Stripper Spit Sugar Wax (1g)

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Unlike regular wax, sugar wax has been vacuumed and heat purged. We strategically agitate the wax to create nucleation, which gives the wax its sugary consistency. The process of nucleation helps preserve maximum terpene content and heightens the strain’s flavor profile.

Stripper Spit otherwise known as “Angel Cookies” or “Angel Spit”, this gorgeous strain is the child of the Girl Scout Cookies and Granddaddy Purple. The smoke is smooth on the inhale and packs a major euphoric punch. Stripper Spit’s frosty buds carry a unique blend of aromas from diesel, to floral notes, to hints of licorice. This strain is sure to melt away stress and leave you feeling uplifted and happy.

Stripper Spit Sugar Wax (1g)
Stripper Spit Sugar Wax (1g)
$30.00 $40.00

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