Banana Macaroon

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Banana Macaroon Information

Banana Macaroon is a cannabis strain that combines Banana Punch and Do-Si-Dos. Both are pungent marijuana plants. This marijuana bud’s terpene profile is full of fruity aromas that can be felt on both the inhale as well as exhale. It has a classic cannabis flavor with a hint of peppery tingle, and an undertone that is slightly skunky. You will likely notice sweet notes like pineapple and ripe bananas.

Banana Macaroon can provide a cerebral rush that is Indica-dominant, even though the strain is strong. This may boost energy, creativity, and social interaction. The full-body high of this weed strain isn’t as much sedative as it is relaxing, delivering an overall good feel to sit down and enjoy some social games or a great conversation. This Indica strain has a THC average of 20%-22%. However, some batches can have a higher level that may reach well above 30%. For experienced smokers, this makes its effects and smoke a great fit.

The Energetic Cerebral High

Banana Macaroon has been used in the medical community to aid with appetite, especially when patients have lost it due to nausea. The high THC of this cannabis flower offers a comforting and relaxing physical high that isn’t sedative enough to lock you to the couch but relaxing enough to ease tensions, some physical aches, and stress. It may increase your creativity by increasing energy and cerebral stimulation.

You can relax with just a little bit of sedation. Banana Macaroon’s body high can be more relaxing and sedating than it is. This will allow you to unwind and feel at your best.

Increased appetiteThis is a. Indica buds are most commonly used to treat a loss in appetite.

Feelings of euphoriaIt is. It may give you a calm boost of mood with the combination of THC and Terpenes. This can also help to alleviate anxiety symptoms.

The Profile of Fruity Terpenes

Banana Macaroons can be described as a delicious strain of cannabis. The dominant terpene in this strain is limonene. This is the fruitiest and most flavorful terpene that gives off a distinct taste when you inhale or exhale. It has a sweet aroma and taste that is dominated by pineapple and bananas. As you inhale, you may feel a peppery taste and a classic cannabis skunk undertone.

Banana Macaroons are delicious and fragrant. However, we advise that experienced marijuana users only consume this variety.

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Banana Macaroon
Banana Macaroon
$7.60/g $9.50/g

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