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Candelivery.ca is a Canadian online cannabis dispensary that operates predominantly in the GTA; offering same day delivery to the cities in this region. Being both quick and efficient in delivering their product, they also provide customers with quality product. If you’re looking for a quick way to get edibles, concentrates, and other cannabis-related products; Candelivery.ca may be the perfect choice for you.

Furthermore, this MOM has proven to be one of the fastest when delivering their product and had excellent product to match their speed; as we have reviewed them in the past. Today, we have a special focus; 6 totally different edibles all from Candelivery.ca and partnered companies like Sweet Jane Edibles and Squish Extracts.

Infused Grape Drink and Infused Iced Tea- 300mg THC(each)

In today’s OnlyGas review, we provide options for the best weed in Canada.. The flavours we chose were their Grape Drink and Iced Tea. To prepare these drinks, you’ll want to have a jug, some water and some infused drink mix, to mix together. After you have this ready, simply stir the powder mix into the water, pour your glass and you’re good to go.

grape drink mix candelivery

Infused Grape Drink Mix

I started off with the Grape Drink, which radiated with a smell of grape candies and Kool-Aid, as I poured it into my mug. The colour of the drink was the traditional purple used in most grape flavoured beverages. Also, the drink was palatable and didn’t have much of a cannabis taste to it at all; it wasn’t until the third glass that I started to taste a light hint of marijuana.

As for the Iced Tea, the flavour was that of its own; as an Iced Tea enthusiast, I have to say it was the best I’ve ever had. For a drink, it was smooth and left me feeling refreshed; which is always a must when drinking iced tea. To enhance that refreshing effect, I would consider throwing some ice in, as this drink is best served ice-cold.

The effects of the THC infused drinks from Candelivery.ca were relaxing and numbing to pain; which also led to a more positive mood and a strong surge in creativity. Even though the THC content of these two drinks was the same, I felt that the grape drink activated a bit quicker than the iced tea. Candelivery.ca’s Infused Grape Drink and Infused Iced Tea would be a good choice for both experienced and novice users.  

Infused Gummies- 200mg pack (20mg/gummy)

Next on our list from Candelivery.ca was their Infused Gummies. These gummies were made with few ingredients and resembled the ever-popular and fan-favourite, Fuzzy Peaches. When consumed, I chose to split it up into 5 doses of 40mg each. Please visit our article on edibles (LINK) to get information on dosing and other facts on how to consume edibles in the future.

Infused thc gummies

Infused Gummies

If you’re a fan of Fuzzy Peaches, these infused gummies are the choice for you, as they’re so close to the real thing it will almost have you confused for a minute. The only way I was actually able to notice a flavour difference was every few candies, I would taste a pungent, cannabis flavour that had me shaking my head. Nonetheless, these infused gummies were by far some of the best edible candies I have had; not only for the flavour; but, also the texture.

The effects of the infused gummies took roughly one and a half hours before I felt the full potency set in. It was first met with a strong feeling of relaxation and was followed by full-bodied numbness; that helped ease all pain I was feeling at the time.

With a great flavour, these gummies are great for anyone looking to see the different benefits that come from eating cannabis. If you have a high tolerance like me, you’ll probably polish off the whole bag, but it’s well worth it.

The packaging was all black and was sleek; with clear ingredients and a detailed warning. The bag was also resealable, this will keep your candy from going hard and losing its chewiness.

Medicated Gummy Bears – 100mg THC

From Squish Extracts, we have Medicated Gummy Bears, that were provided to us by Candelivery.ca. Each piece that was in this package consisted of 10mg of THC; due to my tolerance, I found myself taking 2 at a time, putting my average THC consumption at 20mg. Providing ten pieces allows both novices and experienced users to be completely satisfied by the edible high, in controlled increments. medicated gummies

The taste of these gummies was so close to sugar-coated gummy bears; I could hardly tell the difference, not once leaving a single impression that they even had cannabis inside them. One of the best parts was that each colour had a different flavour, which made it fun that every time you ate a different one, you tasted something new.

The effects took about forty-five minutes to take effect, the time it took to set in is properly listed on the packaging; which shows Squish Extracts will go the extra level to educate their patients. The effects were calming; which led to a tingling sensation in my lips and gums. It also made me a chatterbox, talking way more than I normally do.

Candelivery.ca found a great product in Squish Extract’s Medicated Gummy Bears. These were a delicious treat for people wanting to step away from smoking; or alternatively, just wanting to try something sweet and yummy, that will also make you feel good. For flavour, these were the best on the list; as they were so much like the real candy, it was unreal.

Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Cup – 200mg CBD

Candelivery.ca also had something for the chocolate fan, we chose to sample their Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Cups from Sweet Jane Edibles, that had 200mg of CBD. These delicious treats came in an artistic packaging that was covered in images of different snacks and also had nutritional facts on the back; which I haven’t seen much of at all while sampling edibles.

Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Cup

Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Cup

The texture of the chocolate was silky, smooth, and was only amplified when I bit into the hazelnut center. This flavour combination helps neutralize any sign of cannabis oil in the chocolate, which is always something I look for while eating edibles. The smell of the cups was potent, and purely of chocolate with a strong blast of hazelnut.

The effects of the Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Cups was calming and helped relieve my anxiety with no issues at all. Being a CBD only treat, I found that it was good for easing any stomach pain felt; which is something I know CBD to be great in helping. Go easy on these snacks if you plan to get them often, as they have a high-fat content.

With the quality of the product being superb and the packaging being as informative as it is;  it’s clear why Candelivery.ca chose to feature Sweet Jane’s Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Cups on their website.

Shatter Gummy Worm – 100mg THC

Last on the list from Candelivery.ca, was a Shatter Gummy Worm consisting of 100mg of THC

Due to the size of the worm, it was easier to eat it in one sitting. For more information on edibles please visit our article that covers tips and other things you may want to know for future reference.

Shatter Gummy Worm

Shatter Gummy Worm

The light scent of fruit and cannabis were a nice display of the quality. The cannabis was potent, strong and I could tell the shatter used had a high THC content. The design of the worm was a demonstration of the quality, care and pride in the making of the confectionary. The texture was another feature of this treat that I found amazing, it was close to fishing tackle in feel, but was still easy to chew.

About thirty-five minutes after I ate the Shatter Gummy Worm, I felt a warm blanket feeling wrap over me; which left me with a soothing feeling, that helped alleviate any stress and anxiety I was feeling at the time. As with other edibles, I found it also led to numbness in parts of my mouth and helped with joint pain.

This edible provided both a physical and mental elation; which was the high point of the Shatter Worm. This scrumptious edible also provided an intense feeling of positivity and euphoria. As I lean more away from smoking; I found this gummy worm to be a step above other edibles for flavour, effect and had one of the best candy textures out there.

More About Candelivery

After sampling an array of edibles from Candelivery.ca, it’s easy to say that they have a high-quality inventory. They have proven to be among the best in providing customers great speed when it comes to shipping and when they send out products they come fully labelled. They even include a safety warning, which I thought was a great touch. Even if you’re not directly in the GTA; Candelivery.ca would be a great place to look into as an alternative to the unreliable Ontario Cannabis Store, as they have two-day shipping as well.

With great products and one of the best shipping times in Ontario, Candelivery.ca is a strong innovator in this industry.

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