Chem J by Gastown Collective

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The Chem J strain by Gastown Collective contains about 65% Indica and 35% Sativa with an average THC potency around 27%. The Chemdawg/Jack Here cross produces a cannabis plant with lime-green buds and dark orange pistils. These buds have pleasant, piney notes and sweet herbal notes.
Chem J’s happy, uplifting effects could be helpful in relieving symptoms such as anxiety or depression. This weed strain is known for its calm and energetic effects, which may help to ease anxiety and mental tensions. It is great for those who need to get more done. Focus can help you focus better on your task.
The effects are energetic and stimulating
Chem J by Gastown Collective is a stimulating and positive experience that provides an increase in stimulation and optimism for the day. The effects of Chem J by Gastown Collective may make you feel calmer and more positive. Complex thinking may make it easier to solve problems. It is an excellent daytime stress that will help you focus and be more productive at work.
Mood disorders. Chem J is effective for treating mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. This cannabis strain has a happy, stimulating effect that can improve your mood. It also increases optimism and positive feelings.
Concentration. This weed bud can put your mind in sharp focus, increasing critical thinking and problem solving.
An energetic high. Chem J provides an energetic high which is well-known for stimulating the mind and body with motivation, inspiration, and other benefits.
Tranquillity. This cannabis plant’s calming and soothing qualities can help to relieve stress symptoms.
A sweet piney taste
The great tasting cannabis flower Chem J from Gastown Collective has a wonderful taste. This bud has a strong piney aroma with earthy undertones. This weed flower may have a higher concentration of pine. It leaves a pleasant, smooth aftertaste in the mouth.
Chem J, due to its potency is recommended for experienced cannabis users.

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Chem J by Gastown Collective
Chem J by Gastown Collective
$10.00/g $12.50/g

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