Fruity Pebbles OG

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Fruity Pebbles OGAlien Genetics cannabis farms created this indica dominant hybrid (55% Indica/45% Sativa). This dank bud is a cross between two of the most popular strains. Green Ribbon X Granddaddy Purple X Tahoe OG X Alien Kush strains and boasts a moderate THC level that ranges from 18-21% on average.

Fruity Pebbles OGWhen it was first introduced, FPOG gained popularity in SoCal and has been one of the most loved strains on the market. The FPOG high is described by users as having a light, spacey, mind-relieving, and spacey feeling. It then transitions to a mild couch lock.

It’s cloudy, slowing things down around you, but still leaves you with a hugely energetic high in which you are relaxed, friendly, and lethargic, but still functional if you want to be. FPOG is a great choice for patients suffering from mood disorders or chronic pain.

This bud tastes just like a bowl of soup. Fruity Pebbles OGThe sweet, tropical berry is also known as. It smells great! The nugs are a light minty-green with a fluffy, crystal-like body and a blanket made of resin and crystals. The most interesting feature is the coloration of the hairs that are woven through the bud – they’re a rainbow fusion of reds, purples, yellows, and oranges!

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1oz, Quarter Pound (4oz), 1/2 Pound (8oz), and 1 pound (16oz).

Fruity Pebbles OG
Fruity Pebbles OG
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