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Online dispensaries across Canada have been gearing up since Canada went recreationally legal for cannabis in 2018. New mail-order cannabis options spring up every day, so it can seem overwhelming trying to figure out where to spend your hard-earned money.

We know our readers are only looking for potent, powerful cannabis that does not waste their time and gets the job done. Whether you treat your medical symptoms with the plant, or you use it for its recreational purposes, is the online marijuana shop that can deliver.

Heralded as one of the best destinations to get your sticky green, is a forward-thinking, online marijuana dispensary that went above and beyond my expectations. Fast delivery was guaranteed through a tracking number on their site, but I did not anticipate it getting to me the next day; that was impressive!

Fully vacuum-sealed, I got a variety of strains to try from the site to be able to fairly review the company. They have a wide selection to choose from, so it was a little difficult narrowing down my choices! Once I decided on the strains to try, though, they were delivered to me in conveniently labelled, individually sealed bags. I can confidently say the bags are odour-resistant; it was not until I opened one that I could smell the bud. I will get into the smell and taste for each strain later in the review but let us just say it was a potent scent that I have rarely gotten the honour of encountering before.

Offering exotic AAAA and AAAAA+ Cannabis 

Furthermore, offers exotic AAAA and AAAAA+ cannabis strains from a variety of cannabis growers and companies, but I also want to mention the range of other products they have for sale. They have a wide selection of concentrates, their own brand of premium pen refill tips, sour worm gummy edibles with a powerful kick of 400MG THC, and much more.

Even though I will only be reviewing flower strains from for this review, I am anxious to one day also try a range of their shatter strains, Moroccan hash and even the Bubba Kush THCA Diamonds they offer (which is revered to be one of the strongest on the market). For now, let us get into the detailed review of the quality has to offer. Stick around until the end – we also have a handy coupon code for you to save money on your first order.

Miracle Alien Cookies X Jet Fuel OG

A hybrid from a family of hybrids, the MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies) and Jet Fuel OG cross is certainly something that looks out of this world; like the “alien” in the name might suggest. As its lineage goes, the MAC parent plant was crossed from Starfighter and Columbian, while the Jet Fuel OG parent plant is a cross from some of the most reputable and renowned Diesel strains on the market.


Miracle Alien Cookies X Jet Fuel OG

With the parents as premium hybrids, the MAC and Jet Fuel OG hybrid combination we’re left with for this strain is a pungent, beautiful sight to take in. Colorado bred and grown, this was a super dense variety that looked almost white in appearance. The SimplyBudz itself was dense, but so were the layers of trichomes across the surface of each gorgeous nugget.

Moreover, orange pistils sprung up wildly throughout each nug, but they did not peek out through the heavily coated crystal on top; instead, the orange pistils laid flat, in bunched up sections. The bright green under the crystal starkly contrasted the deep purple seen throughout; a textbook case of what a hybrid is supposed to look like.

When combusted, earthy flavours were the most prominent for the Miracle Alien Cookies x Jet Fuel OG hybrid from, although there were hints of citrus and undertones of diesel; which was most likely from the Jet Fuel OG parent plant’s influence. Full-flavoured and very rich, this was an exotic strain that got my attention; especially with the aftertaste.

This was one of the stickiest strains I have ever touched; it was almost like putting putty into the bowl when I was getting ready to smoke it out of my bong. I got pure white smoke from this strain; heavy clouds that filled up a room far faster than I expected.

When vaped with my Volcano, the hints of citrus were pleasantly more prominent. The aftertaste was an earthy, lemony combination that I preferred over the aftertaste from smoking it. Exhaling, a gassy musk filled the room before quickly dissipating. Overall, it was a smooth experience with a fragrance and flavour profile that I would enjoy experiencing again.

Moreover, the intense euphoric, happy feelings brought on by this strain were almost immediate. After just a few hits, I was instantly put into a state of intense relaxation; a calm feeling swept over me. I got lost in thought before even finishing the bowl I had for my bong!

I got heavy creative juices flowing, too; I wanted to paint, dance, laugh, and just have a fun time no matter what I was actually doing! All in all, it was an incredibly pleasant experience; I would even go so far to say this is one of the strongest hybrids I have tried. I could not really tell if it was a sativa or Indica-dominant hybrid, but I did not get the couch-locked feeling I get from most Indica-dominant strains.

This potent strain can help with treating a variety of symptoms of conditions, including (but not limited to): migraines or headaches, depression, chronic pain, anxiety, stress, fatigue or insomnia, appetite loss, PTSD, glaucoma, ADHD and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

Trap Star (Indica 80/Sativa 20)

A powerful Indica-dominant strain bred by Exotic Genetix,’s Trap Star flower was crossed from The Cube and LA OG Kush. It’s a bright green strain with orange pistils peeking out throughout the bud. There is almost no purple, however; a surprising feature for an Indica strain.

Instead, I was granted bright green nuggets that were almost white in appearance from the sheer layer of trichomes caking the exterior. It was easy to grind it up and made the inside of my grinder dusty from all the kief. I checked my kief catcher just after grinding up a little over a gram and a half. I was genuinely surprised at the sheer amount of crystals it had collected from just that small amount; I was thoroughly impressed!

Trap Star Buyweed247

Trap Star

When combusted, it burned incredibly white and smoked longer than I expected. The flavour combination was an even mix of fuel, cherries, and pine; an interesting combo that I had to get used to over time. Although the diesel fuel taste was most prominent, the cherry aroma is what lingered in the air the most after exhaling.

