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Flowers, Edibles, and Shatter

GoldBuds is a MOM dispensary located in British Columbia. They have an easy to use website that makes buying easy and simple. Goldbuds’ package was shipped quickly and discreetly arriving in about 4 days. There was no way to tell what was inside the package as it was vacuum sealed. The well-organized products were well labelled and easy to identify.

They also have thousands of products, ensuring that you won’t be left wanting. If you are looking for a dispensary that has an easy to use website and large selection, then you will want to read our full review.

Lemon OG 

The large and medium, densely compressed Lemon OG nuggets from were impeccably cured and covered in millions of delicate, white crystal trichomes that glittered in the light. The buds were a mixture of hunter, sage and forest greens, with bright, fiery orange pistils generously intertwined throughout. There was a subtle earthy fragrance to the flower; in addition to, a lemony, herbaceous aroma.

Lemon OG

Lemon OG

When combusted, Lemon OG produced dense and rich clouds of silky smooth smoke. The smoke was highly aromatic containing hints of oak; as well as, the fresh scent of lemon. Furthermore, the smoke was also highly flavourful; combining a sharp, pungent lemon flavouring, with a seductively slow aridity and a subtle, sweet earthiness. 

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, Lemon OG from shone. This well-balanced hybrid produced dense and thick clouds of flavourful and aromatic vapour. The taste impressed me, first flooding my mouth with the powerful and fresh flavour of lemon; followed by a complex undercurrent of spicy, oaky earthiness. Furthermore, a slight hint of lingered pleasantly in the air long after the hit was completed. Lemon OG was highly enjoyable to vape, if you are looking for a strain that’s highly flavourful and aromatic; look no further than Lemon OG.

There was a cerebral mindfulness to Lemon OG that surprised me; as well as, a relaxed, euphoric and uplifted mood. This beautifully balanced, 50/50 hybrid also produced a creative focus, that aided me in my productivity. This fast-acting strain also produced a moderately full body buzz that helped relieve chronic pain.’s Lemon OG would be ideal to use in the daytime, or alternatively, an early evening medication. This strain treats depression, anxiety, appetite loss, stress, moderate pain and nausea.      


The medium, densely compressed flower from was jam-packed with frosty, white crystal trichomes. Comatose was a combination of forest, sage and bright lime greens; with vibrant, ochre-coloured pistils, standing frozen at attention. Furthermore, this flower delivered a soft earthy aroma; as well as, a pungent and sweet pine.



When combusted, Comatose produced massive clouds of aromatic smoke that had a subtle earthy quality to the fragrance; in addition to, a powerful and pungent pine aroma. Furthermore, Comatose had a complex flavour profile when combusted; including a spicy pine, a soft earthiness and finally a deep-forest muskiness, lurking beneath the surface.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, pungent pine smashed through my senses. There was also a subtle earthiness and gradual-onset aridity; combining to produce an earthy dryness that lingered pleasantly as a gentle reminder of the hit consumed. Don’t forget the water with this heavy indica dominant hybrid!’s Comatose hit quickly with a powerful full body buzz that vanquished pain away. Furthermore, this potent indica produced a deep relaxation; as well as, an uplifted euphoria. Comatose delivered a hefty dose of sedation and should only be used at night. Novices should use caution with this strain and even experienced veterans will find a little goes a long way. Comatose can be used to treat nausea, chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, depression, anxiety, insomnia, appetite loss, PTSD and ADHD.

Hi-FÜD – Hi-Bears – 150mg THC Distillate Gummies 

Please see our detailed edibles section for a comprehensive guide of the right way (and the wrong way) to experience edibles.

Hi-FÜD – Hi-Bears

Hi-FÜD – Hi-Bears

Hi-FÜD is a Canadian company (operating in the West of Canada), that is dedicated to ensuring their patient’s edible is the proper dose (rather than under-dosing like many other edible companies). Every edible is handmade and it is ensured that each cannabis-infused edible is accurate and reliable.     

Furthermore, these delicious, sugar-coated gummies were hands down, by far, the best cannabis-infused gummy candies I have had to date! Hi-Bears come in a variety of flavours including blueberry, orange, strawberry, banana, and lemon. The texture of the perfectly sweetened candy melted in my mouth, bite after bite, until they were gone.

I warn you, it will be hard to eat just one, but these Hi-Bears from were an edible that you don’t want to take a chance with. If you are unclear about what your tolerance level is, follow the tried and true, reliable method of starting slowly.

I started feeling these delectable gummies approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes after consumption. The high was relaxing and calming; as well as, a euphoric and an uplifted mood could be felt. I experienced awesome visual tracers and audio hallucinations which I found quite enjoyable. These tiny candies were hard-hitting and long lasting; with pain control being attained for over 4 hours.

Hi-FÜD’s Hi-Bears were accurate, delicious and potent. This delectable cannabis medication is ideal in treating conditions such as: Multiple Sclerosis, depression, insomnia, Fibromyalgia, stress, or alternatively; these bears offer a reliable and accurate way to have a really good day (or night).       

Apollo Extracts Pineapple Hybrid Shatter 

Pineapple Shatter by Apollo Extracts was a light, honey-golden colour. The golden concentrate was gorgeously translucent and broke apart like its namesake implied: it shattered. This 50/50, well-balanced shatter by Apollo Extracts also had a soft and subtle, spicy sweetness, that waifed up from the parchment paper pleasantly.

Apollo Extracts Pineapple Hybrid Shatter

Apollo Extracts Pineapple Hybrid Shatter

When vaped with the KandyPen, Apollo Extract’s Pineapple Shatter had a sweet earthiness to the vapour; as well as, a delicate citrus flavour that lingered pleasantly as an aftertaste. The shatter produced light and airy clouds of aromatic, earthy vapour that dissipated quickly.’s Pineapple Shatter melted anxiety and stress quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, this shatter produced an uplifted and euphoric mood that eased feelings of depression; in addition to, a moderate dose of energy. This strain expresses itself with traits of a sativa; without the negatives, such as paranoia and cannabis-induced anxiety.

Apollo Extracts’ Pineapple Shatter is ideal to use when treating mental health issues such as; stress, anxiety depression and/or ADHD. This strain is also useful in treating Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, nausea and/or appetite loss.  

Goldbuds is a dispensary that came through on quality of the product. Delivering nice, well-cured buds, delicious edibles, and powerful concentrates. We greatly enjoyed sampling everything from this MOM. Their selection is rivalled by few and their gummies were amongst the best we have had. We wish this mom had an “About Us” page so that we could learn a bit more about them but that’s a small complaint about an otherwise stellar MOM dispensary. If you are looking for the best selection of delicious gummies then GoldBuds is the dispensary for you.

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Check out GoldBuds for yourself today and leave us a comment below. 

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