Canada’s Weed Grading System: The Ultimate Guide – From A to AAAA+

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Decoding the Canadian Weed Grading System

Canada has long been at the forefront of cannabis culture, and now, with legalization, the market has skyrocketed. However, one aspect that often leaves consumers puzzled is the complex grading system used to classify cannabis quality. Ranging from A Grade strains to AAAA and even AAAA+ cannabis, understanding this Canadian grading system is essential for both new and experienced users alike; it is key to understand the quality strains (and pricing) available from the best online dispensaries in Canada.

The Genesis of Weed Grading in Canada

The 1980s: The Dawn of Classification

The Canadian cannabis grading system dates back to the 1980s, initially identifying strains through the terms “Singles,” “Dubs,” and “Trips.” Singles, or A grade cannabis, indicated low-quality weed, while Trips represented the zenith of cannabis quality during that period.

The 1990s: The Rise of New Strains and Nuanced Grading

The 1990s were groundbreaking in terms of cannabis cultivation, and the grading system adjusted accordingly. As new strains started flooding the market, additional qualifiers like Low Dub (-AA) and High Trips (AAA+) were introduced to better define the escalating quality of cannabis.

The 2000s to Present: Introducing Quads and Beyond

The advent of the new millennium heralded the term “Quads,” representing AAAA grade cannabis. This category was needed to distinguish between strains that were a notch above the already fantastic AAA-grade cannabis.

The Different Grades of Cannabis: Explained

A-Grade Cannabis: The Lowest Tier

Known as “Singles,” A-grade cannabis is rarely found in reputable dispensaries. Yet, it’s worth understanding. Lacking in aesthetics, potency, and trichome content, Singles are best suited for making edibles and concentrates due to their low cost.

Weed Grading Syetem A strain weed example
An Example Of ‘A’ Quality Strain

Recognizable in the market by the name “Singles”, a particular classification of cannabis that falls under the A-grade category, is an uncommon sight within the confines of well-established and reputable dispensaries. Though it appears to lack visibility, its relevance and significance shouldn’t be underestimated; there exists a significant importance in having a basic understanding about this unique grade of cannabis.

Despite its deficiencies, however, Singles is not without its use cases. Given its lower cost, one of the most advantageous uses of Singles lies within the production of cannabis edibles and concentrates. As these products require cannabis as a raw ingredient rather than for its aesthetic or external appeal, Singles becomes a cost-effective, yet quality-enough, choice for canna-chefs and manufacturers alike. As such, Singles can be an ideal option in situations where cost-efficiency without compromising much on the benefits of cannabis is the primary objective.

AA Grade: Buds On A Budget

Often referred to as “Dubs” or “Budget Buds,” AA-grade cannabis serves a particular niche of budget-friendly consumers. Though it lacks the aesthetics and potency of higher grades, it still offers a moderate THC level that can provide an adequate high.

AA Weed Strain
Example of ‘AA’ Quality

You may observe that these “Dubs” do not have the luxurious aesthetic characteristics or the potent effect that you might find in products of a superior grade. The terpene profile might be less sophisticated; the color and trichome density may not be as appealing, causing it to fall short in the category of aesthetics. When it comes to the punch the strain packs, it might not carry the same strength or mind-altering properties as the higher-grade classifications. The potency may be lower, hence, you might not expect that high-intensity experience common with the more premium cannabis grades.

Nevertheless, while underlining its limitations, it’s important to mention that AA grade strains find meaningful use and value within a specific market segment. They are not to be discounted or looked down upon, as they do, indeed, serve a valuable service in the cannabis industry. These strains can be a central ingredient to the recreative or medicinal user who has embarked on a journey of homemade culinary cannabis endeavors and is crafting edibles or experimentally engaging with cannabis concentrates in their own premises.

