to honor the full refund however this is the only way the refund can be handled.

We would like to request at this time please contact lost@cheapweed.ca with an email only containing Your order #, Your email address, + dollar amount lost


Updated: 7/3/2019

As reported on the DispensaryGTA Discord:

Allegedly from Tony, sent to a customer (we do not know whether this will be done for all customers):

Thanks for reaching out to us, and we do apologize sincerely from the bottom of our heart for the delay in getting a resolution handled for you. Please be mindful of the circumstances that we have mentioned resulting in our CW-REPAYMENT PLAN, which does entail only being able to provide a 25% credit back in points, and on-going discount on future purchases until your original dollar amount has been re-paid.

We really do hope you understand, as we are making several changes + adjustments to our packaging to ensure safe and discrete deliveries moving forward. We are still definitely devastated by the impact of stolen contents from your package as it does affect us immensely.

That being said, we are going to be re-launching in a few days once we finalize our adjustments and shipping and handling processes at this time, we have reinstated 25% of your order, in points: Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns and we look forward to assisting you however we possibly can. Thank you for being a valuable client and for your support.

I hope you have a great rest of your day and a wonderful week with your friends and loved ones. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions or concerns as well.

Warmest Regards, Tony – CEO of Cheapweed.ca”

The user also posted this screenshot of their point history balance:

We will post more updates on this issue if and when we have them.

In the meantime, we recommend everyone use our forums and discord to make up their own minds about where to order from.




As always, feel free to share your thoughts on CheapWeed.ca’s mail order thefts in the space provided below.

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  1. I am currently at a loss of 16 ounces on two separate orders five days apart. The two parcels I received were empty. The reply i got from “Tony”is exactly the letter you have posted here. I wonder if we the customers will ever be paid back by either the money spent or the product that was paid for?This is so disappointing. I have been purchasing from this site for about a year and have not had many problems from them except for Canada post taking my mail to the wrong city on about five separate orders. It was happening on Herb Approach too, so i switched to cheapweed about a year ago.All was well until this past week or so. I am so mixed up at the moment.

  2. I have done many orders with cheapweed not once have they wronged me. Im also affected by this right now and am out for almost 1 grand. We all need to be patient, tony and his staff have great customer support and will make things right. You have to relaize things wont be fixed over night. Hope karma bites that postal fucker good hes messed with alot of people.

  3. **Sorry if this is double posted**
    I have / WAS dealing with Tony for well over a year, got my most recent orders in June, the week before this shit. I have ordered over $2000 each month, really, I got “lucky” he wasn’t pulling the scam yet..I think it started that weekend.
    That being said, Tony is a GOOF! He shipped me a batch that was MOLDY, no prob, I email and send pics, he credits me for it..I place a new order, for a different strain of course.. that MF’er sends me the SAME MOLDY STRAIN!!
    I go online just browsing around and stumble on the EMPTY BOX FIASCO! Now, I first give him the benefit of doubt, waiting to see how he responds…check out his reddit posts to see his true colours, not professional in the least, let alone sound convincing about the “story” or his honoring of “STOLEN” packages as stated on his website. …And then to release a statement how he is going to sell his house, to keep his business alive, blahblahLIESLIESLIES.. he may be selling his house to go hide, not repay anybody..at his 25% plan..what a douche he is…LOL NEWS FLASHTONY: YOUR BUSINESS IS TOAST ITS GOING OUT FAST LIKE YOU DID…guaranteed he stays closed.
    I am convinced he is not refunding anybody anything!
    The thing is I know enough about Tony…lets just say, I hope he has his taxes paid 😉

  4. I’m down 2.4k right now. My order hasn’t been shipped yet and my money has been accepted. No response from their team.

  5. how did Tony lose anything? if canada post took the weed who took the money?”Tony” says canada post took all the weed from boxes that were already paid for…tony didn’t lose anything he’s the thief.

  6. i would like to know what the hell is going on. ain’t cool when you wait 2 weeks only to get an empty box.

