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weedsmart.co is a Canadian owned and operated online cannabis dispensary based in British Columbia. This online dispensary wants to promote the benefits of marijuana for Canadians 19 and above, and with legalization right around the corner; it’s best to find a reliable and trustworthy source.

This MOM provides customers with an array of choices, ranging from premium flower, to tasty edibles; also having high grade concentrates for patients to try out. With the array of options, weedsmart.co covers all of your cannabis needs.

Furthermore, weedsmart.co offers customers many different perks for shopping through their site. This is reflected not only in their rewards program, but also; the special offers you get when you purchase certain amounts. Until December 30th 2018, if you purchase any 3 ounces, you will receive one free ounce of Afghan Kush.

Earning these rewards could be very easy, as you gain 100 for just subscribing and a point on every dollar spent. This cannabis dispensary also offers 5 points if you write a review, what a great incentive. With the points being readily available it’s nice to know that for every 25 points, you actually earn $1.00 to redeem off your next order.

Moreover, weedsmart.co is extremely innovative and shows plenty of professionalism in their packaging process. The product you purchase will come fully sealed in a white, Ziplock bag that has very clear labelling. This MOM also came up with a very insightful logo, of a Marijuana leaf busting out of pill, stating clearly, they consider this as an alternative medicine.

Sweet Cheese (Sativa 70/Indica 30)

Cheese may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of marijuana; however, weedsmart.co’s Sweet Cheese strain will soon change that. In this article, we will be reviewing one of the most flavourful marijuana strains available today, created by Sweet Seeds.

Look & Smell

Sweet Cheese from weedsmart.co had a delectable cheesy, tart taste with sweet and earthy undertones. It had an expected cheesy smell, fused with a spicy earthiness. A gorgeous strain, its bright green buds had long, honey-golden pistils all over. Sweet Cheese’s frosty-white trichomes resembled the pure, white beauty of snow, covering almost every aspect of the bud; promising potency, as the snow promises cold.

sweet cheese weedsmart strain review

Sweet Cheese

Smoking & Vaping

When combusted, Sweet Cheese from weedsmart.co emitted light smoke that twirled around in the air delicately. It made my smoking experience easy and pleasurable; as I did not end up in a fit of coughing, as some cannabis strains sometimes make me do. Smoking this strain also did not cause my heart to flutter like a caged bird in my chest; another symptom of harsher strains that I sometimes experience.

When vaped with Arizer V-Tower, the strain was even more enjoyable; as the tufts of vapour were full of delectable, cheesy aromas and pronounced and accentuated flavours, that reminded me of a classic, red wine and cheese pairing.  

Effects & Uses

Sweet Cheese gave me a relaxing high, that swept my body up into a wave of pleasurable sensations. With a manageable head high that didn’t bring on feelings of paranoia, I experienced a euphoric buzz, that lifted my mood and put a smile on my face. The fact that the high lasted for hours further cemented Sweet Cheese on my go-to, cannabis strains favourites list. It was also the perfect strain to combat anxiety; thanks to its amazing relaxation properties, that washed away all worries and care from my mind.

The cannabis strain can be used to help treat many symptoms and conditions, including (but not limited to): inflammatory diseases, chronic pain, migraines, muscle spasms, chronic and acute stress, nausea, glaucoma, fibromyalgia, opiate addiction and recovery, multiple sclerosis, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).


Sweet Cheese was best cultivated outdoors because of its strong cheesy, skunky smell. However, it flourished just as well indoors. The strain developed better when the soil method of cultivation was used. When grown outdoors, it was harvested in mid-December. When grown indoors, it was harvested in 8 to 9 weeks, and had an above average yield when cultivated correctly.

Sweet Cheese is a descendant of Cheese and Black Jack marijuana strains, which are also crowd favorites. A sativa dominant strain, it has a high THC level of 21%, making it a true marijuana powerhouse.

Sour Amnesia (Sativa 85/Indica 15)

Sour Amnesia is a kick-ass marijuana strain, first cultivated by HortiLab. With legendary parent strains, Sour Diesel and Amnesia; Sour Amnesia’s phenomenal effects, looks and taste, come at no surprise.

Look & Smell

Sour Amnesia had a wonderful blend of aromas, which included: floral, earthiness, citrus, and of course diesel. Similarly, it had an earthy, diesel taste, complemented by a sour candy flavor. The sour taste intensified as I continued to smoke and lingered for awhile, as both an aftertaste; as well as, an aroma, after I had completed the bong. The fusion of taste and smell heightened my smoking and vaping sessions with this strain. With compact, lime green buds, sprinkled with white trichomes; Sour Amnesia from weedsmart.co was a beauty to behold.