When vaped, it was almost like trying a new strain entirely. The fuel flavour took a backseat to the now-dominant cherry and pine flavours; those flavours danced across my taste buds like an exotic cocktail I had not ever tried before. The cherry fragrance left behind was all hard to miss when I vaped this strain; and frankly, it was so pleasant I will absolutely be vaping it again.

As far as effects go, I can easily see this helping someone in the evening get to sleep or even stimulate appetite for dinner. I could see it becoming a go-to evening strain; especially because the more of it I consumed, the more compounded the effects seemed to get. If you started this strain early in the morning, you would be on a semi-sedative ride all day long!

Full flavoured with unique tastes for the palate, this strain can be used to help treat a number of symptoms and conditions, including (but not limited to): lack of appetite, insomnia or trouble sleeping, chronic stress, pain, inflammation, depression, migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

Sour Candy (Sativa 80/Indica 20)

I have always been a fan of the sour candy gummies ever since I was little, so I was particularly excited to try’s Sour Candy strain. An exquisite-looking specimen, the orange pistils crossed the bud and took up nearly half of its surface area. The rest of the bud was a mellow green coated in a heavy trichome profile. It looked exactly as you would expect a sativa-heavy dominant mix to appear.

sour candy

Sour Candy

When combusted, the flavour combination was a tad surprising. The pungent diesel finish from the Sour Diesel parent of the Sour Candy hybrid was immediately evident. I could also taste the tropical, sweet fruity flavours first and foremost, however; a mouth-watering flavour that ended with a touch of sour just before the diesel finish set in. It smoked hot and white, producing massive clouds of smoke that left the room smelling like candy in a mechanic’s shop.

When vaped, the diesel finish was mixed with the mouth-watering sweetness I tasted when smoking it. The flavour profile, overall, was mostly fruity and sweet with undertones of sour and diesel. Tropical fragrances filled the room, so if you didn’t know what I was doing in that room ahead of time you would not have been able to tell from the scent. I could see this being hyper useful for those that enjoy consuming cannabis a little more discreetly than the pungent strain varieties often allow.

I would strongly recommend this variety for daytime use, as the sativa qualities of the strain are heavily evident after just a couple hits. Potent, it hit like a freight train while still making me instantly talkative, energetic, and feeling productive. I could also see myself reaching for this strain when I feel like procrastinating but know that it is probably a better idea not to. A euphoric sensation, I felt like I was on top of the world and could get stuff done.

The Sour Candy strain, being a sativa-dominant variety, can help to treat a variety of symptoms or conditions, including (but not limited to): lack of motivation, depression, appetite loss, fatigue, arthritis, inflammation, glaucoma, chronic stress, PTSD, and even opiate addiction and recovery (as directed).

Godfather OG X Rockstar

Since the Godfather OG parent plant is dubbed “The Don of All OGs,” this hybrid certainly had a big name to live up to. Crossing the Godfather OG with the well-known Rockstar hybrid,’s Godfather OG X Rockstar strain is a powerful Indica-dominant hybrid of hybrids. Orange pistils took up over half of each bud’s exterior; bright green and dark green mixed, to make up the rest of the plant. A pleasantly heavy trichome profile, I was excited to smoke this one.

Godfather OG Buyweed247

Godfather OG X Rockstar

When combusted, Godfather OG X Rockstar produced large clouds of voluminous, rich smoke that drifted around the room quickly. The room was hazed out with a delightfully aromatic fragrance after less than half a bowl of puffs! The woody, earthy aroma and flavour was very outdoorsy; though there was another herbal spice in there that shaped the strain up to taste that much more exotic.

When vaped, the herbal spice I had only barely detected when smoking was a lot more prominent. Other than that, the flavour and fragrance profiles for this strain are almost identical when smoking and vaping it; not a common feat for any strain to pull off!

With a long line of Indica strains leading to this exotic hybrid, relaxation is the ultimate feeling I experienced. Often used as a powerful medicine for both pain and insomnia alike, I could see this helping out someone with chronic pain or someone who has trouble sleeping. The THC levels were measured above 25%, so it is a potent flower that provides a powerful cerebral and body high almost immediately.

This strain helps treat a variety of symptoms of conditions, including appetite loss, glaucoma, migraines, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, other mood disorders, eating disorders, and inflammatory conditions, such as, arthritis or Crohn’s disease.

More About is one of the best mail-order cannabis delivery sites we have shopped with so far. They consistently proved that they are providing top-quality, premium cannabis just from the few strains I tried. After I sampled the strains for the review, I can confidently say that is at the top of their league.

This is a leading MOM dispensary for Canada; they provide craft cannabis, luxury products, and premium strains that I feel better for knowing about now. Even as the cannabis market settles down in Canada, I have no doubts that will continue to cater to their cannabis consumers across the country with speedy delivery and top-of-the-line quality products.

I do also have to dote on the customer service briefly. I always communicate with customer service to gauge how friendly the experience is for the purposes of this review. Overall, it felt like they were focusing on me as an individual; a nice touch for a company that seems so big. Their customer service was always speedy in response and incredibly friendly; I have no complaints and only a positive experience from this online dispensary.


Have you tried this dispensary yet? What has been your favourite strain and/or cannabis product from the site?

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