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Review of EVERGREEN Medicinal 2021

EVERGREEN Medicinal stands out with its superb quality flowers EVERGREEN Medicinal is a BC based online dispensary that strives to supply only the best cannabis flowers and extracts. This MOM dispensary brings years of experience […]


Multiple Sclerosis and Cannabis: Is it Safe?

Living with Multiple Sclerosis Imagine having to take a prescription cocktail recipe that included: disease-modifying therapies (Immunosuppressants), relapse management therapies, symptom management therapies and experimental treatments. These pills can easily climb to twenty or thirty […]

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Review of BC Weed Express

Are you looking for some of the best weed straight from BC? BC Weed Express may be the dispensary for you. At BC Weed Express they strive to provide a great variety of products and […]

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Review of BC Buds Medical

BC Buds Medical is a British Columbia based mail order marijuana dispensary that delivers high-quality medicine to those suffering from a wide variety of disorders. Their product is sourced from premium suppliers so you know […]

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Review of Xpress Grass

We received a non-descript package from Xpress Grass in the mail and were happy to see that it was properly packaged with no signs of what lay inside. The package easily fit inside our mailbox […]

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Review of The Herbal Coast

We complete a very thorough review of the flowers and shatter offered by The Herbal Coast The Herbal Coast is a company that is dedicated towards the legalization of cannabis and they have been working […]

New York Diesel Wholesale Dispensary Review

Review of combines affordable pricing with high-quality marijuana. We will be testing a number of strains from this MOM within this review in order to provide an in-depth review of their quality products. Notably, this dispensary […]

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Review of West Coast 420 Express

West Coast 420 Express is a mail order dispensary located in British Columbia. They are committed to bringing quality flowers at prices, people can afford. They have a team of experienced flower experts that search […]

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Review of Hempire Trading Co.

We review flowers, live resin and edibles from Hempire Trading Co. Hempire Trading Co. is a grassroots company located in Vancouver, British Columbia. This company promotes the empowerment of people to make their own choices […]

buy edibles online canada

Review of is a MOM that is focused on quality and presentation is a business that is dedicated to connecting you with the best flowers that can be shipped, straight to your door. Their wide […]


Review of Goldbuds

Flowers, Edibles, and Shatter GoldBuds is a MOM dispensary located in British Columbia. They have an easy to use website that makes buying easy and simple. Goldbuds’ package was shipped quickly and discreetly arriving in […]

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Review of Buds2Go & Coupon Code

When will you be getting your Buds2Go? Buds2go is among Canada’s premier options for ordering Marijuana online and we are incredibly happy to be reviewing them today. They are truly a founding leader in the […]

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Review of Cannabisy

Do you want some Cannabisy? Cannabisy is one of the up and coming players in the Canadian cannabis market and their product catalogue is loaded with so many goodies that you may never need to […]


Review of Chronic Kush

A dispensary from Ontario, Canada delivers on affordability and quality. Chronic Kush is a MOM dispensary from Ontario, Canada. Chronic Kush has gained a reputation for its commitment to customer service; as well as, it’s […]

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Review of Cheeba’s

Budder, Shatter, and Flowers Cheeba’s is a British Columbia based MOM dispensary located in Vancouver; they are one of the top players in the Canadian MOM scene and they have a product line to support […]

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Review of WeedMailed

Flowers and Shatter WeedMailed is a MOM dispensary that is dedicated to ensuring every Canadian has access to high-grade, medical marijuana. This dispensary was prompt and extremely friendly during my interactions with them. They offer […]