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Our review of Purple Death Bubba from BuyWeedPacks

Purple Death Bubba is a potent indica-dominant cannabis strain that has been in existence for over two decades. With a 5-star rating from user reviews on BuyWeedPacks website, this strain is a clear winner that can be trusted to keep its users flying into outer space well fighting users stress and anxiety.

For those reasons you can’t go wrong with this powerful strain. It’s especially great at improving symptoms like pain, and it’s anxiety relief properties are worth mentioning a second time they are so powerful.

We Fell in Love With Purple Death Bubba

After smoking the strain ourselves, we were left stress-free, happy, and content.

It is the results of a cross by talented growers in the last few years. Purple Death Bubba’s reported to be the result of the crossing, specifically, indica dominant Big Bud with the hybrid Purple Urkle strain.

The result is a strain that offers the best of both words and can not come recommended enough.

Don’t take our word for it, check out this review from another user at itemid=”https://data.wordlift.io/wl108093/entity/buyweedpacks”>BuyWeedPacks:

“Excellent frosty coated nugs, Very tasty grape with hints of gas flavour. Well done 👍”

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Purple Death Bubba strain Canada mail order marijuana
The AAA+ Purple Death Bubba Was A Clear Winner!

Purple Death Bubba Has Powerful Effects

You should know that Purple Death Bubba is a very powerful indica-dominant strain that will leave you feeling very relaxed, sedated, and happy. Keep in mind that a lot of use of this strain before bed may increase the chances that users experience some sleepiness with it.

The Strain Is Perfect For A Relaxing Night

For those looking for a relaxing, refreshing night’s sleep that comes easily this strain offers an enjoyable smoking sess.

We have no doubt that those looking for a powerful, high quality indica will be happy with the strain because it impressed us at every stage of our smoking sess with it.

One of our favourite aspects of this strain is that it causes less negative side effects than other high THC strains. We loved the fact that this strain provided an amazing level of anxiety relief after only a single joint.

Keep in mind before Buying Purple Death Bubba That THC Content Can Range Up To 28%.

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Purple Death Bubba – AAA+
Purple Death Bubba – AAA+
$75.00 $80.00
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