LA Kush Mints

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LA Kush MintsInformation

LA Kush MintsIt begs questions about its source. This cannabis variety contains both 90% Indica and a tiny 10% of Sativa. It is quite intriguing. It can cause a heavy feeling of sedation that could make it difficult for you to get up off the couch. This strain can provide a stimulating and energetic high that will boost your mood.


LA Kush MintsIt’s often used for anxiety and depression. It has an average of 20% THC. Some strains can contain as much as 30 percent. Although THC can sometimes be very high, users often report feeling more productive and energetic due to the strain’s cooling effect.


Expected Energetic Results


LA Kush Mints can surprise its users with an uplifting cerebral and physical high that doesn’t usually sedate them but motivates them for productivity. The marijuana strain heavy Indica is a stimulating and powerful cannabis strain that offers the user the high of a Sativa, but without the couchlock.


Creativity and energyYou can find it here. You can get a boost of energy and mental clarity from this weed strain.


Properties that boost moodThis is a. LA Kush MintsIt’s a mildly euphoric strain that can help you with your anxiety and depression.


TranquillityIt is a relaxing herb. The relaxing properties of cannabis flowers can reduce stress and anxiety and provide a feeling of inner peace.


Mild bodyachesThis is what it looks like. LA Kush MintsIt contains anti-inflammatory, pain-soothing sedative and sedative qualities that can ease mild aches, soreness, and pains.


You will have a better appetiteIt is possible to get high blood pressure. An increase in appetite is one side effect reported by users.


All-Day Indica


An Indica strain that can be used for everyday smoking is very rare. LA Kush Mints is unique like that as it gives its users a potent mental stimulation and an uplifting full-body high that won’t weigh you down. Pleasant and delicious, the minty flavour is a pleasant addition to your day.


For experienced users, this strain will be a good choice. They want an Indica that is both relaxing and energetic. Depending on the dosage, the last streak of this bud’s physical high may bring about sleepiness. Even when the strain isn’t, it brings out shine and happy vibes.

Reviews LA Kush Mints

  1. Kent

    slight mint taste great smoke. Great for night or day.

  2. Ricky

    A nice strain. It is very relaxing.

  3. Fadi

    It is great for relaxation. The strain is mild in taste and clean burning. It is great with hash.

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LA Kush Mints
LA Kush Mints
$5.95/g $7.00/g


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