The Legalization of Cannabis in Canada: Everything You Need To Know

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So you are a pot lover and looking to try legal marijuana?

Well, the legalization of Cannabis is a federal decision, the countries provinces and policies are what determines how the drug should be sold and how it should be used. Making Cannabis available for medical-legal purposes or industrial help is an issue that has been in the limelight for ages. Health Canada is proposing to build a regulatory body to produce marijuana as per the Cannabis Act law.

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However, the government’s plan of making pot legal is slowly coming into the action. As per the drug act, Cannabis will remain a Scheduled drug in Canada, making the country the first one in the group of seven countries to allow the drug to be sold legally.

The law creates a strict legal framework for manufacturing and producing cannabis. It will:

⦁ Protect the direct promotion or enticements that promotes the usage of Cannabis
⦁ Restrict the youth and teenage population access to cannabis
⦁ Impose serious criminal penalties for breaking the law
⦁ Limit the burden of criminal justice law
⦁ Enhance public awareness of health risks
⦁ Provide for legal production of marijuana to minimize illegal activates

Limits on Adults Having Marijuana

As per the Cannabis Act, adults who are 18 years or more would be able to do these things legally:

  • Share up to 30 grams of legal cannabis oil with a provincially-licensed provider
  • Own at least 30 grams of legal and dried cannabis in the non-dried form
  • Grow at most four plants in their garden using a licensed seed
  • Make cannabis products like drinks and food at home

Legal pot is making its way into the provinces and will impact:

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As per speculation, cannabis sales, in Ontario, and Quebec, will be run by country’s government-owned bodies. However, the western areas of Manitoba and Alberta will license private retailers. Furthermore, the government has set the minimum age limit for purchasing medical marijuana in Canada, which each individual province can raise individually.

Some federal government laws also allow adults to grow at most, four marijuana plants in their garden. But Quebec law doesn’t permit the residents to do the same.

Which Marijuana Comes Under The Proposed Cannabis Act:

As per the Cannabis act, there are six different class of cannabis:

  • Dried Cannabis: The new law defines dried marijuana as any part that has been taken as a part of the drying process.
  • Fresh Cannabis: Freshly harvested cannabis that is not dried, excluding the seed and other materials that are used in propagating marijuana can be used for legal purposes. However, the fresh cannabis should have a water content of at least 50% or more in weight.
  • Cannabis oil: it is the oil-based solution that contains cannabis. It should be in liquid form at room temperature and should not contain more than 30milligram of THC per millilitre of oil.
  • Cannabis plant: The Cannabis Act considers the Cannabis plant as a plant which belongs to the genus Cannabis.
  • Cannabis Seeds: They are viable seeds from Cannabis plant that are considered as legal as per the law.
  • Cannabis concentrates: This includes things like shatter, vaping solution, wax, and hashish. While they are illegal, a precise quantity can be used in subsequent amount.

Criminal Penalties for Using the Drug:

As per the country’s criminal act, there are some penalties for purchasing and selling of the drug; and the penalties are set the seriousness of the offence accordingly. Some of the offences are:

  • Travelling with marijuana across border’s
  • Production of the cannabis above limits
  • The position of over-limit cannabis
  • Illegal selling or distribution of pot

Whether you are in the Country or travelling overseas, consider all legal rules if you don’t want to be in trouble.

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Last Updated on November 26, 2021 by Bud

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