Charlotte’s Web Strain

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Charlotte’s Web is not your typical marijuana – it contains less THC than most, but more CBD than your average strain, meaning that it is one of the most powerful marijuana medications available. This beautiful strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid with an incredible 17%+ CBD content! It won’t get you high, but the CBD will make you feel better and healthier.

Charlotte’s Web Strain Info

Type of WeedIndica
Strain THC %1
Strain CBD %20
Medical BenefitsADD/ADHDArthritusChronic PainCrampsDepressionFatigueHeadachesMigrainesMuscle SpasmsSeizureTremors
Strain LineageCharlottes Web
Weight3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g
Strain Terpene ProfileCaryophylleneMyrcenePinene

Charlottes Web. This lifesaving strain has been in the news, a lot. It’s the focus of a nationwide effort to legalize marijuana strains high in CBD. Charlotte’s Web was named after Charlotte Figi, a young Colorado girl with severe epilepsy whose constant seizures were stopped by this strain. Her story brought public attention to a cause that has helped secure medical marijuana laws in more than a dozen states. Charlotte’s Web won’t get you high; its THC content is substantially less than 1%. But the CBD content can up to 17%, making this one of the most powerful marijuana medications available. Charlotte’s Web is a sativa-dominant hybrid (40:60 sativa/indica ratio).

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Charlotte’s Web Strain
Charlotte’s Web Strain
$35.00 – $199.00

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