9 Ways To Enhance Your Cannabis Vaping Experience

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Vaping is breathing vapour using an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) or handheld device. It has seen significant growth in recent years. Statistics show that 44% of consumers in the United States stated that vaping cannabis is more convenient than other methods.

Nowadays, you have an array of vaping devices available on the market. Depending on your preferences, you may try different e-cigarettes, flavours, nicotine, cannabidiol (CBD), or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) level for premium cannabis vape. If you aim to maximize your vaping experience, there are ways to enhance it.     

  1. Proper Handling Of E-Liquids

How you handle your e-liquids is crucial to enhance your vaping experience. Some key considerations are the following:

  • Shake the liquid. Shaking it before filling up the vape tank mixes the flavour and makes a significant difference.   
  • Keep it out of direct sun exposure. Store them in a cool area that’s away from sunlight. Exposure to direct sun can steadily degrade the liquid at the molecular level, resulting in alterations in the texture and flavour. Store your e-liquids in a dark container or cardboard box to prolong their lifespan.
  • Secure e-liquid containers. You should also pay close attention to the e-liquid containers. Make sure that you keep them tightly sealed. Doing so will prevent the flavour from diminishing over time.

Doing so ensures your e-liquids stay in good condition, allowing a great vaping experience.

  1. Invest In Good-Quality E-Liquids  

The flavour is what sets vape apart from cigarettes. You’ll be able to find a selection of affordable-priced vaping juices, but they’re unlikely to deliver a potent hit because of some additives. If you want the best vaping experience, especially if you’re going to try out cannabis, choose a reliable online cannabis dispensary or provider.   

Avoid purchasing cheap e-liquids because some may have low quality. Low-quality e-liquid may contain ingredients like vitamin E acetate, which harms your lungs. E-liquids from reputable manufacturers undergo rigorous testing and have approval by the government as safe products while also delivering the best results.  

  1. Decide On Your Preferred PG/VG Ratio  

Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) are key components in e-liquids. The PG content provides a strong hit that supplies the flavour, while the VG content is relatively mild and generates more vapour. The suitable ratio you use will depend on various factors, such as how you vape and the vaping device or e-cigarette you use.  

If you love to experience dense, voluminous clouds with a less intense experience, it may be best to go for an e-liquid with high VG content. As for e-liquids with low VG content, it delivers a potent hit with thinner clouds. 

  1. Learn The Proper Way To Inhale 

If it’s your first attempt at vaping, the key techniques for inhaling vapour are the mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL) methods. Each inhalation technique works for various preferences, especially regarding the level of nicotine or CBD and coil type.

When you look closely at MTL, you inhale and hold the vapour within your mouth before drawing straight to your lungs and exhaling. This is ideal for using e-liquids containing a high amount of nicotine and high-resistance coils, but it’s less effective for CBD. The technique provides you with a similar experience to smoking while ensuring a good hit at the same time. 

As for DTL, the process is relatively simple, since you pull the vapour into your lungs directly and then release it. It’s best to use this method if you have a high-powered vaping device. Moreover, it’s ideal for experienced users.

  1. Clean The Vape Tank Regularly

As part of routine care, clean the vape tank regularly to ensure your vaping experience is a good one at all times. Whether you have a glass or plastic model, the vape tank has residue over time. Leaving the gunk to build up can spoil the flavour. After vaping, rinse the vape tank under warm, running water and allow it to air dry.  

  1. Replace The Coils Regularly 

Changing the coil or pod in your vaping device should be a priority to ensure an excellent vaping experience. Using one with a burnt coil will provide you with an unpleasant flavour and hit upon inhalation. When buying one, look for a reputable provider that offers top-quality coils or pods for the vaping device you’re currently using.  

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  1. Check The Battery Status  

The battery plays a crucial role in your vaping experience. Stocking up on several good-quality batteries is best if you’re looking for accessories.   

Investing in 2,500 milliampere-hour (mAh) batteries are ideal for most vaping devices. It can provide enough power during your vaping sessions and discharges at a slow rate. As for 3,000 mAh batteries, they’re more powerful, but you’ll have to wait since they take longer to charge fully. Regardless of the batteries you’ll buy, ensure they’re fully charged to provide you with the best vaping experience and avoid completely depleting the energy.    

  1. Experiment With Different E-liquid Flavours 

One of the perks of vaping is the opportunity to try different flavours. Try out new flavours now and then to make it even more enjoyable. The e-liquids get their flavour from top-quality food-grade flavourings ranging from a selection ranging from candies, desserts, fruits, and many more.   

  1. Keep The Body Well Hydrated 

Going on frequent vaping sessions may impact your taste buds, leading to a vapers tongue. If you develop a vaper’s tongue, you may no longer enjoy the flavour of other juices if you try a different one.   

To avoid this, it’s ideal to keep your body properly hydrated and switching to new e-liquids now and then so you can experience various flavours. Remember that vapers tongue gets worse if you’re dehydrated. Make sure to utilize a separate tank for every e-liquid you try.   

Final Thoughts 

Vaping will likely remain a trend in the coming years as almost all age groups enjoy its benefits. Today, there are various vaping devices, e-liquids, and accessories to choose from, so you can readily find the right one for your needs. Whether you’re eager to try it out for the first time or have been vaping for years, these insightful pointers will serve as your guide in enhancing your experience further during each session.  

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