Girl Scout Cookies

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Review of MMJDirect’s Girl Scout Cookies

The Girl Scout Cookies strain from MMJDirect is a hybrid strain considered to be Indica-dominant. It’s well known to be a cross between Durban Poison X F1 and OG Kush. This strain offers creative and uplifting cerebral effects.

This strain from MMJDirect delivers a powerful dose of happiness and euphoria. These intense feelings of happiness and euphoria will overwhelm your body and give way to a feeling of self-satisfaction. The cerebral buzz will send your brain racing to the top, giving you the energy to reach the stars. Your body and mind will become one, allowing you to relax, feel comfortable, and even sedate. This peaceful feeling will last for the remainder of your trip.

The flavor profile of this strain is a mixture of lemon, pine, and earth.

Girl Scout Cookies is a well-balanced hybrid that induces cerebral euphoria, happiness, and an uplifting, energetic high. Recommended at heavy doses for its anti-depressive properties, it’s ideal for mood enhancement.

Last Updated on December 4, 2021 by Bud GTA

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Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies

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