Sour Amnesia strain review

Sour Amnesia

Smoking & Vaping

When combusted, it produced a thick smoke that wafted around my head. Inhaling the smoke was an invigorating experience as I felt my chest expand to contain it. The sour aroma was the most pungent when smoking this strain; while the citrusy, fruity scents were much subtler, as was the smell of diesel.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, Sour Amnesia produced a thinner vapour with a blend of flavours and aromas that were fainter but made consumption of the strain much more pleasant. With a THC content as high as 22%, smoked or vaped, Sour Amnesia was fire!


Though Sour Amnesia has a high THC content, its effects were quite mellow, like a lazy Sunday morning. The mind-body effects were serene and spread throughout my body like a beautiful, fine wine. The high started off on a uplifting note, leaving me feeling calm and blissful. Every muscle in my body felt as though they turned to butter as I continued to enjoy this top-notch marijuana strain. Though Sour Amnesia did not hamper my mobility, I did experience short-term memory loss; as the name suggested would happen, which was the only major drawback to this strain. Its potency was enough to warn me to gauge my use, as Sour Amnesia is known to bring on paranoia when there is over-indulgence.

Medicinal Benefits

Sour Amnesia can also help to treat a variety of symptoms and conditions, such as (but not limited to): migraines, glaucoma, ADD, ADHD, PTSD, fatigue, opiate addiction and recovery, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, stress, inflammatory diseases, depression and other mood disorders (as directed).

An award-winning strain, Sour Amnesia placed 2nd in High Times Cannabis Cup’s Sativa Cup in 2012. With accolades like that, you are bound to be in for a treat when you try this cannabis strain.

Grease Monkey (Indica 70/Sativa 30)

The Grease Monkey strain was created by Exotic Genetix. A cross between Cookies and Cream and GG4, Grease Monkey is a powerful, indica-dominant cannabis strain.

Look & Smell

weedsmart.co’s Grease Monkey had an earthy, sweet aroma and taste, with a skunky overtone thrown in the mix. Its flavour also included a trace of diesel, which intensified as I smoked. The pungent smell of Grease Monkey may have tantalized my nostrils, but I was wary of being obvious in public and so only consumed my stash in the privacy of my home.

If you are looking to try this strain too, you may want to do the same thing. I basked in the fragrance of this one of a kind cannabis strain while enjoying its beguiling effects on both my mind and body. Forest green in colour; Grease Monkey’s buds were fluffy with patches of thin orange pistils, which were also covered in shiny and translucent crystal trichomes.

Grease Monkey Weedsmart strain review

Grease Monkey

Smoking & Vaping

When combusted, the strain filled the room with a plethora of sweet, skunky aromas that delighted my senses; even if the haze from the smoke made it harder on my eyes, as the room filled with the aromatic smoke. The smoke was a full-bodied beauty that was easy on my chest and it was as smooth as silk, nonetheless.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, Grease Monkey produced a sweet smell that tickled my nose. The vapour was feather light and smooth on the lungs. The aromas were not as intense with the vaporizer and would be suitable to vape our in public; unlike the smoke from this heavy indica strain.

Strain Effects

Grease Monkey produced a high that crept up on me slowly. It was a cerebral seduction that ended in full body relaxation and fits of giggles. A feeling of peace washed over me, raising my mood into a state of complete happiness. Sleep lingered by closely and soon I acquiesced to its lull and enjoyed one of the most restful sleep I had had in weeks.

With an incredibly high THC content of 25-27%, this marijuana strain had a powerful effect on me that seemed all-encompassing; however, it was not overwhelming. For long time smokers, Grease Monkey will undoubtedly become a favorite as not only is its high powerful, but it is long lasting as well; something veteran smokers struggle with, as their weed tolerance increases.

This cannabis strain can be used to help treat a number of symptoms and conditions, including (but not limited to): loss of appetite, migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, nausea, glaucoma, inflammatory diseases, multiple sclerosis, insomnia, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

Grease Monkey is a legend among marijuana strains. If you are a marijuana- lover, a purchase of an ounce or two from weedsmart.co should be high on your to-do list.

Blueberry Skunk (Indica 80/Sativa 20)

Blueberry Skunk is an indica-dominant marijuana hybrid. It is a mix between Skunk #1 and Blueberry.  The strain has retained many of the traits of its parent strain Skunk #1, such as its high yield and vigor.

Look, Taste & Aroma

Blueberry Skunk from weedsmart.co had stout, sage, laurel and hunter green buds, that were heavily coated in sticky frostiness; a sign of its potency. It also had a blend of sweet flavours, reminiscent of a deep, earthy berriness. This was fused with a skunky, musky smell that was hard to miss. A woody undertone was detected as well; especially when combusted.

