Review of OHM Connect’s Cannabis Oil Vape Pep

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Canada’s Most High-Tech, Discreet and Portable Vaporizer: Meet The OHM.  

Forget what you ever thought about vape pens! OHM Connect is a Canadian company that has created a beautifully designed, sleek, well constructed, reusable and health conscious cannabis oil vape pen. It is the most discreet, portable and hands-down, the most versatile vaporizer on the market in Canada today.

As I took off the Xpresspost packaging, I was bewildered at the small brown box sitting in front of me. “What shipment did I order that would fit in a box that small?”, I wondered. As I unboxed Canada’s best-kept secret; I was shocked at the quality packaging (the pen and docking station unboxed like an iPhone) and modern, stylish design.

The mobile docking station was about the size of an old Nokia brick phone. It was sturdy, with a polished aluminum body and a glossy black exterior. The OHM was minimalistic, modern and aesthetically pleasing; outside of the case. There was a small, LCD display on the bottom of the case; but you won’t notice it until you put the battery in the docking compartment. The docking station reminded me of an oversized Zippo lighter and I quite enjoyed opening and closing the lid.


OHM in Box

The pen itself was about the size of half of a cigarette; but thinner, and when you added the pre-filled cartridge by OHM, the pen became about the size of a full-size cigarette. The docking station had room for one full-sized pen (cartridge included), and two smaller compartments to store up to 2 more cartridges.

The pen was also magnetically charged conveniently every time it was placed it back into the cradle. This solid, proprietary design obviously makes this docking station the perfect storage case for your pen.

The design of both the pen and the mobile docking/charging case shocked me because they were reminiscent of beginner e-cigarettes; except much smaller and more attractive. The end of the vape pen even lit up (red) to resemble a cigarette to ensure the most discreet vaping experience possible. There would absolutely be no one on this planet who would be able to differentiate between an e-cigarette and OHM’s cannabis oil pen.


Black OHM Vaporizer

The pull from every single cartridge was reliable, aromatic (strawberry, mango, mint, citrus, tropical, chocolate or grape!) and flavourful (same flavours!). The vapour produced was rich, full-bodied and resembled smoke in opacity, but dissipated quickly. The air always lingered with the fresh pleasant scent of whichever flavour the oil was accented with.

The company rated the lifecycle of their cartridges at 100-125 draws. Personally, I feel OHM under-estimated that number. I don’t know who’s lung capacity they measured for their draws; however, I seemed to get many, many more. The vapour from these draws was copious, dense, rich and did not feel underpowered.  

The OHM vape pen is the type of direct inhalation pen that allows you to suck on the mouthpiece and exhale; the pull was not difficult, even a non-smoker/novice could inhale without any trouble or fuss. Ohm oils are PG/VG/MCT free, and the oil is precisely heated to 375℉ to ensure that the precious cannabis material is not lost or wasted and that your lungs remain safeguarded against the toxic fumes released if material is combusted.


Smoking vs Vaporizing Infographic

Vapourization is one of the most health-conscious ways to consume marijuana and OHM offer high tech, craft terpenes with refined, precisely measured THC and CBD levels.

OHM Cannabis oil is British Columbia grown and pesticide free. The source ingredients are CO2 extracted and refined to pure distillate. Each craft batch created is small and infused with terpenes from award-winning cannabis strains, all-natural flavours and organic essential oils for an enhanced vaping experience and full flavour profile.

OHM’s proprietary design is engineered to prevent spillage or leaks. Each batch is lab tested and contain the exact terpene profile of the flower it reproduces (Distillate loses all taste and flavour in the extraction process; so flavours must be re-infused in a laboratory)     

Terpenes Chart OHM Provides

Example of Terpenes Chart


Jack Herer THC 75-80% CBD 1-3% Mango Flavour

OHM’s Jack Herer cartridge was delicious and light; tasting strongly of mango with an aftertaste of subtle pine. The high came swiftly with a light cerebral elevation and a soft, full body effect that felt similar to a hug.

This strain would make a perfect daytime medication and with OHM’s discreet and odour-free design; no one will know, anywhere. This cartridge elevated my mood, gave me focus and granted a productive energy that lasted as long as I wanted to puff.

