Black Domina (Outdoor Grown)

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This is an outdoor-grown example. Black DominaMedium-sized, well-trimmed buds. A pungent, earthy scent fills the nostrils.

Because it was grown outdoors, the THC content in this batch will range between 7 and 12 per cent.

Here is a basic description of what the Black DominaHowever, this strain was cultivated indoors so the THC (and its price!) are lower. are lower.

Black DominaStrain Information:

High yielding Black DominaThis is a strong Indica strain with a rich flavor and aroma. This strain is sedative and calming and can be used to relax and unwind. The espresso flavour is Black DominaIt is fresh, zesty, and invigorating with a mild nutty aftertaste. The rich, complex blend of earthy, fruity and woody flavors will make you want more as soon as you exhale.

Black DominaIt is an indica dominant sativa that has black hair with a deep purple colour. It produced a very calming and euphoric strain that had a strong cerebral effect. This strain has a potency that alters the normal high to a more cerebral one and leaves you feeling mellow and sleepy. The wide range of benefits this strain has can help with many diseases.

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Black Domina (Outdoor Grown)
Black Domina (Outdoor Grown)
$4.00/g $5.00/g


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