Neptune OG – Budget Ounce

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*Mixed Flower Ounce Discounts DO NOT ASK to budget ounces*

As a courtesy, we occasionally offer 8-ounce budget ounces to customers. We understand that not all customers can afford the 45% discount. For those who are on a tight budget and can’t afford single ounces, this is a great option. By no means is this a lower quality product just because it’s a budget ounce (28) grams This strain was great and we put it at an affordable price.

Bud Size: Medium – Small
Texture: Slightly sticky / Slightly leafy

As common for OG (“Ocean Grown”) strains, this planetary OG is a potent indica with a high THC content optimal for nighttime use. Neptune OG stands out because of its euphoric onset, before the heavy, sedative effect, which makes it useful for stress relief. The strain’s earthy smell is a distinct feature that sets it apart from other indicas. It delivers smooth and slow expansion. Neptune OG, a popular strain among the medicinal cannabis community can be called “otherworldly”.

Last Updated on October 30, 2021 by Bud GTA

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Neptune OG – Budget Ounce
Neptune OG – Budget Ounce
$110.00 - $110.00

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