Bonafide Phoenix Tears

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Bonafide Phoenix Tears is a premium THC cannabis extract that stands out for its exceptional quality and potency. This full-spectrum syringe is specifically curated to provide effective pain management using Indica flower. With no additives, you can trust that you are consuming pure, full-spectrum THC extract.

Precise Dosage Control for Robust Pain Relief | Each Serving Contains 100mg THC

Each serving of Bonafide Phoenix Tears contains 100mg of THC, making it a potent option for individuals seeking robust pain relief. With 10 servings per container and a serving size of 1mL, you have precise control over your dosage. This allows for tailored consumption to achieve the desired effects.

Enjoy Relaxing Nights and Restful Sleep | Best Used Before Bedtime

When using THC, it’s important to exercise responsibility and consume it slowly due to its psychoactive nature. Bonafide Phoenix Tears is commonly used at nighttime before bed, providing a relaxing experience for a restful sleep.

Flexible Ingestion Options for Convenience | Mix Into Drinks or Food

The most common way to ingest Phoenix Tears is by squeezing a small amount onto your finger and ingesting it as is. However, you can also mix it into drinks or food for a more convenient consumption method.

Versatile Benefits Beyond Pain Management

Aside from pain management, Bonafide Phoenix Tears can also be beneficial for reducing anxiety and depression, as well as supporting overall well-being. It offers a versatile solution for those seeking multiple health benefits.

Quality Cultivation and Rigorous Testing

Bonafide takes pride in their cultivation practices, using all-natural, botanically-derived ingredients. The cannabis used is locally grown in Canada, ensuring its quality and organic nature. The manufacturing process follows strict standards, guaranteeing that the product is free from solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides. Additionally, every batch undergoes comprehensive lab testing to ensure consistency and quality.

Trustworthy and Additive-Free | Full-Spectrum Cannabis Extract

With Bonafide Phoenix Tears, you can trust that you are consuming a pure, full-spectrum cannabis extract without any additives. Its focus on quality, potency, and natural cultivation makes it an excellent choice for individuals seeking reliable pain management solutions and overall wellness support.

Bonafide Phoenix Tears
Bonafide Phoenix Tears
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