  7. If thats his “resolution” he might as well payback nothing being people like me will never buy again so his business is done unless he figures this out. He took my money AFTER he knew about this issue!!!!!

  8. I am one pissed off customer. I order all the time from CW and have never had a problem. I ordered an oz of weed and a 1/4 ounce of hash. I received an empty package with the Canada post label on it. I ripped the Canada post label to get in the white bubble wrap where to my surprise the clear bag that the box was in was cut open. I then took the box out and it was empty as well. I have all the packaging still in a separate bag in case I need it. I’m sure there is evidence on it. I luckily didn’t loose a lot this time only $199.99. But I to have ordered 600.00 at a time as well being a loyal CW customer. I hope we get to the bottom of this either through Canada post or CW. I believe myself it is a Canada post employee. But who’s to say I personally don’t think CW did this they have too much to loose.

  9. me too. took my money on the 27th of June. I only wish I had known about the missing weed before I paid him. I still have hope however, in the form of a tracking number not yet inducted into the mail stream. I have checked it daily since I got it on the 28th of June and still nothing, but I have a small shred of hope at least

  10. Placed an order 06/26 and all I got was a tracking # and a receipt via email! They haven’t replied to my Email and I have my doubts they will. Not a way to treat a 1st time customer! Guess I got BURNT! To bad we don’t have Tony’s mailing address! Please post it if you do!


  12. Things are looking up people. I received a new tracking number today for my package and it is now on its way. They must have changed the packaging or something, because like I said, I have a whole new tracking number and will now wait until Monday to see just what is up. Happy as a pig in a mud puddle right now. Hopefully this will give some others a hope for their stuff too!!!!

  13. I had a package go missing after first scan vancouver. Tony sent me a new half pound the following week. He also sent an apology letter and a free 1/8 for inconvenience …. just saying. I guess I made just before this 25% reimbursement silliness.

  14. If they stopped taking orders on the Wednesday how did you get an order in on Thursday? There isn’t the option to add anything to the cart let alone complete an order. The support line went straight to a full mailbox, the site stopped updating and nobody has heard anything. We have to scour the ass end of the internet to find posts from Tony that he’s not sharing with us. Not you though, you’re pig in a mud puddle special. Jumped right on it and helped you.

  15. Tony is a fucking GOOF!!! Piece of shit robbed me of 1800. I make that payment weekly to fucking crappyweed.ca gorilla glue batch moldy. My payment was taken out on the 26 at like 6:00pm est when they already knew they had problems they still fucking took my cash and said they created a shipping label when Canada Post never recieved fuck all. I hope you see this u piece of shit I want you to know fuck you, your 25% and your retard of a fucking crew. Don’t give your money to this fucking jackass he will do this shit again if he ever does open backup. FUCK YOU CW, FUCK YOU TONY YOU FAGGOT!!!!

  16. Tony has nerve to demand that only 300 dollar orders and up are placed. All other potential customers= GO TO HELL!!! Fuck that business plan.

  17. It’s now July 13th. $600 order placed on June 25th, the day before the site was locked down. My order was never sent out

  18. Please people do not buy anything from justcheapweed.com. These people just finished a massive scam. I lost a $500 order from June 25 that was never ever shipped. And then never ever received an email back after messaging each of their email addresses only once, just like their posts on reddit suggested to do. I do not believe that “Tony” was ever a real person affiliated with the site. I suspect that that name was just cover for the real owners of the site. They scammed SO MANY people that were in the same situation as me, some for a LOT more than the $500 that I lost.

    I got a random email today from justcheapweed.com. It’s a link to a bigger, more beautiful site that almost tempted me to think that it could be a good thing. It’s got to be the same people trying another successful scam. WARNING! If you purchase anything from them please be advised that there is a high likelihood that it will never show up. And they’re off scott free. It is a very flawed payment system in which they are taking full advantage of. Just trying to help anyone that considers buying from them.

  19. order from the government official medical LP websites and same thing empty boxs, order on monday came thursday and empty box.. and that offical government run site..

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