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Edibles are cannabis-infused food products that can be eaten or drunk. The effects of edibles are often stronger and take longer to come on, but last longer than smoking pot. Cannabis edibles come in many different forms, including brownies, cookies, candy bars, and drinks

Edibles are often made with marijuana oil or butter that is mixed into a food product.

The effects of edibles can take anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours to fully kick in and can last for up to six hours. They can be more intense than smoking cannabis because the weed has been converted into fat-soluble form and absorbed into the bloodstream through the digestive system.

THC & CBD infused edibles are great for those who want to avoid smoking because they don’t produce a noticeable odour like smoking does.  Cannabis’s processed by the liver, which slows down its effects on the body and allows the high to last longer.


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