How To Buy from MOMs (Mail Order Marijuana) Online in October 2020

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Mail order marijuana ( MOM ) is by far the most efficient and cost-effective way to purchase marijuana online in Canada.  In the last quarter of 2018, the Canadian government legalized recreational cannabis in all 10 provinces, becoming the second country in the world to take such a bold step in the right direction.

Canada has joined Uruguay in a very dope industry and has become a leader in the booming cannabis industry. This landmark decision, that has been years in the making, has also allowed much investment in the cannabis industry anticipating this long-awaited move. October 17th, 2018 Canada became the first G7 nation to fully legalize recreational cannabis and now the whole world has their eyes peeled, watching how this pioneering cannabis rollout will turn out!

No one knows exactly how big this newly established market will be worth, but a range of disparate industries – beer, security, financial institutions, design, information technology, tobacco, pharmaceutical and even design are all looking to cash in on the green rush.

Moreover, Statistics Canada reported that 4.9 million Canadians purchased pot in 2017 with a spend value of $5.7 billion, 90% which was made upon the illegal black market. Medical marijuana has been legal in Canada since 2001 and was reportedly worth $400 million Canadian dollars.

In the first 24 hours of legalization in Canada, Ontario’s online pot shop fulfilled over 100000 orders alone. The Canadian bank CIBC has predicted that the Canadian cannabis market will be worth $6.8 billion CAD by 2020. This looks very promising for provincial governments who will be cashing in on taxes and earned profits, estimated to be approximately $3 billion of revenue! Canada has a population of just over 37 million citizens and its expected that 800000 kilograms ( 1.7 million pounds ) will be consumed this year alone. These are huge numbers and even bigger numbers for the limited amount of licensed cannabis cultivators to achieve.

How to Purchase Your Pot?

All cannabis consumers would like to tick a couple of boxes while purchasing recreational or medical marijuana.

  1. Highest Quality – not all cannabis is the same and there are a number of offline and online retailers offering bargain buds. When it comes to the finest cannabis strains, concentrates and edibles we as consumers would like value for money, making sure it is affordable.
  2. Largest variety – with all the strains available on the market as well as the final product varieties we are lucky to live in an age where we have options. The development of the cannabis industry also allows us to pick and choose cannabis strains that suit our needs and requirements, not like yesteryear where imported pot from distant locations was the best we could get, not knowing what we were consuming.
  3. Privacy – our security is an important aspect of purchasing online. We all have our own reasons for looking after our privacy and purchasing cannabis online may and can open up a can of worms that you would rather keep sealed. Keeping our credit card and personal information private is an important aspect of purchasing pot online and offline.
  4. Lowest prices – affordability is one thing but buying cannabis at the lowest rates possible is just the cherry on the top. It’s horrible living with buyers remorse and not experiencing the value of your hard earned money.

With these four main points to bear in mind, finding the right online or offline dispensary is key to our cannabis purchasing success. Finding a cannabis wholesaler who deals directly with tried and tested legal farmers is paramount for buying the best bud for your buck.

Buying weed online is your best bet when it comes to privacy and saving money. Cannabis online shops have fewer overheads and generally stock more product than the traditional brick and mortar companies with retail outlets.

How to Buy Weed Online

You will need to be 18 years old to purchase cannabis online in Quebec and Alberta, well the rest of the province you will need to be 19 years of age minimum. As an adult of legal age, you are able to carry up to 30 grams of cannabis in your possession. Cannabis is available for purchase at regulated retailers or at federally licensed depots.

Buying Cannabis Wholesale and in Bulk

cannawholesalers has over 80 licensed facilities in British Columbia. They carry the largest lines of cannabis strains which are consistently rotated. initially started as a distributor to cannabis dispensaries and since grew into supplying quality potent marijuana directly to clients.

They are now the largest wholesaler of cannabis products working with locally licensed farmers and consistent quality products. Whether you are looking for bulk cannabis flowers, concentrates ( shatter ) or even hash, is your place to purchase cannabis online.

Purchasing Single Ounces

green society logo is a premier online retailer of cannabis products. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, offers mail order marijuana directly to your door throughout Canada. Whether its single ounces or concentrates offers an excellent solution for cannabis consumers who would like affordable, quality cannabis products. This MOM dispensary offers medical marijuana patients top quality service and value for money. Whether you are in Quebec or Alberta you will receive you’re discreet professionally packaged product in no time at all after making your purchase online.

Mail Order Marijuana (MOMs) made easy

Purchasing marijuana online is fairly simple and straightforward online using these steps below.

Step 1 –  Review the dispensaries online reviews 0n our site. Make note of the coupon codes that will save you many dollars and follow the link directly to the vendor’s page.

Step 2 – Search the dispensary’s website for cannabis products available to you or alternatively browse the review directly from website to see if the strain or cannabis product is for you.

Step 3 – Order and make payment for your preferred cannabis product. When you reach the shipping page it is best to choose to ship via Canada Post Xpress in order for you to receive your purchase as fast as possible. Depending on where you order from, on receiving your package it may require a signature to confirm you have received your cannabis in good order.

Purchasing cannabis online is easy and choosing one of the retailers or wholesales above makes it that much more rewarding. DispensaryGTA has done all the hard work for you and reviewed the services of these reputable licensed cannabis retailers. What is more, they also offer you discounts that help you save just that more when making your purchase.

Still Wondering? Check out our Top Dispensaries page on

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