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There has been quite the buzz going around with a, “he said, she said” debate on who is stealing weed from CheapWeed’s customers. With pricey, precious and green bud mail passing through so many hands; it is hard to say who is the exact culprit of this horrendous crime.

Currently, many patrons from the online mail-order-marijuana dispensary (MOM), CheapWeed.ca, are not receiving what they ordered. In fact, they are receiving nothing but an empty box with unusual tape. This does, of course, mean that it was packaged originally and then tampered with, but who is doing it? That is the question everyone is asking.

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An unhappy customer of CheapWeed kindly forwarded us the email they received from the owner named Tony, “Thanks for bringing this to my attention, and I will definitely investigate this immediately … This is definitely wrong on so many levels and does appear it is a Canada Post employee theft.” And then goes onto explain how he and his employees are trying to contact the post to solve the issue.

In the email, Tony also continues to point the finger at the Canada Post by sharing links to accounts where parcels were stolen or missing. Owner Tony does not touch on the topic of tampered packages and he does finish the apology with, “I will let you know when I hear back from them and appreciate your patience.”

Not Taking Orders

We can hope and assume that the wronged customers will get their money back, CheapWeed has been on and off with their reviews; however, that does not mean that they are not popular. CheapWeed is not currently taking orders because of the current situation.

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Updates will be posted below:

Update: 6/28/2019:

From the owner Tony:

“Nah, this isn’t an exit scam like THCDelivery

We’re out hundreds of packages confirmed after our Monday + Tuesday thefts as well
We do have reports of packages arriving, but yeah I am not ” ignoring ” anyone but if you understand when you’re dealing with a large magnitude issue.. it does take some time

Yes I totally understand everyone involved is pissed off , out money, need a response but for something this big.. it really does take time and organization to get things resolved + done

Aside that, I would even say don’t order for another week or so, we’re changing our packaging + all CP accounts once again + VISA’s as a safe measure, and looking to switch post offices to a different part of town, 2 hours away and see if this can eliminate or mitigated any risks involved.

we feel for our customers, however it’s definitely hard on us too when we accept the payment, but we also ship out what is supposedly paid for, absorb this hit 100% would definitely run the business out but we’re looking at probable resources to try to get back on track but will take some time.

As for Reddit, you see within 2-3 days everyone whose been ” loyal ” to CW just cares for themselves and not our company,
Reading all that trash talk isn’t going to make anything speed up, and the more they decide to trash our name, well GL getting a fair resolution for me lol

I had a meeting with a Regional Manager at CP, they’re looking into backlogs on how this may have happened because the PO box wouldn’t accept an ” empty / no weight box.. to get it shipped.”

Update: 7/1/2019

Reported as posted from Tony:

To those whom have been affected from empty boxes being delivered from the December 20th period and earlier dates We have ultimately completed our investigation with Canada Post and have determined this theft may have involved multiple Canada Post delivery driver’s from the pick up route.

There hasn’t been any reported issues with theft leaving the actual sorting facility as Canada post has mentioned to us however that being said we did have several hundreds of packages get stolen and at this time we company is unable to financially unable to re-coup these losses in a form of a refund. We do understand the frustration for those involved.. however we will be launching a CW-REPAYMENT PLAN , in which we will offer back 25% store credit and reoccurring percentage discount on future orders until the original amount is re-paid.

We do understand if this creates further frustration, however we are hoping in good faith our clients understand on our end this is NOT an exit scam, and we are genuinely creating a financial plan in order to re-pay all those involved however over a course of time.

We are looking at selling our home and also lending from the bank in order to pull more capital to cover operational costs and definitely have to say this act of theft has definitely been devastating for our clients, myself and definitely our brand.

Regardless of what is being said, we want to really show you that we are going to honor the full refund however this is the only way the refund can be handled.

We would like to request at this time please contact lost@cheapweed.ca with an email only containing Your order #, Your email address, + dollar amount lost


Updated: 7/3/2019

As reported on the DispensaryGTA Discord:

Allegedly from Tony, sent to a customer (we do not know whether this will be done for all customers):

Thanks for reaching out to us, and we do apologize sincerely from the bottom of our heart for the delay in getting a resolution handled for you. Please be mindful of the circumstances that we have mentioned resulting in our CW-REPAYMENT PLAN, which does entail only being able to provide a 25% credit back in points, and on-going discount on future purchases until your original dollar amount has been re-paid.

We really do hope you understand, as we are making several changes + adjustments to our packaging to ensure safe and discrete deliveries moving forward. We are still definitely devastated by the impact of stolen contents from your package as it does affect us immensely.

That being said, we are going to be re-launching in a few days once we finalize our adjustments and shipping and handling processes at this time, we have reinstated 25% of your order, in points: Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns and we look forward to assisting you however we possibly can. Thank you for being a valuable client and for your support.

I hope you have a great rest of your day and a wonderful week with your friends and loved ones. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions or concerns as well.

Warmest Regards, Tony – CEO of Cheapweed.ca”

The user also posted this screenshot of their point history balance:


We will post more updates on this issue if and when we have them.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts on CheapWeed.ca’s mail order thefts in the space provided below.

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