HCFSE Diamonds by Arcana

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Diamonds by ArcanaThese are set in HCFSECrystals. Crystals of THCa are swimming in a sea high in High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract.HCFSE(oil) and setting a course to the nearest dab machine. You can now get your dab on with powerful and unique effects. With DiamondsYou can get the best of both CBD and cannabis while enjoying a delicious taste.

Diamonds aren’t just for engagement rings anymore! Arcana’s High-Potency Cannabis Diamond Extract is a potent concentrate with THC, CBD and cannabis terpenes. More cannabinoids than flowers, and more terpenes. HCFSE Diamonds by ArcanaThis is the perfect concentrate for anyone who wants to get their fix without spending a fortune.

Arcana DiamondsThey are not suitable for use with certain types of vaporizer pen pens and dab rigs. They’re not particularly well-suited for a joint or pipe. Make sure you have the right equipment to buy before you purchase. Arcana’s Diamonds. If you don’t, you won’t get to experience this one-of-a-kind concentrate.

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HCFSE Diamonds by Arcana
HCFSE Diamonds by Arcana
$41.65 $49.00


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