Kitchen Sink by Gastown Collective

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Kitchen Sink by Gastown doesn’t sound at all like a weed strain. But we’ve become accustomed to the weird naming system that weed growers use on their creations. Gastown CollectiveWe have no reason to believe that this time around, they will continue to produce high-quality weed strains. Thanks to them, we’re able to get our hands on this perfectly balanced hybrid that is Kitchen Sink.
One thing is certain Gastown CollectiveHe is skilled in finding the perfect strains, combining them, and distilling their best qualities into a new mix. That’s exactly the case with Kitchen Sink. This strain boasts a staggering THC level of between 15-19% and a delicious vanilla and fruity flavor. There’s some spicy nuttiness and creamy textures here and there. You’ll love Kitchen SinkIt gives you a pleasant feeling.
What does it do? Kitchen Sink by GastownWhat do you like to look and taste?
Kitchen SinkIt combines the visually appealing nature of its parents, GMO Cookies & Sundae Driver. The leaves are flat, green, with olive-coloured nuggs that hint at dark-blue. They are surrounded by orange pistils, which give off a shiny, translucent appearance. But nothing can compare to the frosty trichomes covering both the hairs as well as the nugs in bright luminescence. One look and you’re completely hooked in Kitchen Sink’s visual splendour!
It has the natural fruitiness of its parents, as well as vanilla-creamy aromas. This combination is just right, we believe, providing the perfect amount of spiciness and sweetness. You’ll be amazed at the results of your first puff! Enjoy the relaxing aroma and creamy goodness of cannabis! Kitchen SinkIt is a distinctive strain that provides instant relaxation and euphoria. There’s a sweet and intense fruity flavour when you exhale, as well!
What are the consequences of Kitchen Sink?
This strain has a 50-50 ratio of Indica and Sativa. Regardless of your predilections, you can’t dislike Kitchen Sink. It offers the best of both worlds, so there’s no reason to experience any side-effects, even when you smoke all of it in one go. The effects of Indica and Sativa can only be split when they are perfectly balanced. Euphoria will be combined with relaxation to bring a calm, joyful feeling of comfort that lasts a few more hours.
This is a form of cerebral psychedelia which eventually makes you immobile, trapped in a sedative couch lock that wholly relaxes the body. While you let your mind wander, Kitchen SinkIt can help you take care of your body and provide therapeutic benefits. Although marijuana is well-known for its mind-altering properties, the therapeutic benefits of weed are just as important. Smoking Kitchen SinkThese symptoms and conditions can be managed with our help:

Chronic pain
Multiple sclerosis
Bipolar disorder
Insatiable appetite

Kitchen Sink by Gastown Collective
Kitchen Sink by Gastown Collective
$9.20/g $11.50/g
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