MariJane Depot – Our Second Review – Stellar Concentrates

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MariJane Depot’s concentrates remain a personal favourite

This is our second review of MariJane Depot. Their customer service and prompt shipping remain stellar; as well as, their professional and discreet packaging that would fit in a standard size mailbox. MariJane Depot vacuum sealed their package; then sealed it again in an envelope, to ensure maximum discreteness and absolutely no odour. All products were weighed and accurate.

Passion Fruit Shatter Winterized Premium AAAA 

As I opened the ziplock, the pull and snap texture of MariJane Depot’s Passion Fruit Shatter was immediately apparent. The sativa dominant hybrid had an earthy silkiness; as well as, a sour, citrusy tang as an undercurrent to the unique, memorable and complex aroma profile, The beautiful and translucent shatter had a gorgeous ochre colouration with no visible flaws within the perfect shatter.

Passion Fruit Shatter Winterized Shatter

Passion Fruit Shatter Winterized Shatter

When vaped with the KandyPen, the citrus flavour exploded and my mouth and sinuses with large, dense and rich billowing clouds of vapour that resembled smoke in opacity. The vapour from Passion Fruit Shatter had an earthy, fruity, floral and sweet fragrance, leaving a lingering, pleasant reminder of the dab completed. Furthermore, there were other flavours present in lesser amounts and undercurrents within the beautifully complex flavour profile; including, a silky, soft earthiness and a spicy, sweet aftertaste that lingered pleasantly.

MariJane Depot’s Passion Fruit Shatter quickly produced a cerebral mindfulness and an energetic boost; sure to power anyone through a rough day. This sativa dominant hybrid also produced an intense focus and creativity that was long lasting and incredibly productive for me.

In addition, Passion Fruit Shatter was excellent in relieving chronic pain. Have no fear; this incredibly rare, sativa dominant hybrid will not produce paranoia or anxiety, even in novice users (that is, if you can get ahold of it). Furthermore, this strain would be excellent in treating symptoms and conditions, such as: fatigue, depression, ADHD, Glaucoma, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Fibromyalgia, anxiety and migraines.    

Blueberry Rosin 

MariJane Depot’s Blueberry Rosin was a vicious, dark army green and was rich, and thick and easy to manipulate. Rosin was such a delightful treat as this method utilized a special heat and pressure machine to produce a solventless cannabis concentrate, free of any foreign substances. Furthermore, the rosin was incredibly sweet smelling; as well as, a smooth musky blueberry fragrance; which, honestly, shocked me at its potency.

Blueberry Rosin

Blueberry Rosin

When vaped with the KandyPen, the easy to manipulate Blueberry Rosin from MariJane Depot tasted strongly of earthy blueberry, with an undercurrent of spicy and sour woodiness. Furthermore, the pen created rich and dense clouds of aromatic, sweet blueberries. The spicy woodiness lingered as a sweet aftertaste long after the dab was completed.

Blueberry Rosin from MariJane Depot packed a hefty punch, as it creeped slowly to an incredible euphoria; as well as, an introspective mindfulness and deep, full body relaxation that eased muscle soreness and chronic pain. Blueberry Rosin also had a mild sedation; however, you could fight through it easily. Furthermore, this gooey concentrate produced an uplifted and elevated mood; perfect for a night out with friends; or alternatively, a night in with Netflix.  

This indica dominant hybrid would be an ideal nighttime strain. It would also be useful in treating conditions or symptoms, such as: Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, depression, chronic pain, Glaucoma, Parkinson’s Disease, appetite loss, chronic stress, anxiety and/or other mood disorders(as directed by a physician).

Pink Kush Crumble 

As I opened the tiny, reusable, silicon canister; Pink Kush Crumble from MariJane Depot, had an ecru, light beige or fawny colouration. This heavy, indica dominant hybrid also had a sweet, earthy and woodsy aroma that could be faintly detected when I lifted the canister for a closer inspection. The fawny, tan crumble had the perfect crumbly texture; which, in turn, made Pink Kush Crumble incredibly easy to manipulate into our vape pen using a dab tool.

When vaped with the KandyPen, the vapour produced was silky smooth; with dense, rich and voluminous clouds of vapour. The vapour was also highly aromatic; leaving a pleasant, lingering musky, deep woods fragrance, that taunted and teased me into having another dab.

Pink Kush Crumble

Pink Kush Crumble

Furthermore, the vapour from Pink Kush Crumble had a highly complex and pleasant flavour profile. At first, the vapour combined an earthy, floral and sweet sensation; followed very swiftly by a deep, musky and woody spiciness, that rushed through my senses.

MariJane Depot’s Pink Kush Crumble produced a relaxed, happy and euphoric high that melted chronic pain and calmed deep anxiety. This crumble should usually only be consumed as a nighttime medication as it also produced a moderate amount of sedation.

Incidentally, novices should also use caution with MariJane Depot’s Pink Kush Crumble, as the effects felt may be significantly increased and more intense. In addition, Pink Kush Crumble would be the perfect concentrate to assist in treating many medical conditions, such as: chronic pain, insomnia, Multiple Sclerosis, depression, chronic stress, anxiety, Fibromyalgia, Glaucoma, Parkinson’s Disease and other mood disorders(as directed by a physician).

Cannatonic Shatter 

MariJane Depot’s Cannatonic Shatter was a low THC, high CBD concentrate that delivered an enticing aroma of sweet, earthy spiciness after I opened the ziplock. The concentrate was a beautiful, bright, and translucent amber colouration and also had a flawless interior complexion.

When vaped with the KandyPen, a heavy earthy flavour descended upon my mouth; in addition to, a woodsy, spicy pine that plowed through my sinuses and cleared them up on the spot! There was also a slight aridity to MariJane Depot’s Cannatonic Shatter, be sure to have a healthy beverage on hand.

Cannatonic Shatter

Cannatonic Shatter

Furthermore, the pen produced copious clouds of dense, rich and aromatic vapour. The air filled with rich and sweet earthy tones, spritzed with a subtle and pleasant citrus fragrance that was light, complex and refreshing.

Cannatonic was a perfectly balanced hybrid(50/50 indica/sativa ratio), that is primarily used to treat medical conditions, such as: seizures, stress, anxiety, depression, other mood disorders, muscle spasms, migraines and chronic pain.

Moreover, this strain was specifically designed to have elevated levels of the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis called Cannabidiol(CBD) and lower THC amounts, ensuring the psychoactive portion of the THC was kept to a minimum.

The high, if you classify it as one; was calming, uplifted and relaxed. There was excellent pain relief as I continued to dab; in addition to, a mild, cerebral focus that aided in task productivity.       


MariJane Depot continues to prioritize delivering quality cannabis product professionally, discreetly and with friendly and prompt customer service. This MOM dispensary had a wide selection of high quality, AAAA product and prices that were competitive and reasonable, given the quality. MariJane Depot continues to reserve a spot on DispensaryGTA’s favourite list.


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Last Updated on January 21, 2022 by Bud

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