Daily Caps 1:1 10mg

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Daily Caps 1:1With 10mgThe mild potency of the THC/CBD blend may help to relieve stress, depression, and pain symptoms. With 10mgEach capsule contains the THC/CBD mix. Each dose is calculated for precision and consistency in results. The gelatin coating makes it easy and smooth to inhale these capsules. 

The effects of Daily Caps 1:1 10mgThey are often long-lasting. You get 30 capsules in a single bottle Daily CapsIt may be the perfect choice for your daily micro-dosing requirements. These gelatin capsules contain equal amounts of CBD and THC, which gives each user the entourage effect. The Entourage Effect is good for the body and mind. 

The Stimulating Entertainment Effect

Daily Caps 1:1 may provide stimulating and uplifting benefits for one’s mind and mood while offering some pain-alleviating properties for the body. These capsules have a moderate strength that can be taken throughout the day to possibly ease a variety symptom.

Mental effects. The THC/CBD blend found in these capsules can relieve stress and fatigue symptoms. This may allow the mind to clear fogginess, grogginess, and possibly increase focus. Symptoms of mild ADD/ADHD might also be helped.

Pain in the body. Daily Caps 1:1It is thought to have pain-relieving properties and anti-inflammatory properties. This could help with migraines, headaches, muscle cramps, and other ailments. 

Depression and anxiety. These capsules can also have mood-boosting effects, which may help you feel more motivated and positive. 

Dosing Recommendations

Daily Caps 1:1This contains 10mgEach capsule contains a THC:CBD mixture. These capsules are ideal for daily microdosing, as they offer mild and long-lasting effects that are physically and mentally stimulating. 

It is best to start with just one capsule. The effects can take up to 30 minutes to fully work. We recommend waiting at least 90 minutes before you re-dose. After waiting for 90 mins, increase your dosage by no more than 10mg per day. 

Keep the bottle out of direct sun and store it in a cool, dry location. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not consume the medication until you are familiarized with the effects and potential side effects. Daily Caps 1:1, we don’t recommend ingesting these capsules just before driving or operating heavy machinery. 

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Daily Caps 1:1 10mg
Daily Caps 1:1 10mg
$39.20/bottle $49.00/bottle


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