With a lesser price tag attached, these strains provide a significant benefit for consumers who are cognizant of their finances and wish to manage their expenses efficiently. For such budget-conscious consumers, AA grade cannabis introduces an avenue to experience the effects of cannabis while maintaining a tight hold on their wallets. Contrary to the assumption that lower cost translates to inferior quality, in this context, the AA cannabis grade offers cost-effective value without drastically compromising the overall cannabis experience. It proves the point that you don’t always necessarily need to break the bank to enjoy the benefits and experiences that cannabis has to offer.

AAA Grade: The Balanced Choice

Falling under the term “Trips,” AAA grade cannabis strikes a balance between cost and quality. Though it does not boast the same degree of bud density and aesthetics as AAAA grade strains, it still commands a respectable THC level.

Weed Grading system - AAA Weed Strain
An Example of AAA Weed

In the world of cannabis grading, a grade that often comes up is “Trips,” or AAA-grade cannabis. This tier of weed is recognized for having a good quality that sets it a notch above the crowd and is characterized by a moderate level of potency. Unlike lower tiers, AAA grade cannabis can provide users a more enhanced experience, presenting itself as a viable option for those who prioritize quality

However, it’s important to note that while AAA-grade cannabis is superior in many respects, it may not always showcase the same detailed bud structure or the same level of aesthetic charm that one can expect from strains that belong to the highest tier, the AAAA or “Quads.”

In terms of its appearance, AAAA strains could outshine their AAA counterparts as the former may possess a more sophisticated, intricate, and visually appealing bud structure that perfectly exemplifies the characteristics of top-shelf weed. The AAAA strains are also likely to captivate with their vivid colors and resinous texture, features that might not be as pronounced in AAA strains. 

However, this is not to downplay AAA cannabis’ significance. Indeed, despite lacking some of the visual attributes that make AAAA strains a treat for the eyes, AAA cannabis can still hold its own. It provides a commendable choice for consumers seeking a balanced cannabis experience—neither overwhelming nor lacking. Its relative potency remains something to be appreciated, capable of delivering a smooth, satisfying session. 

AAAA Grade: The Crème de la Crème

Also known as “Quads,” AAAA-grade cannabis is essentially top-shelf weed. It excels in all grading criteria, including THC/CBD content, bud density, and aesthetics. The powerful aroma and taste make for a luxurious cannabis experience.

A Solid Example of an AAAA Strain
A Solid Example of an AAAA Strain

Commonly referenced under the moniker “Quads”, a term that has been coined to represent a very specific product within its industry, AAAA grade cannabis signifies the pinnacle of the cannabis quality pyramid. This type of cannabis, highly revered and sought after, embodies what could be deemed as the gold-standard of cannabis craftsmanship. It’s a product that earns its reputation through a handful of defining characteristics that truly set it apart from the rest. 

Starting with its exceptional THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol) content, this exclusive marijuana goes above and beyond the average grades in potency and potential therapeutic efficacy. The elevated levels of these significant cannabinoids exhibit both a dedication to cultivation excellence and an uncanny ability to create cannabis products that supersede regular expectations. 

AAAA grade cannabis is further distinguished by its eye-catching aesthetics. Each element of its visual appeal, from the uniform consistency in texture to the rich and distinct coloration, contributes to an irresistible allure. This cannabis hasn’t merely been grown and harvested; it has been crafted thoughtfully, nurtured attentively until it presents a perfect visual that affirms its coveted quadruple-A status.

But the allure of AAAA grade cannabis doesn’t stop at its striking physical appeal; it extends into the realm of the olfactory. Its terpenoid profiles, which are rich and varied, work to create an aromatic bouquet that heightens the sensual experience. These strains of cannabis emanate an aroma so vibrant and distinctive, that they often define the user experience. The potent scent plays a key role in setting the stage for the intensity of the interaction, making it truly unforgettable.

AAAA+ Grade: The Pinnacle of Cannabis

An even more refined category, AAAA+ grade, Quads, exhibits attributes that are beyond spectacular. These strains are the epitome of quality, offering a transcendent experience that can only be labelled as world-class.

