Is Cannabis/Weed Legal in Canada?

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Recreational cannabis was made legal in Canada on December 17, 2018 – but what are the details for nationwide legality? Today, we look at whether weed is truly legal in Canada, who cannabis is legal for, what travellers in Canada can expect, and much more.

Is Weed Legal?

The short answer? Yes, weed is now legal in Canada!

Adults 18 or 19 years or older, depending on the province you are in; can purchase, consume and carry up to 30 grams of marijuana at one time. Being able to purchase just 2 grams over an ounce adds up to roughly 60 joints – that is a lot of dried cannabis.

It varies by territory and province for just how legal weed is, though. While 30 grams as an adult is the general rule, the legal purchasing age, public consumption laws, possession maximums and retail outlets available are all different, depending on where you are located. Here is what you can expect if you are visiting Canada and trying to score some green.

Who Can Purchase Weed in Canada?

Unless you are in Quebec or Alberta, the legal age to buy, use, or grow and possess weed is 19 years of age or older. If you are in Alberta, the legal age is just 18, though Quebec is making moves to raise their legal age up to 21. Although provinces do have the power to lower maximums within their domain, the general amount allowed is up to 30 grams of “dried or non-dried form” cannabis.

While edibles were not initially made legal to sell with flower and oils, now, as long as there are no organic solvents used to create the concentrated product, adults are also allowed to make or buy their own cannabis-infused food and drink.

Each province has its own procedures set for retail sales, with some easier to shop in than others; due to, the higher taxes and stricter regulations. However, the entire nation of Canada can enjoy the option of online sales, without as much variation. When you shop online instead of in person, you get more variety in product options, get more control over what you are going to purchase and you can have it delivered straight to your home.

Who Can Grow Weed in Canada?growing weed

Aside from Quebec and Manitoba, a Canadian household can grow up to four cannabis plants at one time. The plants must come from licensed seed or seedlings to maintain the safety regulations in Canada.

Quebec and Manitoba chose to exclude themselves from this part of the legislation. In those provinces, it is not legal to grow your own plants. Since there are plenty of strains that allow you to harvest hundreds of grams from just one plant, four cannabis plants per household should be plenty for most homes and environments.

Where Can You Buy Cannabis in Canada?

The supply of recreational weed has seen a massive fluctuation since cannabis first became legal in December of 2018. The nation is enjoying the plant, which makes it a hot commodity with high demand. There are some simple rules to the game: weed cannot be sold in the same location as tobacco or alcohol.

Adult consumers are expected to shop at dispensaries and other retailers regulated by the territory or province to purchase the plant. If those retailers or dispensaries are not available, though, the next option is to shop through a federally licensed producer.

It is easy to run into problems when you shop locally; maybe their hours do not fit your schedule, or maybe you are in Ontario or Nunavut where local options are few and far between (or possibly nonexistent unless you have a medical marijuana card).

The solution? You can buy cannabis in Canada no matter where you are using an online dispensary. Every province has made online dispensaries legal as retail availability in your local area is not always a guarantee. Likewise, the convenience of having your weed simply shipped to your door is hard to pass up.

Can You Travel with Weed in Canada?

You have the legal right to carry up to 30 grams of cannabis across province and territory borders throughout Canada. However, because weed is still classified federally as a schedule I drug in the United States of America, it is against the law to cross over the US border with cannabis.

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In fact, the Canadian government has warned their citizens that because marijuana is still federally illegal in the US; now that recreational use is legal in Canada, you could be denied entry to the US if you have a “previous use of cannabis or any substance prohibited by US federal laws.” It is not a guarantee that you will not be allowed access to the US, but something that should be mentioned regardless. The important thing to remember is you are able to travel with a little over an ounce freely across Canada without worry.

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Every province and territory in Canada has a website dedicated to each province’s own regulations and laws related to cannabis. Each website also specifies the retail location listings in the area, so you can plan out the closest or best dispensary for your needs.

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Have any questions about the legalities of cannabis in Canada? Please leave us a detailed message below in the space provided!


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