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From the moment that I first contacted MariJane Depot, they had prompt communication, always being polite and courteous, and I was never left waiting long for a response. I could not be more happy with their customer service. Once they prepared my order, they promptly shipped the package out and I received it within 3 days.

This will be a detailed review of the concentrates, crumble, and weed available for purchase through MariJane Depot. They claim to have some of the finest concentrate and herb around and I put them to the test to see how they compare.


We were sent Premium Blue God Shatter AAAA (Winterized),  Premium Chocolope Shatter AAAA (Winterized), and White Rhino AA Shatter for review.

 Blue God Shatter AAAA (Winterized)

Blue God Shatter AAAA (Winterized)

This strain of shatter is winterized which means that it has had its impurities removed, this AAAA shatter is made with only top quality bud and is only recommended for consumers with a high tolerance. This shatter came in at exactly 1.01g on the scale, always nice to see accuracy on the part of the business when it comes to weights. The first thing that strikes you about this shatter is the beautiful translucent, honey color. We consumed the shatter using the Atmos Jr Vape. It had an extremely smooth taste and earthy flavor with hints of sweet berry aroma. Have the couch or bed ready! This heavy indica strain is not for beginners and will leave you feeling pain-free, euphoric and give you a very cerebral high until you are ready for a nap or bed. At 40 dollars per gram, you can’t beat that price for high quality, winterized shatter, I was very pleasantly surprised by both the flavor and the quality.

The chocolope AAAA (Winterized) shatter that was sent is a great daytime sativa strain. This shatter had a gorgeous translucent amber color and was very flavourful when vaped; having a deep earthy taste mixed with sweet. It has absolutely no burn going down and it has kept me happy and

Chocolope Shatter AAAA (Winterized)

Chocolope Shatter AAAA (Winterized)

uplifted, without the nasty paranoia that can creep up on you with some sativas. I think this strain might be my new favorite sativa.

The AA White Rhino shatter had an incredible woodsy flavor and aroma that provides a very pleasant vaping experience. It is a great indica dominant hybrid that will keep you relaxed, euphoric, and uplifted until you are finally ready to go to bed. Excellent potency for money, $30 shatter for this quality is quite rare to find.


We were sent two crumbles, premium chocolope crumble and premium purple og crumble.

Chocolope Crumble/Honeycomb AAAA (Winterized)

Chocolope Crumble/Honeycomb AAAA (Winterized)

The first crumble we will be reviewing is the Premium Chocolope Crumble. This Premium Chocolope Crumble was made with AAAA leaves and went through a winterization process that leaves no traces of impurities and this results in a very flavorful product that is smooth and has no burn at all going down.

We could definitely taste the sweet flavor of this chocolope strain. The sativa tastes earthy and sweet and the crumble produced an uplifting and euphoric high, with no signs of paranoia, which can be a problem with sativas for some users.

The strain was indeed potent, as the dispensary warns; however, this crumble is easy to smoke(and I smoked and enjoyed a lot!). It energized my dreary day and allowed me to get a lot done on my never-ending checklist of things to do. Definitely a favorite of DispensaryGTA.

The second, Premium Purple OG crumble, made with AAAA Purple OG was also made through their winterized extraction process. Through this process, the full flavor and smell of the Purple OG strain can be retained. This product is recommended for patients with a higher tolerance that require stronger medication.

Premium Purple OG Crumble AAAA (Winterized)

Premium Purple OG Crumble AAAA (Winterized)

The first impression is that this is an Indica dominant strain which is extremely potent. Definitely more of a nighttime-use strain. This crumble is perfect for the Atmos Jr. Vape pen, it’s easy to fill with the dabbing tool that is provided and the ceramic coil and airtight little chamber ensure not one little piece of your precious crumble gets wasted. This crumble is not quite as smooth as the chocolope, but still has no burn going down. Smoke this with caution, the potency was excellent. You can also use crumble on top of normal flower in your bong or vaporizer.

You can also use crumble on top of your normal flower in your bong. I’d personally only ever want to smoke this at night, or if I was in severe pain. I did notice a huge decrease in my own pain as soon as I consumed this concentrate; so it does hold true that this strain contains heavy pain relieving medicine as they say. I really enjoyed the mellow, relaxed high this crumble provided. Perfect for a night of Netflix and chill.


We received MK Ultra, Cheese, and Purple Candy in our first package from this MOM. We tried these flowers with the Arizer V-Tower as it gets the job done, is reasonably priced and is made of fully replaceable parts. We also smoked a couple bongs to get a feel for how the flower combusted.

MK Ultra (Indica)

MK Ultra (Indica)

We tried MK Ultra first, most apparent was its smooth flavor when combusted; extremely rich, full-bodied and smooth flavor when vaped. The buds are densely packed, well cured and gave quite a hypnotic, indica induced relaxed feel, even after smoking concentrates. I find myself zoning out trying to write point form notes for this flower, which is pretty impressive. Although an indica dominant hybrid, MK Ultra makes me feel happy and relaxed without the sedating qualities of some other indicas. Great price per quarter and per ounce for a high-quality flower.

The first thing I noticed as soon as I opened the container; was the strong, pungent aroma coming from the dense, resin covered bud; aptly named Cheese. Its flavor is also pungent, but not in an overpowering or unpleasant way. The vape produced rich, smooth vapor, the combusted flower gave me a tickle in the back of my throat, but never a full cough.The strain is a very strong, heavy hitting indica dominant hybrid, and just to warn you, it may make you hungry, so have snacks ready and on hand!

Finally, we ended with the Purple Candy. The flower had smooth, light and sweet flavor when combusted; light, smooth and rich vapor when vaped. It has a deep body high that sets in almost immediately upon smoking this heavy indica dominant hybrid. It is a very potent strain, deeply sedating. Novice smokers should beware of this strain. Extremely reasonable prices per quarter and per ounce for such high-quality bud. is the type of MOM dispensary you hope to find when you are looking for the high grade, AAAA+ quality flowers, concentrates, and extracts. Their customer service, their discrete and quick shipping, their reasonable prices and most importantly their quality product make one of the few dispensaries that should be on your favorites list.

marijane depot

Check out their website and let us know what you think of Mari Jane Depot in the comments below.

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