Ice Cream Cake Quad AAAA+ Weed Grading System Cannabis Strain
This Quad – AAAA+ Strain Clearly Stands Out

Defining a Quad:

In the world of cannabis, the term “Quads”, also referred to as AAAA+, is a title that denotes the highest realm of cannabis quality, the absolute apex. This prestigious label is given only to those strains of cannabis that embody the quintessence of all the desirable traits that a connoisseur of the herb would seek out – these are the strains that stand out in a sea of others, and simply command your attention. 

Ideal Cure

One of the key characteristics attributed to such strains is their ideal state of cure. This term may not ring a bell to the uninitiated, but in cannabis terms, it refers to the process whereby the harvested buds are dried in a controlled environment, allowing them to lose moisture while retaining all their inherent characteristics. When a strain is said to have “an ideal cure”, it means that its drying process has been flawlessly managed to achieve just the right level of moisture – it’s not overly dry that it crumbles to dust, nor it’s too damp that it fails to burn properly. Instead, it sits in that perfect middle ground, achieving a sublime balance that enhances the overall smoking experience.

Unparalleled Bud Structure

Another trait that defines a Quad strain is its meticulous bud structure. What this means is that each nugget of the cannabis plant has been inspected and nurtured to ensure it boasts a structure that is as close as possible to its ideal form. There aren’t any extraneous leaves or stems – every part included has a purpose and contributes to the overall potency and effect of the strain.

Perfect Trichome Coverage

Finally, a defining factor of an AAAA+ strain is immaculate trichome coverage. Trichomes are tiny, translucent glands on the cannabis plant that produce and contain the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes. These glands look like tiny crystals, and they are responsible for the powerful effects and intoxicating fragrances that have made cannabis so popular. With high-quality strains, there’s an abundant presence of trichomes, each one packed with a burst of flavour and potency. The term ‘immaculate’ isn’t used lightly here – when one observes such strains of cannabis, the trichomes sparkle like a frosty layer, demanding recognition and admiration. 

In conclusion, Quads, encompass strains of cannabis that represent the ambitious pursuit of perfection in cannabis cultivation. Their impressive cure, precise bud structure, and comprehensive trichome coverage make them a paragon of quality in the cannabis world. They simply cannot be overlooked, they refuse to be ignored, and promise a remarkable experience that is set apart from the usual.

Final Thoughts: Navigating the Canadian Grading System

In understanding the complex grading system of cannabis in Canada, consumers gain valuable insights to make informed choices. Whether you’re eyeing a budget-friendly AA or splurging on an AAAA+ strain, knowledge is power. As Canadian cannabis culture continues to evolve, staying updated with the grading system will ensure you’re never in for a rude surprise.

Navigating through the intricate and multifaceted grading scheme set up for cannabis in Canada can seem like a daunting task. However, when you take the time to delve into this matter and truly grasp its layers, you will gather invaluable, data-driven insights that will empower you to make more informed, prudent decisions,

A Grading System Uniquely Suited To Canada’s Mail Order Marijuana Space

The culture of cannabis in Canada is not static, but ever-changing and constantly developing. As this cultural context grows and shifts, so does its accompanying grading system, which evolves in parallel to better meet the needs and expectations of consumers. It is imperative to stay well-acquainted and updated with these changes, as many OCS dispensaries do not use this grading system.

Canadian Weed Grading System – FAQ

  1. Is the grading system standardized?

    No, the grading system is not standardized across the cannabis industry and may vary between producers and retailers.

  2. Why should I care about the grading?

    Understanding the grading can help you make an informed decision when purchasing cannabis, ensuring that you get the quality and potency you’re looking for.

  3. Can I trust the grades given by sellers?

    The grading system is subjective and varies between sellers. It’s always good to read reviews or get recommendations to validate the given grades.

  4. Is higher-grade cannabis always better?

    Higher-grade cannabis is usually of better quality, but what is “better” can be subjective depending on individual preferences for flavor, effects, and other factors.

  5. Does higher-grade mean higher potency?

    Generally, higher-grade cannabis has higher THC/CBD levels, but this is not always the case. It’s important to also consider other factors like terpene profiles that contribute to the overall experience.

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