Everything to Know about Cannabis-Infused Drinks

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Though medical marijuana provides us with many benefits, not all people can inhale or eat it. As legalization of cannabis keeps occurring throughout the U.S., new alternatives to smoking weed appear on the market. One of them is cannabis-infused drinks. Drinking cannabis provides you with numerous health benefits as it’s loaded with nutrients, different vitamins and antioxidants. Despite the fact that they may be a little costly to buy, they are worth trying due to their great characteristics. Moreover, you can make them yourself.


Why do marijuana drinks work even better than cannabis edibles? The answer is that because of high bioavailability, their effects are more steady than smoking or other ways of weed consumption. Bioavailability is defined as the amount of substance that enters circulation, allowing it to make changes in your body. It happens because of flavonoids, cannabinoids, and other bioactive components which increase the bioavailability of the drinks.

Obviously, marijuana beverages will probably become even more popular than any other forms of weed over some time. Benefits of medical marijuana-infused beverages are numerous. They help with various psychological conditions including addictions, and can be used by people who undergo outpatient rehab programs (check it here).  Studies show that marijuana helps to regulate emotional behavior due to its strong neuroprotective properties. Thus, people who continuously experience anxiety, have depression or are affected by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are advised to drink beverages made of weed.

Consuming marijuana-infused drinks means that herbs’ active ingredients are absorbed through the liver and digestive tract quite slowly, which causes long-lasting effects. That’s why those who suffer from chronic pain or struggle with rheumatoid arthritis can relieve their symptoms after taking cannabis-infused drinks. Beverages made of medical marijuana can also be used by patients who undergo chemotherapy during cancer treatment. As these individuals often have nausea on a regular basis, THC containing in cannabis helps to reduce nausea and stimulates the appetite. Marijuana beverages is a perfect mean to nausea symptoms as it is easy on your stomach. Moreover, appetite stimulation caused by THC may change the lives of chemo patients who are at the risk of deadly weight loss.  This remedy is certainly beneficial in the case of Parkinson’s Disease and even AIDS. Doctors also recommend consuming cannabis-infused drinks for those who have glaucoma. As marijuana drinks help to diminish symptoms safely, it is a great option for those who are over 18 and encounter health conditions which negatively impact the quality of life.

The Variety of Medical Marijuana-Infused Beverages

There are diverse ways to drink medical marijuana, so you can pick the one to your taste.

1. Cannabis Coffeecannabis coffe

The simplest way to drink medical marijuana is to enjoy your coffee with cannabis adding. If you are willing to reduce the amount of caffeine, you could use decaf as well. To make cannabis-infused coffee, you can just add the herb to the coffee grounds. The proportion may start with a tablespoon of grounds and 1 ¼ teaspoon of ground cannabis. But the ratio can vary depending on your preferences and a brewing method you use. The process of brewing makes herbs even more effective. As the strength of each strain varies, you should adjust the amount of marijuana.

2. Cannabis Tea

For those who are tea fans, there is also a good alternative. The mix of tea and cannabis is a great natural medication to help with different health conditions. You can make cannabis tea using various methods. For instance, by mixing bud with butter or oil and adding it into your tea leaves. If you enjoy matcha lattes or tea lattes, you can also use milk instead of oil or butter.  Just mix it with the bud and water and heat up for 30 minutes without boiling it. Another simple method is to use a coated tea bag where you add your bud instead of tea leaves.

3. Syrups

If you have a sweet tooth, you could try a weed-infused syrup. A good idea is to add it in small doses to your favorite drinks. For example, you could make a canna-cocktail, a glass of lemonade or just spike your tea. The variants are infinite.

4. Cannabis-Infused Water

Flavoring water with cannabis can add to it 40 mg of cannabinoids that will make it perfect for people who like sweetened drinks, but try to take control over their daily sugar intake. Besides all the benefits provided by cannabis, marijuana drinks keep your body hydrated enough.

5. Cannabis Soda

Marijuana-infused soda is both naturally sweetened, healthy, and incredibly refreshing. As it contains the right amount of THC and CBD, it is ideal for active people who keep track of consumed calories. To make it, pour water, add lemon juice and put sugar into a blender for about 15 seconds until well-blended. After that, add in a tincture of cannabis and a little mint. It’s delicious to serve with ice or just chilled in the refrigerator.Screen Shot 2018 08 02 at 12.14.50 min

5. Cannabis Wine

Everyone needs to unwind after a long tiring day. To reduce stress caused by work you could try marijuana-infused wine. Sometimes it can contain bigger doses of THC that gives a euphoric feeling. Although people have been using cannabis-infused wine for thousands of years, now you can  buy it only with a medical marijuana card. Still, cannabis wine is a perfect option for people who enjoy drinking socially but want to cut back on their consumption of alcohol due to the problems with alcohol or outpatient alcohol rehabilitation.

Drinking marijuana-infused beverages has many advantages over smoking and using edibles, as it causes quicker effects. Active components containing in cannabis help to treat numerous ailments and provide you with instant symptoms relief.

Just like with any other remedy, it will definitely take some time to find the proper dose of marijuana drinks to achieve the best possible results for your health. To experiment start out with small amounts of cannabis to allow your body to get used to the effects. But, like with any medicine, first you have to consult with your doctor or a healthcare worker at an outpatient drug rehab to make sure that it’s a perfect option for you. And most importantly, remember that marijuana is legalized not in all states, so before starting using it, check with your state laws.


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