Watermelon Breath

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Watermelon BreathThis variety is beloved for its juicy, sweet flavour and bursting notes of berry. The strain is a mixture of 20% Sativa and 80% Indica. You may feel a sedative effect, which may help with arthritis pains. It may also provide you with a feeling that can improve your mood. It is great to use in the evenings for relaxation.


There are many factors that affect the THC level of this marijuana strain. These levels can vary from 11% up to 29%. For novices who are looking for milder effects, this strain is perfect. For more advanced users, it is best to only consume the highest THC batches. You can end your high by using heavy sedation or relaxation, which could result in a restful and long sleep.


Relaxing and uplifting effects


Watermelon BreathThis well-known recreational marijuana strain can also be used for medicinal purposes. It has sedative and relaxing properties. The weed can provide a tranquil and euphoric experience. This strain is known to reduce anxiety, induce sleepiness and help with insomnia.


Feeling moody. The Watermelon BreathThis herb can make you feel more positive when you are feeling low. You will feel euphoric and uplifted by the bud. It can also be used to treat depression and anxiety.


StressYou can relax. You might feel the relaxation effects spreading throughout your body and mind.


Chronic fatigue. It may help relieve symptoms of fatigue.


InsomniaIt is possible to get a stronger sense of sleepiness if you take this cannabis strain before bed. If you consume this strain of cannabis two hours before going to sleep, you may feel more awake. You could experience a restful and peaceful sleep.


Chronic painWatermelon Breath has an anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Watermelon Breath’s analgesic as well anti-inflammatory and antiinflammatory properties may make it an effective option for treating chronic pain from medical conditions, such as arthritis or migraines.


An apple-flavoured candy variety


Watermelon BreathIt is distinctive in its aroma and flavor. A sweet and fruity candy scent may be experienced with some notes of sugar, earthiness, and strawberries.


The cannabis strain has a distinct watermelon taste and a sweet berry flavor. As you inhale, this cannabis strain may have a tropical fruit sweetness that is enhanced with honey.


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Watermelon Breath
Watermelon Breath
$7.20/g $9.00/g

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