ExpiredDMO Weed Strain by Gastown Collective

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Review of DMO Weed Strain by Gatown Collective

The DMO Weed Strain by Gastown is a relatively new strain so so much information about this weed plant is still missing. We do know that this strain is heavy Indica and has a THC level of just over 35%. There could be variations depending on the batch and phenotype.

DMO is believed to be a cross of GMO or Dosidos. However, others believe that Purple Punch is one of its parents strains.

The strains flavor is described as mild, minty, and gassy. DMO is well-known for its ability to reduce anxiety, stress, chronic pain, and insomnia.

DMO Strain Offers A Heavy Body High

DMO by Gastown delivers a powerful, intense full-body high. It also has great sedative effects and pain-numbing properties. The relaxing effects of this cannabis strain, which contains as much as 35% THC, can be strong and lasting. Similar to a deep couch lock effect.

You may experience numbness and numbness in this state. Your mental state may drift into a dreamy, unfocused but happy state.

Some users have reported that DMO has a strong skunk smell and taste. Its main notes are a strong gassy undertone and a minty and savoury flavor.

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DMO Weed Strain by Gastown Collective
DMO Weed Strain by Gastown Collective
$8.40/g $10.50/g


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