Girl Scout Cookies THC 75-80% CBD 1-3% Citrus Flavour – Limited Edition

OHM Cartriges

OHM Cartridges

There was a rich, earthy flavour with a sweet tropical citrus tang the minute I inhaled on OHM’s Girl Guide Cookies Citrus Flavour Limited Edition cartridge. There was also a heavy undercurrent of a flavour I couldn’t first identify, but then decided it was reminiscent of Cherry Cola.

Girl Guide Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid that expresses a strong sativa component; taking the best traits from both worlds. The high was cerebral, happy, euphoric, relaxed and calming. This strain also assisted with pain relief and anxiety. Dry mouth was a bit of a problem, be sure to have water or some other healthy alternative available.

Strawberry Cough THC 75-80% CBD 1-3% Strawberry Flavour

The sweet and ever-popular sativa, Strawberry Cough was smooth and pleasant, tasting of its namesake; without a cough. OHM’s cartridge produced bellows of rich, dense vapour that smelled aromatically of strawberries.

This pre-fill produced uplifted feelings, creativity, relaxation and a nervous energy that could sometimes swing into paranoid feelings; so users with anxiety issues should use caution with this strain.

There were almost no feelings of sedation and Strawberry Cough can also be used for appetite loss, pain control and/or general relaxation. This strain’s high is predictable and calming and we highly recommend this cartridge for novice users.

Girl Scout Cookies THC 75-80% CBD 1-3% Mint Flavour

The sharp, refreshing, full flavour of mint exploded in my mouth with OHM’s Girl Scout Cookies, Mint Flavour cartridge. The smooth inhale of the pull and easy to use, no hassle pen, made this cartridge a delight.

The high was a cerebral and mindful mix of sativa and indica traits; that made couch-lock a seductive option after several pulls from the pen.

Grape Ape THC 75-80% CBD 1-3% Grape Flavour

Grape Ape is a heavy indica dominant hybrid. When I twisted the cartridge onto OHM’s pen; I was reminded of times when I was a kid sitting on the curb with too much grape bubblegum in my mouth. My senses filled with the heavy aroma and flavour of that sweet purple, grape flavour every time I made a draw from the pen.

The high was mildly euphoric, relaxing, calming and somewhat sedating; this cartridge would be perfect for nighttime use, or after a long, hard day. OHM’s Grape Ape cannabis oil would also be excellent for treating pain, nausea, appetite loss and PTSD.

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OHM Cartridges

OHM’s cartridges are made for both the novice and experienced user alike; screw it in and go. The cartridges are disposable and should not be refilled. Novices will find 1-3 puffs will make them feel reasonably intoxicated; on the other hand, experienced concentrate users may require a few more puffs.

OHM’s 0.44g cartridges are highly convenient, discreet and the best priced (only $30) when compared to any other pre-filled vape pen, including the 510’s.

OHM’s cannabis vape pen takes portability to another level because this vape pen features a mobile docking station that allows you to both charge and store your pen; on-the-go, anywhere!

Is Your Province or Apartment Building/Condo Going Smoke-Free in Response to the Coming Pot Legislation? Have No Fear: Meet the OHM.

Worried about the upcoming laws and regulations about smoking in public spaces including apartment buildings, condos and balconies? Have no fear, OHM delivers complete discretion; including both flavours and aromas. You do not have to like the taste or smell of weed to enjoy the beautiful effects it can provide with this Canadian company’s proprietary technology. Furthermore, none of the cartridges are labelled with identifying information in case you were walking around in public with your case, vape pen and spare cartridges.



The cartridges give predictable dosages, impeccable taste, craft terpenes and beautiful flavour profiles. The pen and docking station are solidly constructed and replacement parts from OHM are inexpensive (eg.$8 battery). The cartridges are highly competitive at $30 per pre-filled canister of oil distillate; plus craft infused terpene profiles.

This is the future of cannabis consumption in an aware, health-conscious society. OHM’s rugged; yet sleek design and impeccable craftsmanship of the mobile charging/docking station, the pen and the cartridges make this portable weed vape pen DispensaryGTA’s #1 choice for mobile and discreet vaping. OHM’s proprietary design is engineered to make every vape, the perfect vape; ensuring optimal temperatures and quality, every time.       


Interested in learning more about the OHM? Check out for yourself.

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