Blueberry Skunk Strain review weedsmart

Blueberry Skunk

Smoking & Vaping

When combusted, Blueberry Skunk emitted a feather-like smoke that went down smoothly. A cloud of sweet, berry fragrance wrapped around me; elevating me further on an almost spiritual plane, that the strain had taken me on.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, Blueberry Skunk from weedsmart.co produced a thin layer of smoke that was accompanied by its quintessential blueberry aroma mixed with the typical muskiness of quality weed strains. This was coupled with a sweet, woody earthiness with a faint trace of that musky berriness experienced during combustion.

Strain Effects

Blueberry Skunk filled me with a genuine sense of euphoria that lasted a long time after I was finished smoking. I felt sociable and almost giggly and certainly less annoyed by typical everyday nuisances. However, this strain also made me hungry; I experienced a serious case of the munchies that I had to quickly satisfy with some fruits and nuts (even though I would have much preferred pizza).

Blueberry Skunk was a good go-to for any social gathering, as it loosened me up and made me more engaging and approachable. In fact, acquaintances and coworkers wanted to know why I was smiling so much these days (I may just share the green news with them)!

I did, however, have to deal with a few negative side effects that weren’t unpleasant enough to take away from the overall good experience I had smoking the strain. Though I did not feel all of these side effects, the usual ones include: slight paranoia, faint headache, dizziness, dry mouth and eyes (I experienced severe dry mouth and moderate dry eyes).

Medicinal Uses

Blueberry Skunk from weedsmart.co can help to treat a number of symptoms and conditions, such as (but not limited to): stress, mild to moderate mood disturbances, opiate addiction and recovery, nausea, multiple sclerosis, insomnia, glaucoma, inflammatory diseases, social anxiety, pain, weight loss, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, depression, generalized anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).


Blueberry Skunk is a relatively easy strain to cultivate. It usually has a height of over thirty inches and a yield of between 3-6 oz/ft2. It also has a flowering time of 7-9 weeks.

With sweet delectable flavours and a high THC count, Blueberry Skunk is the perfect marijuana strain for reaping sedative and relaxing indica benefits, while offering energizing and social, sativa aspects as well.

Purple Wreck (Indica 60/Sativa 40)

Purple Wreck marijuana strain; which was invented by Amsterdam’s DNA Genetics, is a cross between two crowd favorites, Trainwreck and Purple Urkle.

Look, Taste & Smell

Purple Wreck from weedsmart.co had dense buds that were bountiful; making it a great plant to cultivate on a commercial scale. The plant had a sweet, grassy aroma and a taste of a similar kind. The sweet tones; which were inherited from its parent strain Purple Urkle, were by far the most dominant traits of the flower. Other undertones are sometimes detected in this strain’s unique aromatic makeup, such as lemon and grape; however, I only detected the faint trace of grape.

Purple Wreck strain review weedsmart

Purple Wreck

Smoking & Vaping

When combusted, Purple Wreck produced a hefty layer of smoke that brought with it the sweet, fruity blend of fragrances, such as, the grape aforementioned and an herbaceous flavour, that slowly tickled my taste buds.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, Purple Wreck created a thin vapour that hung in the air with its sweet aroma enveloping me. The flavours were honed and refined in the vaporizer, enhancing the sweet berry, grape, earthy and herbal notes, into a symphony of flavours that made my taste buds tingle.

Strain Effects

Purple Wreck had a lot of positive effects that I relished in. These effects included: feelings of deep relaxation, happiness, motivation, focus and lucidity. Purple Wreck’s benefits make this strain the perfect accompaniment when undertaking tasks that require mental clarity and poise. It was also a great strain choice when doing creative activities such as painting, drawing, writing, poetry or music.

I hardly experienced any unpleasant side effects, with the munchies being the most common one. Others have reported anxiety, paranoia, dizziness, dry eyes and dry mouth, making the case that different people have different experiences with Purple Wreck, whether big or small.

Medicinal benefits

Purple Wreck from weedsmart.co can be used to help treat a number of symptoms and conditions, including (but not limited to): pain, migraines, glaucoma, inflammatory diseases, fatigue, stress, opiate addiction and recovery, nausea, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, insomnia, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).


A legend in its own right; Purple Wreck flowers within 8-9 weeks, an improvement on the flowering time of its parent strain, Purple Urkle.

More on weedsmart.co

Whether you are looking for tasty edibles, high quality concentrates or a variety of well cured and high-quality flower strains, weedsmart.co has what you are looking for. This Canadian online cannabis distributor had a great customer service team that was available whenever I had questions and the overhauled backend made weedsmart.co ready and able to take care of any order, big or small.

With a minimal minimum shipping requirement of $99 and buy three ounces get one free deals; weedsmart.co is here to get their valued customers and patients the best quality, for the best value.

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