3g Mix & Match: Premium Budder (3 x 1g)

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Mix & Match: Premium Budder 3 x 1g.

Canada’s Finest Shatter Butter and Weed Wax is a super-potent cannabis concentrate that also happens to be the smoothest and tastiest of the entire weed wax family. The high THC content in Budder makes it more potent than normal cannabis.

The most common mistake that new cannabis concentrate users make is that they misjudge the quantity they’ll need. For newcomers, the effects of Budder, which can have a THC content as high as 95% to 75%, are quite strong.

Only professionals who are experienced in making budder should attempt it. The crystallization of extracted cannabinoids is inevitable due to the way they were agitated during extraction, or budder wax.

Professionals use this method to extract THC from the weed.

Last Updated on November 25, 2021 by Bud GTA

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3g Mix & Match: Premium Budder (3 x 1g)
3g Mix & Match: Premium Budder (3 x 1g)
$125.00/ 3g $200.00/ 3g

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